We’re out of our clothes in seconds, leap onto the squeaky bed…sounds like a thousand mice are pissed! Ha ha! But it’s music to my ears…and I’m hard as a friggin’ rock! Azalea’s super, cozy body is totally ready…lookin’ amazing, and I encircle her in my biggest hug ever..her curvaceous, queen-sized body’s the best thing that ever happened to yours truly!
“Whew!” She gasps. “Your strong for a skinny guy!” Grabs my meat. “What’s this you’re packin’?”
I laugh. “I dunno. It mostly shows up when you’re around!”
“Except mornings when I gotta piss.”
Our hands start serious exploring…Azalea’s body’s endlessly interesting…and I love breasts, so her jumbos keep me occupied for like an hour. They’re huge and velvety…totally awesome! Not flat or saggy, and her nipples are gigunda…and so friggin’ hard!
Out of nowhere, it strikes me this is all totally weird, because my WASP family’s been obsessed with being so formal, super-fit and skinny, but I’m so totally into Azalea…she’s an obsession! Seems like the WASP ideal is a ghost or something, but Azalea’s larger than life…and’ll never shrink down to nothing…and that’s s-o-o-o reassuring!!!
“Whew!” She gasps, super-squeezing my bone, “you’re very strong for a skinny guy. It’s amazing! When I saw that cute little face last week, I had no idea there was a real man hiding in those clothes!”
“Weird, right?”
“N-o-o-o, definitely not weird! A super nice surprise.”
“But I’m so fucking white and skinny! Don’t I look eighty-years-old!”
“N-o-o-o Baby! That’s bullshit. You’re a lean, mean, loving machine…nice everywhere!”
“Come on! You’re blowing smoke up my ass!”
She looks shocked. “No, Baby! You’re fucking with me, right? Fishing for compliments??? You know what you’ve got, right? Don’t you ever look in the mirror?”
“All I see is a giant chipmunk…cheeks, teeth…serious nerd for sure! I think every guy looks better than me.”
She sits up, hands on her hips. “Baby, get that out of your head! Would I hook up with a guy like that? Don’t forget…I have brothers, so I’ve seen bodies every which way…plus their friends, and believe me they come in all shapes and sizes, and you look great in every department, and listen, black boys are hung…I know that, but your dick looks perfect to me. It’s pink and thick, and not all gnarly and covered with big, nasty veins…but Gussy, your dick isn’t what makes you sexy. That’s a bonus. Girls don’t all judge by appearance…not that you’ve got anything to worry about. You’re the sweetest boy ever!” She flashes her big smile and gently rubs my cheek. “It’s true love bug!”
Unlike the first time we made out, which seems like years ago, I know my way around…ease her gently back, and slide in all the way, easy as anything…then we build an awesome rhythm…keep going, actually come like multiple times…fall asleep still hooked up (never done that before!).
In the middle of the night, I roll off. It’s pitch dark. and my stomach’s growling like crazy. Start to get up…
“Baby, where you goin’?” Azalea whispers.
“Just hungry. Want me to get you something?”
“No, but pull the blanket up okay? I’m freezing!”
I tuck her in really good, then tiptoe to the kitchen. It’s super chilly…I’ve got major goose bumps, and a seriously shrivelled dick (which I hate!).
It’s totally weird being in a strange house in the dark. The branches outside the blue-black windows make it look like we’re in a submarine being attacked by a giant squid! Maybe a bunch of ’em!
I switch on the kitchen light. In the stark glare, the place looks looks pretty sad…beaten up and faded. Basically, a rickety little porch converted into a kitchen…Sheetrock halfway up…frame windows all around…gotta be frigid in the Winter!!! No place for a penis!
I pop bread in the ancient toaster. Plop my bony ass on the cold chair…brrrrrrrrr!
I feel like I’m a million miles from Azalea, and it’s spooky with all the windows. No telling who, or what’s staring in at me? It hits me relationships are strange. You gotta be ready for anything. Theoretically, I’d rather be home in my cozy, familiar bedroom with all my posters and shit, but without Azalea, it’d be a total waste …worthless crap! Realize I have to get my head straight so we can stay together…find a part-time job…prove to myself, and everybody else, we can get along fine.
Being with Azalea makes me feel like an actual person…not just the total of what kids, and my dad, tell me!
I chew on the dry toast…sip water from the tap. Not great, but it takes the edge off…head back to bed…
To be continued…. Read next episode!