Episode 42 – Closer Than Ever

Maybe I should keep my mouth shut…not question awesome developments like losing my virginity!

They’re staring at me, totally wide-eyed, making me wonder if the answer’s worse than I thought.

“Well…” Jasmin says reluctantly, “you deserve an explanation. I mean…well…you’re attractive, and that’s most of it, but our family’s kind of strange anyway. Mom and Dad never got married, but still had Pearl and me. Dad may not seem suave now, at the store, but he was a music executive and regular at Club Tuxedo where Mom was a stripper.” She laughs. “I might as well tell you the whole story…especially now since you’re been christened. Mom and Dad lived together a long time, but they were incredibly sexual people! There was zero modesty at our place! They constantly walked around naked talking about sex, and how sexy certain people were. Daddy was hung like a horse and proud of it! Loved to make jokes and call attention to himself, but then he had prostate cancer and couldn’t perform…so…he’s a different person now…retired from his company, and devoting full time to Pearl’s business.

“But Mamma’s a different story…still going strong…dating a bunch of guys from the club. Three years ago, Dad moved out and found his own place in Brooklyn.

“Mom makes no secret about her sex life. I come home and she’ll be fucking some guy on the couch. Not only that, she looks out for me too. When I was thirteen, she decided it was time for me to lose my virginity and brought home a hot boy who worked in the supermarket. His name was Lawrence, and I fell for him like nobody’s business, but he was social, and I was too young to go to clubs and stay out late…too bad because he was s-o-o-o sexy. He was the first, but there have been a lot of boys since then…but you’re my first white boy. You’re not that experienced, but it doesn’t matter. You’re sexy anyway!”

I’m confused. “So, you don’t have a boyfriend right now?”

She chuckles. “Well…I have fuck buddies, but you’re different…sweet…don’t have a chip on your shoulder. So many boys think they’re God’s gift, but I get the feeling we have real potential…there’s chemistry. You know what I mean? Plus, you’re smart and have a future, unlike some of the deadbeats I run into.You wanna spend more time together?”

I’m overjoyed, amazed. “Shit, yeah!” I exclaim. “You make me crazy. Look! My boner’s back!”

She laughs…runs her fingers all over it…explores the nooks and crannies…my rim, piss hole, veins…jiggles my balls…it feels fucking sensational!

I slip my arms around her…pull her close. “Virginity was such a pain! Now I’m free!”

Our lips meet…it’s sexy and delicious, and we go real slow…like time’s standing still. Before I know it, I’m inside again, but it’s nothing like the first time. We’re both savoring every sensation. Her pussy feels like a hand squeezing me…and the feelings crystallize into a mental picture…like an x-ray…of my swollen dick rubbing the sides of her pussy.

I feel…what? Lucky? Flattered?…to be able to turn on such a hot girl…like it’s my destiny as a boy, and I’m focused with all my heart! Not distracted. Not thinking of anything but Jaz and her incredible body.

“My god, Hunter,” she whispers. “This is total ecstasy…and I don’t mean the drug!”

“Ye…yeah,” I gasp, totally concentrating on the sensations…she ‘s tightening…I’m swelling…experiencing this exquisite agony…like I’m in some suction machine.

“Where’d you learn to work your muscles like that???” I ask.

“Mom taught me all her tricks.”

“It’s amazing!”

Suddenly…deep down in my dick, the root begins to pulsate….geez, I wanna hold back…but I’m fucking helpless and a molten jet of sperm shoots into her…then another, and another….our cries echo as our bodies spasm!

We end up wiped…in each other’s arms, and though the room’s dark, I picture Jaz’s face as though we’re lying in a sunny meadow…those huge, brown eyes…golden skin and luscious lips. Yum!

She nuzzles her head against my chest. “You won’t disappear into your world, will you? I think this could work…we’re soul mates.”

“Definitely. This is my world now. I hate where I came from. Everything I really want is here!”

She gives me a humongous hug. “I’m s-o-o-o glad…and all my girlfriends are gonna love you! I can’t believe we’ve only been together twice! I feel like I’ve known you forever!”

“Me too!”

Jaz pulls a quilt over us and we snuggle some more…then doze off.

To be continued….