Episode 32 – Food Run

Before we know it, Dad’s car is approaching Azalea’s driveway. Fortunately, we’re not talking much which is a relief. Guess we said everything we needed to. I’ve gotta adjust to the new relationship with Dad…do my best to keep an open mind, but I’m still confused as shit. The revelations are too major!

“Leave us at the mailbox,” I tell him.

“No problem driving you up,” he says…obviously trying to improve the cold vibes.

Immediately, I’m thinking “Shit! He’ll see the empty shack and freak.”

Azalea comes to the rescue. “It’s okay, Mr. Dodson. Gus and I always race up the driveway. It’s full of ruts anyway.”

“Oh…uh…fine,” Dad says uncertainly. Guess he wants to be responsible for a change.

We jump out, make a show of racing up the driveway, but as soon as he leaves, we quit.

“Holy shit!” Azalea gasps. “I’m hyperventilating!”

I laugh and throw my arms around her. “Azalea, we’re back home. Thank god!”

One thing leads to another and we start making out in the driveway. Immediately, I spring a major bone.

“What’s this I feel?” she chuckles, rubbing my bulge. Not surprisingly, it gets intense.

We’re about to fuck in the field, when a car slows with the windows down. “Damn, let’s go inside!” Azalea cries, and we hustle toward the house. Thankfully, the place looks empty. Awesome!

The door’s still unlocked and we walk right in. It’s a mess…moldy shit and beer bottles everywhere, but we’re so fucking turned on, we drop to the floor and grind like a motherfucker until we both actually come…then jump up like nothing happened…except there’s a humongous wet spot on my jeans

Immediately, the trashy devastation really sinks in. “That selfish pig!” Azalea exclaims opening the fridge. I bet he drank everything, and I was counting on a cold beer more than anything else, except you, of course!”

We do a fast clean-up, realize Azalea’s dad ate (and drank) everything in the house.

“What’ll we do about food?” I ask.

“The nearest food’s a Quik Mart a mile down the road.”

I’m not dying to walk a mile with a load of groceries, but want to show Azalea I’m ready, willing and able to treat her right. Flash a big grin. “I’ll make a food run. I’ve still got bucks from the taxi money.”

She’s relieved. “Thank goodness! We can’t skip meals.”

We make a complete list. Enough to last us a couple of days. After a marathon kiss, I head out.

“Be careful!” She cries. “Don’t talk to strangers!”

“No worries!” I tell her.

I start down the driveway and immediately feel creepy. Don’t know the area and it feels like another galaxy….notice weird stuff like broken branches, dented mailboxes and road kill. Before I know it, Azalea seems miles away…I’m in the middle of nowhere. After walking, like, forever, I top a hill and see the Quick Mart ahead…a really dumpy place with two pumps and a mini-store. Needs a serious paint job. Walk between the cars out front. The doorbell rings as I walk in…get a couple of curious glances. It’s totally typical…cold drink cases, and islands packed with candy and snack food. I look around, ignore the list. Just want to get done quick…find some packaged cold cuts, cheese and bread, then realize we’ll need breakfast. Grab eggs, cereal and milk. The place is depressing…have no desire to do anything but pay and get the hell out.

The minute I get outside, I remember the beer. Probably wishful thinking, because I’m scared shitless of trying to buy it. No way they’ll sell to a kid! Still, know I’m a fucking wuss if I don’t even try. Can’t let Azalea down…think of stealing a few cans, but know I’ll stick out like a sore thumb sneaking around, especially with the cashier by the door. Start to go in…hesitate…then wimp out totally and hit the road.

I’m walking along, feeling like shit, when a blue car slows, pulls alongside. “Son, you need a ride?”

The Tobias incident pops into my head, so I’m cautious. Can’t really see the guy. Looks older, in a baseball cap. I figure what-the-fuck, and hop in. Better than a long walk hauling groceries.

We glance at each other and I do a fucking double-take. It’s Baker from school! “Holy shit!”

To be continued… read next episode!