Underground Current-Episode 1

The villagers crept cautiously through rocks and scrub to the edge of the bottomless pit. Screeching bird calls rose to their ears and a shaft of dazzling sunlight penetrated the cavernous interior. They stared at the massive walls, distant treetops and flocks of vultures circling below. It was truly the devil’s lair, a realm of death and evil spirits.

One of the villagers began to quiver and back away. “I feel the evil pulling me in!” He screamed, crossing himself.

“Stay calm, Carlos,” another said. “We can’t leave without making our offerings. That would be a costly error.”

“Do it without me,” Carlos cried. “I’m not getting closer. Listen! That screeching sounds like the cries of lost souls. This is a very bad place.”

The others scanned their surroundings anxiously.

It was well known that gangs used the unholy place to dispose of their enemies, and it was rumored the bottom was thick with bones and rotted flesh, food for enormous snakes. Some village elders even claimed the broken bodies came alive at night and reattached themselves to parts that lay nearby, whether human or animal. One villager claimed to have seen a great flightless bird with human arms and a monkey’s tail, and there were many stories of snakes with human heads.

The leader of the band motioned to his companions and they passed him baskets of fruit and flowers he scattered over the edge.

“That should please the devil’s spawn,” he proclaimed bravely. “Hopefully death and illness will not visit our village until our next offering,” but his companions were not so sure. It was rumored the hole in the ceiling was not the only exit. Some said secret caves and rivers allowed the demons to journey easily into the forests to lay in wait for wayward travelers.

Suddenly, one of the band shrieked in horror. “Look,” he gasped pointing at a portion of the wall illuminated by sunlight.

A glistening, man-like creature was scurrying upward at frightening speed.

“A spider with a human head!” Carlos cried. “Let’s flee or it will chase us to our houses and eat our children!”

The villagers dropped their empty baskets and ran as fast as they could…imagining the hellish creature nipping at their heels.

Who is the creature on the wall? Who really lives in the underground world? Is it truly an evil place?
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