Episode 40 – Luxury

With Jasmine and Grace standing over the bed, I slowly kick off my sneaks.

“He’s exhausted!” Grace exclaims. “We’d better help!” And, immediately I feel cool hands all over me (even where they don’t belong) and there’s an instant physical reaction.

“My goodness!” Grace says with a laugh. “Hunter has quick reflexes!”

For a second, I lie naked with my dick pointing at the ceiling, but they roll me over. “That’s phase two.” Grace says slyly.

So far, Jaz hasn’t said much, but suddenly she whispers to her mom. “Of course!” Grace replies. “We didn’t undress him just to look!”

I close my eyes, confident the best is yet to come.

Feel warm oil pouring on my back…loving hands spreading it everywhere…neck, back, legs, feet…even my butt crack…can definitely tell their hands apart. Grace is a pro…fingers seeking out knotted muscles and kneading expertly. Jaz isn’t as experienced, but her hands explore my body with lots of curiosity and interest…her fingers explore gravitate on my sensitive places and she keeps up a running commentary: “Mom, his body’s so hard…I love his broad shoulders and tiny hips, and his legs are scrumptious…and knowing his…uh…thing…is so nice makes him extra special.”

“Just stick to your work, Baby.” Grace says. “There’s time for everything.”

I close my eyes, and before I know it, they’re shaking me…whispering to “turn over.”

I pretend to be asleep, but every inch of my body is quivering…waiting for those loving fingers to slide around my dick, but they’re not rushing…give my feet and toes another round, then move up my legs…almost to my balls, then jump to my belly beyond my pubes. I’m tired, but Grace’s routine is, like, calculated to arouse me to the max. So…even though I’m totally whipped, my boner’s twitching like crazy…and, of course, they giggle and comment. “Hunter Mountain is definitely gonna erupt!” Grace says with a laugh…and she’s right!

“He’s obviously not THAT tired!” Jaz says sarcastically. “I bet he’s faking. Hunter…hey, Hunter….are you really asleep?”

“Sort of,” I whisper.

“See!” she giggles. “He knows exactly what’s going on, or he wouldn’t be all stiff? Mama, what’s the deal? I thought white boys had little dicks?”
Grace chuckles. “It depends on the white boy.”
Their hands get closer and closer….like mice heading for the cheese. Grace pulls my legs wider and slides her hands right between my balls. Tantalizes me with gentle fondling…a total fucking turn-on! Then, her fingers circle the base of my dick…slide up to my hoodie…and they both take turns…massaging…taunting. Immediately, my butt’s off the table, arching…begging for more.
“He loves it, Mama!” Jaz says.
Grace’s calling the shots: “While I work the tip, you fondle his balls…but be gentle…like the touch of a feather.”
“So, Hunter…” Jaz says, “tell us about your love life.”
“There isn’t much to tell,” I whisper, figuring they’ll be pissed I’m a newbie.
The massage abruptly stops. “What!!!” They exclaim in unison. “No way! A cute boy like you could have any girl he wants.”
“I hate to disappoint you,” I confess…cock drooping, “but I’m a curiosity at school. Most kids think I’m weird, because I’m into fashion, Pee Wee Herman, Lady Gaga and lots of other unusual stuff.”
Jaz tilts her head and gives me a squinty look. “Don’t tell me you’re gay, because if you are, I’m gonna be REALLY upset!”
“Honestly, I once thought I was, but now, I feel the opposite…plus horny as shit!”
They’re staring wide-eyed…while my dick’s crashed on my thigh.
“You had sex with guys???” Jaz asks. She’s totally freaked.
“No, never, but I’ve checked-out dicks…to see if I measure up.”
Grace turns to Jaz. “Honey, that’s no different than any man. I’ve never met one who wasn’t always comparing.”
“Hell, yes.” She turns to me. How many women have you had sex with?”
“Nobody!” I confess. “I’m a total newbie.”
“Bullshit! ” Jaz cries. “You’re kidding, right?”
Grace is speechless…looks me up and down. “A normal sixteen-year-old and never had sex? Not even once?”
“Not even once. Sorry.”
“That’s sinful, especially with that impressive equipment…you’re a virgin?”
I nod, and they both stare in wonder.
To be continued…  Read next episode!