Episode 41 – Virgin No More

I prop myself on my elbows. “Does being virginal make me a freak?”

“Not at all,” Grace says, “but it’s unusual in this day and age!” She turns to Jaz. “Let’s have a conference.”

Jaz is confused. Me too.

They leave the room and shut the door. I’m figuring maybe I should have lied. Now, they think I’m a total geek, and things’ll get uncomfortable. When they thought I was a player, it created this…like…mysterious aura, but now I’m a mere mortal…definitely not a sex god! I glance at my naked body. My dick’s totally wilted and I pull up the sheet.

They come back looking stone-faced. “Should I leave?” I ask.

Grace smirks. “Not yet, baby. You need to lose your virginity first!” Waves a condom in my face.

I can’t help grinning as they pull back the sheet. Thankfully, I’m recovering fast.

Jaz points to my dick. “Mom, his cherry’s not the biggest, but hmmm, that shaft is thick sirloin!”

Grace laughs wickedly. They proceed to take turns fucking the shit out of me. I’m in heaven! I guess jerk-off calluses pay off, because I hold back for like an hour. Okay, not exactly an hour, but close…and they both get off, which, I already know, is the name of the game.

Afterwards, we lie lie entangled…arms, legs, breasts and a dick, but it’s warm and cozy…and, thankfully, the bed doesn’t collapse or anything. Soon, like a chain reaction, Jaz falls asleep, then Grace…and me too. Can’t believe I got christened by two girls in one night. How cool is that!

I dream I’m riding an old-fashioned train in the mountains, clicking along through a redwood forest…tallest trees I’ve ever seen…feels gloomy and hemmed in. Can’t see clouds or even a patch of blue. I’m suddenly…like…freaked I’m on the wrong train, and have no idea where I’m going. I look up and the conductor’s coming down the aisle, a lady conductor, and I wave to her. When I look into her face, it’s Pearl! “Pearl!” I cry. “I’m on the wrong train. Gotta get off!”

“No,” she says, “I punched your ticket. This is the right train.”

Suddenly, we rumble into a tunnel where it’s dark and eerie. I close my eyes, and hope Pearl’s right. It takes forever, but finally the echoey sounds end, and when I open my eyes, we’re barrelling into the sunshine…like a rocket with no tracks at all, just blue sky, bright-colored birds and snowy peaks as far as the eye can see. Then, somehow, the train falls away and I’m flying through the air, twisting and turning, wind in my face, feeling incredibly happy and free!

My eyes open. The room is dark and, for a second, I wonder if the sex actually happened, but there’s no doubt about the warm bodies next to me, and I reach out and run my hand over the smooth skin.

“You okay?” Jaz asks.

“Definitely! You guys are amazing!” Then I feel a stab of worry. Jaz already has a boyfriend! I lie staring into the darkness, trying to puzzle it through, but everything leads to the same conclusion. Jaz and her mom don’t really care about me. They’re just nymphos, and it hurts.

“Can I ask you a question?” I whisper.

“Sure, baby.”

“Why did you guys fuck me?”

There’s silence and I dread the answer…figure she’s pissed.

To be continued… read next episode.