I jump in bed, chilled to the boner. Snuggle with Azalea.

“Jeez, Gus.” She cries. “It’s too hot for that!” Pushes me away.

I’m stunned. Azalea’s never rejected me before. “You don’t wanna, like, hook up or anything?”

She laughs. Pulls my hand to her lips and plants a sloppy kiss. “Gussy, usually I would…but I’m sleepy now, and you should rest up. We have all day tomorrow.”

“Whatever,” I reply, kissing her cheek. I’m not used to rejection, but figure once isn’t the end of the world. Overall,
She makes me feel like I totally belong…something I haven’t felt in a long, long time.

The next morning is raining…dreary. The wind is so strong the whole house is creaking. “Geez, we’re gonna blow away like in the Wizard of Oz,” I exclaim.

“I’ll blow you instead,” she suggests, and I’m relieved. Wasn’t sure if she was tired of me, or sex, or what. She orders me to lie back, throws off the covers, and proceeds to suck the skin off my dick! Quickly, I reach the point of no return. “Watch out! I warn her, I’m gonna shoot!”

“Thanks, Gussy!” She exclaims. “You’re a true gentleman!”

Needless to say, I’m speechless. My body’s spasming like crazy, and t’s embarrassing to just lie there watching your stuff shoot out. Immediately, I feel like a total pig…didn’t do shit for her, and apologize, but she just laughs and pulls up the covers. “No worries, Baby. I like making you feel good!”

After that, we just lie together, holding hands, staring at the ceiling. I can’t believe what just happened. Not sure I like doing stuff that’s so one-sided.

Finally, I speak up. “Hey, let’s hook up like always. That’s s-o-o-o awesome!”

She’s really pleased, and we get totally into it. Pull the covers over our heads. It’s really cozy, especially with the rest of the house, so damp and uninviting,..and we hook up like three times.

I’m totally making up for lost time! Who’d ever think nerdy Cornell would become a fucking stud!

Finally, at like 11:00, we get up and decide to make breakfast. I tell Azalea I’ll whip up my secret omelet recipe, which is total bullshit. There’s no recipe, but I figure I can come up with something…remember my mom’s omelets with onions, peppers, cheese, whatever. How can you ruin an omelet?

The house is drafty…has the weirdest heat…space heaters in some rooms, baseboard in the living room, and an ancient wood stove in the kitchen. Thankfully, Azalea digs up robes…tosses me one decorated with red roses.

“This is too fucking gay,” I tell her.

“Would you rather freeze?” She asks. “Look at your weenie. It’s shrunk!”

“Holy shit!” I cry pulling on the robe. She’s right! A wrinkled weenie is fucking embarrassing!

She giggles. “Thankfully, it’s only temporary.” Gives me a yank, and it swells respectably. “See! You’re just fine!”

“Whew! Thank god!”

In the kitchen, we fire up the wood stove, and feel better right away. It’s almost cozy, but outside it’s super nasty. Looks like snow, but it’s too warm…still September.

Azalea turns to me. “Baby, we need more wood. Can you get some? It’s right outside the door under that black plastic.”

I salute. “You can count on me, commander!” Secretly dread going out in the shit.

She laughs. “Keep your weenie warm.”

“Abso-fucking-lutely!” Tie my robe tight. Open the door which instantly flies out of my hand. “Holy shit! The wind’s wicked!” Manage to jam it shut, then start picking through the wood which is pretty soaked.

As I’m working, hear the crunch of gravel, and notice a car turning up the driveway. Quickly, duck inside.

“Azalea! A car’s coming!”

“What color?”



“Yeah…maybe. Why?”

“Shit, Baby. It’s Daddy again! Lock the door…we gotta get dressed!”

The hair prickles on my neck. Over my shoulder, see the car pulling up to the door.

She slides the bolt. “The lock’s worthless. He’ll be inside in a second.”

I glance out…see his angry face peering at us. Fuck!

In panic, we rush into the bedroom. Throw off our robes, and scramble into clothes. Her old man’s pounding on the door…screaming. “Azalea, I know you’re in there! Open up NOW!”

We’re trapped and scared shitless. There are no windows in the bedroom, but he circles around and we see him peering through the living room window. “I see you two fuckers, goddammit! Open the door, or you’ll be in big trouble!”

