Exclusive CrocknBunk Interview with Model and Club Hostess, Charlize St. Pierre

CnB caught up with Charlize St. Pierre who is at the center of the Spencer Willingham controversy. Evil Inheritance readers have inquired about the exact nature of St. Pierre’s relationship with the 15-year-old, and whether she introduced him to the sexual culture at the Scarlett Cockatoo Club as previously reported.

CnB: Thanks for joining us Ms. St. Pierre. You’ve become a central figure in a growing controversy.
CSP: I only have five minutes, so you’ll have to make it very quick.
CnB: We’ll get right into it. How did you meet Spencer Willingham?
CSP: I’m a member of women’s rights organization. Spencer is the president’s son.
CnB: What brought you two together?
CSP: He was at the meeting and seemed interested in the problems facing professional women.
CnB: Did you introduce yourself?
CSP: His mother introduced him to the group, and during a break, I chatted with him.
CnB: What was he like?
CSP: Very charming. He seemed much older than 13.
CnB: How did your relationship begin?
CSP: I prefer to call it a friendship. He showed me his room and asked if I wanted to see his dance routine.
CnB; What was it like?
CSP: Very funky and cute. He was good, a natural flirt…very genuine.
CnB: What happened after that?
CSP: Well, I was drawn to him, and wanted my friends at the club to see how cute he was, so I invited him. He came a week later. Just showed up at the door in the afternoon.
CnB: Did his mother know?
CSP: I have no idea. I probably should have asked, but rumors were circulating about her drinking issues.
CnB: How did he get admitted to the club at 13.
CSP: I told them he was my nephew.
CnB: What was going on at the club that day, and what was the reaction to Spencer’s dancing?
CSP: It was a typical Winter day. A lot of businessmen were stretching the cocktail hour. Nobody paid any attention at first, but after a while everybody got really into it. It’s hard not to like Spencer. He’s a cutie pie.
CnB: Did he have sex at the club?
CSP: It’s possible. He loved being around women and sometimes got a little overexcited.
CnB: Can you be more specific?
CSP: It’s a gentleman’s club, so you never know exactly what’s going on, and Spencer started doing his act every day at 6:00. Management looked the other way because he brought in a lot of customers at a slow time of day.
CnB: All he did was dance?
CSP: Yes, but it evolved into a striptease.
CnB: A striptease?
CSP: Yes, He’d strip to his underwear and flirt. It was very innocent and cute.
CnB: Now that he’s older, does he still perform?
CSP: No. It got so popular, management was concerned about his age and stopped it.
CnB: You two never had a serious relationship?
CSP: We got very involved…I know it sounds weird, but let’s leave it at that. It was a very confused time in my life.
CnB: You entered drug rehab after that?
CSP: Yes, and my life has turned around completely. Listen, I’ve got to run. I’ve given you a lot more than 5 minutes, but I wanted to clear the air.
CnB: Thanks you for your time Ms. St. Pierre.