Episode 43 – Grand Finale

Jaz and I are jerked awake by a sharp knock on the door. Holy shit!

Grace is yelling: “Get up! Time for school!

I’m dazed. Sit up, but Jaz pulls me back. “Stay here.”

We lie facing each other. Her big dark eyes pull me in like magnets.

“Jeez,” I whisper. “Wish it was Saturday.”

“Me too.”

My boner’s aching…still red as a beet.

“Are you going downtown to your old school?” She asks

I run my fingers through my frizzy hair. “I guess so, but I fucking hate it! Shit! I gotta haul ass back home, get dressed, and be there by 8:30. Gonna be late for sure, and I’ll catch beaucoup shit! Damn!”

She studies my face. “But you’ll be back tonight, right? Bring your homework, so we can study  at the store.”

“That’d be awesome!” I exclaim jumping out of bed.

Jaz smirks…checks out my bouncing bone. “Are you, like, stiff constantly?”

“Pretty much.” My dick looks thick…can’t help feeling proud. “You don’t mind, right?”

“Hell no, I love it, especially attached to a sweet boy.” She gives me a wink.

I pull on my smelly running clothes…Jaz wraps herself in a robe. We meet Grace in the kitchen. She frowns at my outfit. “Hunter, you need to leave clothes here. Your folks’ll think we don’t keep a clean house with you looking like that!”

“Sorry. I’ll bring stuff tonight.”

Grace looks back and forth between us. “So, did you two have a romantic time?”

Jaz nods. “Yeah! It was awesome! We blew his virginity a thousand miles away!”

Grace looks me in the eyes. “No sloppy seconds for me?”

I blush from head to toe…not sure what to say. Want to tell her “Sure, anytime,” but don’t want to fuck up my relationship with Jaz…just stand there like a numb nuts.

In the nick of time, Jaz bails me out. “Mom, stop! He’s mine!”

Grace smirks. “Just want to be sure the boy is honorable!”

“He definitely is,” Jaz says snuggling close.

We grab a quick breakfast and I take off feeling better than ever in my whole life. I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend and my dick works fine.

I want to run all the way, but realize it’d waste too much time…take the nasty-ass subway instead. Don’t sit because of bed bug reports. Not one person looks at my filthy clothes, and the commute gives me time to put things in perspective. The Griffin School doesn’t seem half as bad with a place to escape, especially knowing Jaz is waiting. Yes sir, school will be a lot different with the bullies kicked out, and virginity worries gonzo! I’ll be so experienced, I won’t give a shit if some asshole claims otherwise.

Just hope I can get my family on board! Love my little sister more than anything…but realize I don’t really know Mom and Dad that well. Maybe they need time to see me differently. These days I’m motivated, experienced, working. What more do they want? Gotta convince them I’m doing what’s right for me and nobody else…except maybe Jaz, Grace and Pearl.

The End