Episode 28 – Romantic Interlude

Suddenly, we’re on the bed. Chick’s so fucking experienced, I’m putty in his hands. In seconds, my clothes are off, and I’m getting the king of all blow jobs…definitely the most experienced tongue in history!
I pride myself on total control, but he gets me so worked up…every touch is fucking electric.
But, for some reason, I feel suffocated…push him away. “Stop! Wait!” I gasp.
“Let it happen!” He cries. “You’re free to do what you want.”
“True, but slow down…let’s, like, both enjoy it.”
“Sure, sorry!. Seeing Max so fucked up got me hyper, and I just let go!”
“I Know, but shouldn’t this be about us, not Max.”
He kisses me on the cheek, laughs. “You’re too smart for a teenybopper.”
“Thanks a lot!”
The passion, like, evaporates. It’s just too fucking weird with Max passed on the floor.
“You sure he’s gonna be okay?” I ask.
Chick gets up. Stands over him. “I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure. He looks comfortable and his breathing’s regular.”
I’m relieved, and my bone’s hard as a fucking rock. “Okay, so come back to bed.”
He laughs, dives next to me…closes his fingers around my prick. He laughs .”This thing is obscene, and I don’t say that often.”
He grins, starts jacking, but Kaylee pops into my head. Why is my life sooo fucking complicated?! Watch his hand pumping, but I’m a million miles away…so nothing happens. Nada!
He glances at me, sweat beading on his forehead “Man, you’ve got amazing control!”
“Not really. I’m just worried about my girlfriend.”
“Jesus, Tamar. Stay in the present. You’re all over the fucking place, Max…your girl, whatever!”
“I know, but I feel like my whole life is in danger! Like the the wrong move’ll fuck me for life!”
His huge, green eyes laser onto me. “How can our love be a wrong move?”
“I’m just worried that if I commit to being totally gay, I’ll lose a lot of important stuff…friends, girls, straight sex, whatever. I’ve always considered myself a fucking stud.”
“Tamar, chill. I went through the same shit. Other than sex, what does Kaylee really offer you…money, security, conformity, a totally boring life?”
“Well, we get along great, and it’s really easy to hang with her.”
“What’s her family like?”
“They’re fucking rich with three humongous places in the city, Hamptons, and Florida. Her father’s a financial stud who’s, like, featured in magazines.”
“So…what do they think of you?”
“They don’t know me. I mean, every time I meet them, they’re nice, but totally different from anyone I know. Hey, guess what? Kaylee’s horny aunt just fucked one of my friends!”
“Are you serious?”
“Totally. She was cruising the Emerald Grotto the night I met you.”
“Oh yeah. The tall, handsome kid my friends pointed out…one striking dude. So, you see Kaylee as a long-term opportunity?”
“Not sure, but I’ve got no reason to just dump her.”
He gives me a sly smile. “Yes you do…me.”
I nod. “I know. Gotta work it out. Can’t keep deluding myself.”
“That’s right. Okay, so you have great sex, but it leads to oblivion. You’ll totally lose your identity…become the handsome son-in-law with some menial job at a bank! But, think about it. I’m decent looking, got you a great job, and love you like crazy! Maybe my apartment is a shit hole, but I’ll fix it…get some new stuff…it’ll be really comfortable.”
Chick’s not making it easy…wish I could just ignore the future and go with the flow, but he’s right, it could be a dead end. “I’m sorry,” I tell him. “I’m confused as shit right now. All my friends are macho, and I’m afraid they’ll ditch me!”
“I bet they won’t.”
I think of the blow jobs younger guys give us. “I dunno…they look up to me. I was always the leader sex-wise…first hand job, first suck off, first one laid.”
“So, be the first one to come out.”
“Right, but the problem is I’m still attracted to girls. No matter what happens, I would be! I can’t imagine being exclusively one or the other.”
“You never have sex with guys your own age?”