I start to drift off…everything’s kinda hazy. Wonder if Azalea’s right. Just maybe I’m actually…truly…about to kick the bucket??? Holy shit! Azalea’d be left all alone with nothing. Can’t let that happen! My eyes pop open.

Then I remember Carl

“What the fuck is the matter with me?” I exclaim. “Maybe…and I’m not saying this is so…I’m hurt bad and not thinking straight about you..or Carl! He was going to meet us at your place. I gotta call him!”

Azalea stares at me like I’m crazy. “Gussy, you’re sicker than you think, and acting weird!”

I struggle to get up, head pounding. Azalea snatches away the ice pack and I sit up. Pain knifes through my head. “Fuck!” Feels ten times worse than lying down. I glance in the mirror and one of my Chipmunk cheeks looks like a purple balloon…I’m freaked…doomed to look like shit the rest of my life!

I search my pockets for my cell. Come up empty! “Damn! I’m such a fuck-up!” I shriek. “Lost my phone. Where the fuck could it be? maybe it fell out in your old man’s car!” I’m having a fucking meltdown!

Azalea sticks it in my face. “Here it is, silly. I grabbed it when we left my house.”

I hug her. “Thank god! At least one of us is sane.”

“Gussy, you need to go to the doctor. You’re a mess!”

“Maybe. Gotta call Carl first.”

I punch in the number and Carl answers immediately. “Dude, I can’t stop by. My folks won’t accept any excuses. They’re driving me to Baker’s house.”

“Shit! You want me to talk to them?”

“No, Gus,” he says glumly. “I’ll just fucking go. How bad can it be?”

“Listen, don’t let him pull any shit. He’ll try to bullshit you into doing…whatever.”

“I hear you. He’s a total perve.”

“Call as soon as you finish.”

“Yeah…will definitely.”

I flop back on the bed, relieved…we dodged a bullet! I was in a total fucking panic imagining Carl arriving at Azalea’s…coming face to face with her psycho father.

Azalea puts the ice back on my cheek and snuggles next to me. “Want to get undressed, Baby?”
She asks.

Even feeling like shit, I spring a hard-on. “I could be persuaded,” I tell her, but as I turn to her, pain shoots through my whole head. I give up and lie back. “Damn” I gasp. “It hurts like a bitch!”

She sits up and examines my cheek. From the look on her face, it’s obviously not looking good. “Gussy,” she says, “please lie still and let the ice do its work.”

“It’s, uh, nothing,” I tell her…not totally convinced. Never had my face so totally fucked up. Pain’s pulsing from my cheek to my eyes, nose, even my chin! I’m worried. What if my eye socket or something is cracked??? Maybe I really should go to the hospital. Would be bad news to get gangrene or something…be a burden to Azalea! Shit! Thinking I’m gonna look so fucked up with one messed up cheek and a Chipmunk one! Quasimodo…nobody’ll want to be near me…maybe even Azalea.

I doze off. Start dreaming. I’m alone on an isolated country road…not a house anywhere. In the woods, hear snarling…a rabid dog??? Definitely something dangerous and evil, but I can’t see what. It gets louder, more vicious. I’m terrified, but there’s no place to hide…figure the open road’s safest. As I hurry along, the thing keeps keeps pace with me…can’t shake it, and it’s suddenly so loud, it’s gotta be really close…still don’t see anything in the darkness, then, all of a sudden, a big furry thing comes flying out of the trees…a mass of fur, tusk-like teeth and yellow eyes. It chomps down on my arm and rips it right from the socket…then, takes a huge bite from my gut. The weird thing is, it’s not the pain that freaks me…but the thought that I’ll be more scarred and deformed than ever. Suddenly, I’m naked and the thing sees my dick and balls…buries its mouth in my crotch…rips and tears until I’m totally wrecked…yawning wounds everywhere and sexless!!! Realize I’ll never be the same. My wounds are catastrophic, irreparable. What am I gonna do? “Azalea!” I scream…eyes pop open.

She’s leaning over me, really concerned. “What is it, Baby?”

“Holy shit!” I gasp. “I just had the worst nightmare ever!” Stare into her eyes. She’s real…and so sweet! Thank fucking god!

To be continued…READ EPISODE 40