Episode 30 – A “Stranger” Calls

Shit! A call! Who can it be? Nobody good…all my friends are here! I turn to Azalea. “What the fuck! Can’t people leave us alone?”

Azalea squeezes my hand. “Relax, Baby. That letter from your mom’s freaked you out, and don’t get me wrong…I understand.”

The phone stops ringing and I glance at the number. “Fuck! It was my dad. He’s the last person I want to talk to right now!”

As I lock the bedroom door, my cell rings again….Dad!!!!!! I can’t escape him.
“Yeah,” I mumble.
“Hello, Gus. That’s a strange greeting. I’m on my way home…be there in an hour…we need to talk. Are your friends still there?”
The hair prickles on my neck. An hour? Damn! Everybody’s having fun and Carl’s mid-fuck. “Uh,,,yeah,” I tell him.
“Tell them to leave. I need quality time with you.”
“No way I’m telling Azalea to leave. She’s got nowhere to go…and I want her here.”
“Son, you’re fourteen and talking nonsense. She can’t stay!”
Anger wells up. “If she goes, I go!”
“Okay, just clear out your other friends, and make it clear to her you and I need to talk privately.”
“No way! She gets to hear everything!”
“I want to discuss very personal family matters.”
“Tough shit! She knows as much as I do!”
I hang up without saying goodbye. Fuck him! Can’t believe he comes in and out of my life whenever he wants! Total bull shit!
Azalea’s watching me. “What’s up, Baby? You okay?”
“The fucker’s coming home in an hour and wants to talk. Damn! I can’t stand him!”
“He wants me out?”
“He wants everybody out, but you heard me. If you go, I go…for good!”
“Maybe I should go for a little while, so you two can vent…or whatever.”
“No way! You’re my life! I’d never kick you out!”
We jump in the bed and make out a while, but I imagine every sound is dad’s car, so we finally get up and get dressed. Azalea pulls on the same fucked-up clothes she borrowed for school. Damn, she’s so beautiful I want her to look great…I’m definitely gonna pool my savings and get her nice stuff.
I give her a bear hug. “Hey, as soon as I talk to dad, let’s blow this joint. Maybe your dad’s gone so we can stay at your place.”
She grins. “Yeah, it was fun there…like we were married.”
“Yeah! It was awesome.”
I shuffle downstairs, feel like shit, because I have to kick my friends out. Unfortunately, Carl’s not the only one “involved.” Neal and Wendy totally “into it” on the grass.
“Time out!” I tell ’em. “You gotta go. Dad’s on the way.”
They jump up and pull themselves together. Neal’s got…like…a major bone, and he’s flustered. Tries to shove it around so it isn’t obvious, but no way Jose!
I sprint upstairs…deliver the same shitty message to Carl and Stacy in mid-fuck.
Everybody’s bummed, but what the crap can I do.
“Don’t beat yourself up.” Azalea says. “You can’t help it, and they all had a good time.”
“I guess so,” I grumble. Can’t believe Dad’s fucking up every dimension of my life!”
In minutes, we’re saying goodbyes. Surprisingly, they’re all reasonably happy…gonna continue to party at Neal’s. Thankfully, his parents are away. I’m dying to hang with them, but gotta stay and deal with my old man…hate his fucking guts for destroying our family!
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