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teen_elfHere’s the first episode of our holiday offering, Teen Elf 2013. In this continuation of our annual holiday story, Marlo, Arne Twilber’s stepson, turns thirteen, and must follow Elfin tradition and seek a wife. His journey takes him deep into the mountains, where he meets a mysterious companion who leads him to the The Great Tumble, the closest Elfin community. At The Great Tumble, he makes a surprising discovery that changes his life forever. Follow Marlo on his mission to fulfill his Elfin destiny!
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Two Teenage Boys with Beer BottlesThe Ring

Caleb Dawson is a country boy from upstate New York. During Summer vacation, he and his best friend plot an illicit trip to the City, but a journey of romantic exploration turns into more than Caleb ever imagined, and in the process, he learns some unsettling lessons about himself.
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At Last She…

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At Last She…

Gone in search of a Happy Ending

Her drawn out upstream salmon tussle is

To have done with struggle, she’s ripe for

Ounces soft and mushy of sweetened

Rind in coconut

Been a long and snaky escapade

Hardly a formal setting, more a sinking

Combed into arranged extension toward

That celestial stranger hand so tender

Human wise and mild

Feels him in her darkened eyes screwed tight

Ectoplasm through the curtains, sheathed in

Moonshine, tendrils ‘round breadth entwined

His certainty of thankful gratuity inspires

Kisses without end

Easy come and complicated spent

Oh to enter whole and disentangle

Auburn locks and ashen bone intact

Panther slinks away from her immersion

Her sunblocked Happy Leap

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Pantoum of Atonement, Variation 2

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Pantoum of Atonement, Variation 2

My ugly, my bad, my shame, my sad
Thoughts emerge; sharp fiendish secrets
Reveal vulgar truths whorishly unclad
Reason bent in measured meekness

Horrid tongues divulge fiendish secrets
Unseen, queerly masked in molten lava
Melted and bent in watchful meekness
Fossilized deception hides vena cava

Heed abounding enigmatic lava
Subterfuge seep away, uncontrolled
Cryptic ground masks the cryptic saga
Churlish yarn hisses hemorrhaged gold

Blunt ruse bleeds, wildly uncontrolled
In a furtive, joyful, persistent hiss
A torrid tale oozes clotted mould
Firm voice drives fiendish fire from bliss

Three canine heads convene to reminisce
On a feline court where Demeter demurs
Lyncus’ lynx eyes smash dark Cerberus
The transformed Keeper of Secrets purrs

In Ovid’s tale, Hades’ guard demurs
King Lycus spies lies of a feline sleuth
Prescient dogs wolf down Cerberus’ furs
Molten tales hold untold glowing truth

The enigma bared by Ovid’s sleuth?
Not a mystery nor secret to be had
Unseen scarab scurries from the truth
Hides my ugly, my bad, my shame, my sad


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Thirty-Eight episodes posted.

In July a new serial starts, Hands Off, which continues a series of stories exploring the challenges many face in school and at home: Torment focuses on the impact of bullying. Deception of Appearances deals with the dangers of superficial judgments. Hands Off explores the fine line between parental discipline and child abuse. Rose “Rocco” Rocatelli-Butcher has suffered a painful divorce. She and her husband, Jake Butcher, brutalized each other mentally and physically. Told from multiple viewpoints, the story describes Rose’s perception that her 13-year-old son Jake Jr. is a carbon copy of her ex, an obsession she can’t escape. Everything he does is passed off as unfavorable genetics. Her daughters, Madge (8) and Byrd (10), are clearly favorites, and she imagines she must protect them from Jake Jr. who is trying to destroy their family.

Jake tries to convince his mother he has no evil intentions, but she believes otherwise, and watches him like a hawk. Jake loves his sisters, but needs to get out from under his mother’s constant scrutiny. Longing for a normal life, he tries to “adopt” a family, but keeps returning home, hoping for the best, only to have the vicious cycle repeat itself. Finally, he falls in with a group of outcasts, but things go from bad to worse, and he’s forced to radically change his life, but the odds are very slim.

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