Yeh Bakery (9-6-10) A play in One Act

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Younger Man: Check out that old woman over there.
Older Woman: I can’t believe how that young man is staring at me.
Younger Man: Her eyes are riveted to my crotch.
Older Woman: I’m so flustered, I can’t make eye contact with him.
Younger Man: It’s embarrassing.
Older Woman: It’s disrespectful.
Younger Man: She’s old enough to be my grandmother.
Older Woman: I wonder if his voice still cracks.
Younger Man: She’s got no shame. I like that.
Older Woman: Actually, he’s…kinda hunky, in a crude and awkward way.
Younger Man: She was probably some hot BEAYACH when she was younger.
Older Woman: And oh my God, what a basket!
Younger Man: I bet her tits hang down below her knees.
Older Woman: I doubt he knows which end is up.
Younger Man: I bet when she takes out her teeth, she gives as good a blowjob as old man Dingus.
Older Woman: Probably doesn’t know where, much less what a clitoris is.
Younger Man: Her pussy must smell like mackerel and taste like mutton.
Older Woman: Maybe it’s a codpiece.
Younger Man: And her hole…I mean, how big IS it?!
Older Woman: Wonder if he has one of those smooth hairless chests and peach fuzz on his groin. And the small of his back. Mmmf!
Younger Man: Maybe her asshole’s still tight. If I can maneuver around the hemorrhoids.
Older Woman: Probably hasn’t had his first wet dream yet.
Younger Man: She looks like a moaner.
Older Woman: Still, better’n nothin’.
Younger Man: And she won’t put much of a fight.
Older Woman: Uhm, excuse me, young…sir.
Younger Man: Love that little SM touch. Joan Cougar Melonchest, here we go!
Older Woman: Do you…have the time?
Younger Man: (Looking at his watch) About half an hour.
Older Woman: Is that all? I thought you’d be much…longer. I mean, later.
Younger Man: (Offering his arm) May I accompany you across the street?
Older Woman: My, aren’t you the gentleman!
Younger Man: You underestimate me.
Older Woman: Let’s see what you got.
Younger Man: I’m blushing.
Older Woman: (Under her breath) This is all wrong.
Younger Man: (Under his breath) Let’s get it over with.
Older Woman: Hey, honey! Where you going?
Younger Man: Shut up and spread ’em!

(He goes to the curb and takes a leak)

(She opens her compact and puts on lipstick)

(Lights fade down)

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