I’m thinking we’re already in big trouble. “What’ll we do?” I cry.

Suddenly, He’s back at the kitchen door pounding. Then, we hear the wood splitting, and he comes charging into the bedroom, face contorted with rage. Grabs me by the collar. Jerks me off my feet! I’m scared shitless! Drags me to the kitchen with Azalea screaming. “Stop. It’s not Gus’s fault! Leave him alone!” I figure I’m a dead man, and he immediately starts flinging me around like a rag doll. I’m helpless…terrified…he’s so fucking strong! Flings me on top of the kitchen table which gives way and crashes to the floor. “Holy fuck!”

“You little shit!” He screams. “Think you can come in my house, use my stuff…fuck my daughter!!! What’s your explanation? Did you ask me? Huh?!” He’s standing over me, hands in tight fists. “I’m gonna teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” Grabs a knife and sticks it in my face. “See this? Know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna castrate your balls so you’ll never pull shit like this again.”

“Nooo!” I scream. Scramble up, but my back’s to the wall. I’m fucking terrified! “Please!” I cry. “I didn’t do anything bad. We love each other!”

“Love?” He screams. “What do you know about love?”

At that moment, Azalea throws herself on his back, while he’s waving the knife around…I’m freaked she’s gonna get cut. “Daddy!” She screams. “You hurt Gus and I’ll kill you. I swear! He’s the nicest boy ever. You do anything to him and I’ll kill you. I swear…I’ll find you wherever you are, and kill you!”

He shakes her off…just laughs. Instantly, I realize I gotta do something. No matter what happens! Can’t let him hurt her! So, I step forward, and out of nowhere, his fist shoots out. Stars explode in my head, and I black out.

Not sure how long I’m out, but my eyes pop open in a blur of pain. Azalea and her dad are face-to-face screaming. “He treats me right, a lot better than you ever did,” she yells.

“I don’t care!” He says. “No young shit can march into my house and do whatever he wants! He’s gotta pay!”

Suddenly, Azalea snatches a frying pan off the stove and starts swinging. He backs away. “Enough! I want this boy out of the house now!”

I’m in agony, but I’m not leaving without Azalea.

She points toward the door. “Gus, just go! I can handle him!”

“No!” I yell. “I’m not leaving you!”

Her dad wheels around. “You shut the fuck up! Nobody’s speaking to you!”

I stick out my chin. Yell right in his face. “No more of your shit!” And for some reason, the fear, like, evaporates.

He lunges at me, but Azalea grabs his arm.

“Daddy, what are you doing here?” Azalea asks. “You don’t even live here.”

“But it’s my house. No way you’re fucking white boys here!”

“Bullshit!” Azalea screams. “Mommy pays for everything. Not you! And she doesn’t interfere in my life. If I wanna date boys, I can! This is my boyfriend…and this is how you treat him? He’s not one of your fucking cellmates. He’s my classmate!”

He’s steaming. “Don’t talk back to me. I’m your father!”

“You don’t act like one. All you came here for is to shack up and drink. You don’t give a shit about me!”

Her father points to me. “I don’t like you! You’re taking advantage of my daughter. How old are you?”

“Same age as her, fourteen.”

Azalea ignores her dad, wets a towel and holds it to my cheek.

“Great, Daddy. Look at him. I think you broke a bone in his face. When we get to his house, we’ll tell his folks everything, and you’ll get thrown in jail again…where you obviously belong!”

It’s ballsy of Azalea, but it works. Her dad backs down. “Look, the last thing I need is more trouble. If you stay the fuck out of here, I’ll drop you in town. I’m headed to the liquor store anyway.”

“That’s fine, Daddy. You okay with that Gus?’

“Uh…yeah,” I say.

He turns to me. “I don’t want anyone going to the cops. You understand?”

“Yes, sir,” I say, relieved. I just want to get home…and out of this crazy house.

Holding the towel to my cheek, we get in his car. It’s a fucking disaster…stinks of cigarettes…and the floor is piled with beer cans, bottles and dirty magazines. We ride in silence to the store, which luckily, is only a half mile from my house. Nobody says goodbye or anything. We just get out and start walking, but my cheek is killing me…plus I’m nauseous as shit…have to stop and puke a couple of times.

About halfway home, Azalea stops me. “You need to go to the hospital, Baby!”

To be continued Read Next Episode.