Episode 28 – Family Revelations

Time to go snooping in Dad’s bedroom…wave to Azalea and we go upstairs. I dread it. Afraid of what we’ll find.

Thankfully, Azalea’s hands in mine. She’s my family now! “You’re my eyes and ears,” I tell her. “You deserve an award for discovering the condoms and transvestite shit.”

“Being a tranny isn’t a sin, Gussy, but the way he treats you is. He has a second house, and a partner, and it’s all secret. I can’t believe the way he neglects you and lies about everything. That’s really fucked up!”

Outside the door she stops and gives me a big hug…looks into my eyes. “No matter what happens, Baby, remember I love you more than anything in the world!”
Tears well up as we kiss. She’s so precious to me!
She grins. “Baby, you know I love to snoop, especially with a boy in tight underpants!”
“You think it looks stupid?”
“No way. You got the best bulge in the world. Ooooo! It’s so damn thick, I can see your veins…and even the rim of your sexy dick!”
“Seriously? I don’t want to gross everybody out!”
“Can’t happen, Gussy. The view’s spectacular!”
We enter the bedroom. I still can’t comprehend how big and fancy it is! I always thought Mom picked all the stuff, but obviously not.
Azalea opens the bureau where we found the condoms and the flyers. It’s packed with bizarre shit…a million sex mags, photos of Dad’s friends dressed and undressed…some in totally disgusting outfits like leather harnesses and shit!
Suddenly, we both see the same faded envelope with “Quincy” written in Mom’s graceful writing. It always fascinated me to watch her write. Her hand, like, practiced in the air before her pen glided over the paper.
Azalea looks questioningly at me. “It’s from Mom.” I tell her.
We open the envelope and pull out the crinkly, old letter. Read it together:
“Dear Quincy:
This is the last letter I’ll ever write. I know you’re up in Albany, but I’ve decided to take pills and end my life. I’m so desperately unhappy!
Your ‘love’ made me happy for a long time, but now I know we are living a lie. You don’t really love me and little Cornell. You only love Alfred and a secret life I’ll never understand.
Why did you tell me all those sweet, loving things, when it wasn’t true? How could you do that? Are you really so cold and heartless?
The saddest part of this is Cornell…my sweet little trooper. I love him from the bottom of my heart, but I’m leaving knowing he’s at least spending the night with his best friend, Neal, and his loving family. Perhaps my death will bring you to your senses…turn you into a real father!
Quincy, I can’t go on knowing the man I trusted above all others, cares so little! How can you be so heartless…and deceitful? How can you sacrifice everything for a life that leads nowhere. Goodbye! Take care of our precious boy!
I can’t move….feel overwhelming sadness…like a huge wave crashing over me. I want to cry, but can’t…Azalea’s holding me tight. Thank god!
It’s such a shock! In death, Mom’s reaching out to me…I hate my father for abandoning her! Dad never told me the truth. Just said she died “unexpectedly.” Made me think it was a heart attack. Now nothing can bring her back…ever!
Azalea kisses my cheek. “You okay, Baby?” We hug. She ‘s the only person I can really depend on. I know everything she says is true and honest. We lie next to each other. She pulls me in….and I lose myself in intense feelings.
To be continued… read next episode!