Episode 39 – In Safe Hands

I’m fumbling with the phone…my muscles in knots.

“Want me to hold it?” Pearl asks.

I shake my head just as Mom answers. “Hunter?”

I try to sound normal as possible. “Hi, Mom.”

“My god, Hunter! We were worried sick. The headmaster called…and we didn’t have a clue about the race or your whereabouts! What’s gotten into you lately???”

“Sorry. I had to prove something to myself, and everybody else!”

“Where are you?”

“At Pearl’s on 125th Street. I’m okay.”

“Well, take a taxi home now! We’re frantic!”

Pearl leans over and whispers in my ear. “You belong at home.”

“No way!” I cry. “This is my job!”

Pearl tries to pull the phone from my hands, but I wave her off…tell Mom I’m sick of the bullshit and hypocrisy at Griffin…want to take a breather where I am. Cover the phone and glance at Pearl. “Let me stay with your mom, please?”

“Only if everyone agrees.”

Realize I’ve gotta hold my ground. “Mom, please,” I plead. “I’m exhausted. just let me stay here overnight like last time. It’s totally safe, comfortable and nobody minds.”

There’s a pause. Dad’s suddenly on the phone trying to take charge. “Listen, mister, you gave us a bad scare. I’m sending a car.” Typical bullshit! Whenever anything’s wrong, he sends a car.

“Dad,” I say, “you’re not helping. Cut me some slack. These people are really nice and it’s late. Maybe I’ll be a little late for school tomorrow, but nothing major.”

I wait for a nuclear explosion, but it doesn’t come. “Okay,” he says. “I’m not happy, but I have to trust your judgment. Pearl and her father seem like reliable people, but no more craziness. Come right home after school. We want to see you, and make sure you’re okay. Do you need to see a doctor?”

“No! I just want to keep my job. It makes me proud to do something I like…and make money at the same time.”

He laughs. “We don’t mind paying your expenses.”

“I know, but I like to pay my own way.”

“Hunter, that’s fine…and I respect your decision, but you’re not the only one in the family. It costs money to keep a roof over our heads.”

“I know,” I tell him. “Because of you, or whatever, I want to pull my own weight. Everybody has to start somewhere.”


“I’m not lazy because I don’t like office work.”

“Okay, I get the point. Listen, from what the headmaster said, you ran a tough race and left everybody in the dust. I’m really proud of you!”

“Thanks, Dad. Wish Mom good night, okay? And tell Ava I’m fine. I love you guys.”

I shut off the phone and hand it to Pearl. “Should I call your Mom, or do you want to?”

Pearl punches in the number. “I’ll do it. I don’t want her going into shock when she sees you.”

At that moment, the door slams and her dad comes rushing in with two quarts of OJ. I drain one without stopping…nearly puke, but hold it down.

Pearl starts pacing…talking on her cell. I catch bits and pieces. “Yes, he’s here, but too banged up to work. No….classmates attacked him. I’ll let him explain. You sure you don’t mind if he sleeps over? Okay, great. I’ll put him in a cab. Yes, I like him too! He loves working in the shop, but listen, be prepared. He’s a mess. I’ll send him now.”

Before I know it, the cab drops me off at the Darnell’s brownstone and they buzz me in.The minute I’m in the door, Grace and Jasmine come running down…try to help me upstairs, like I’m paralyzed or something.”

“Hey! I’m fine.” I tell them. Just seeing them…smelling their perfume and everything, makes me immediately horny, and they look prettier than ever!

“What happened to you this time, Hunter?” Grace asks. “You’re so banged up…give us the straight scoop. No tall tales.”

As soon as we get in the apartment, we sit facing each other. They’re on the edge of their seats, literally.

“Look, I’m sorry,” I tell them. I wanted to be honest last time, but I was afraid you’d send me back to my fucked-up school.”

Jasmine chimes in. “But they did, obviously!”

I shrug. “Yeah, and I challenged one of the super jocks to a race, but he brought his whole fucking team.”

“What happened?”

“I won, but they tried every trick in the book to fuck me up.”

Jasmine pumps her fist. “Yeah! That’s what I like to hear! Awesome! Right Mom?”

“Yes sir, Mr. Hunter. We’re big fans!”

I’m relieved they’re both happy to see me after I caused more hassle. They definitely have a strange effect on me….both so fucking hot! More like sisters than mom and daughter…and so easygoing…exotic, spicy…can’t think of enough words! Just being near them turns me on like a motherfucker!

I’m still cramped up, so they help me into the kitchen. Give me a big glass of ice water…leave me at the kitchen table, then disappear.

“Hey! Where you going?” I ask.

“Jaz and I are going to fix your bed.” Grace says sweetly. “Nothing like cool, clean sheets.”

“It’s okay. Don’t go to any trouble,” I tell them, without moving a muscle…not that I could do much anyway.

In seconds, they’re shaking me. “Wake up, sleepyhead! Everything’s ready.”

Jaz leads me into her room where the bed’s covered with towels. “Get undressed and lie down,” she says. “We’re gonna give you a sponge bath and massage.”

“Yes!!!!” I whisper. I’m in heaven.

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