Episode 27 – The Morning After
The next morning we’re all up and about in underwear (even Wendy) which is pretty fucking wild.

Stacy and Wendy are super hot…maybe a little bony. I’m addicted to Azalea’s warm cozy body, and we fit together perfectly.

We make toast, coffee and eggs and sit around the kitchen table like family…feels nice…really cool…something I’ve never experienced. I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure we definitely stay tight.
Neal pulls me aside. In boxers, he’s a fucking skeleton, except for his major sirloin swinging back and forth..
“So, how’d it go?” I ask casually, like I’m an experienced stud. Remind myself I only popped my cherry two days ago, but lost count of how many times we’ve fucked, sucked, whatever…
He blushes like crazy. “Good, dude. Really good! It’s total a relief not to be a virgin anymore! I was freaked beforehand, but Wendy’s so hot…everything went really well. God, she’s cool!”
“Sounds like a home run.”
“Yup pretty much. Wendy had to…like…guide me at first, but then then things just happened. I’ve always been afraid girls would think I’m, like, too big or too small…but she didn’t act like it.” He bursts into a grin. “I think she actually got off…I didn’t shoot too quick or anything. Thank god!”
“Yeah, at first, I was worried about that too, but it went fine. No unexpected dick problems occurred. I’m not gigunda like you, but Azalea’s cool about it.”
“Dude, believe me. You have nothing to be ashamed of. In the showers, guys notice you. You’re thick as my fucking arm.”
“Thanks. How many times did you do it?”
“At least three before we passed out. I’m seriously addicted!”
“Was she surprised when you hauled out the wood?”
“Not really. I don’t think she gave a shit as long as I was gentle and relatively normal. I had to be careful…I can be a total klutz, but I didn’t elbow her in the nose or anything.”
I laugh. “That’s definitely a plus! Isn’t having girlfriends cool as shit? Did you guys talk about getting together again?”
“Yeah, it seems like we will. She said she likes being with me, and I definitely like being with her. She’s a fucking dream come true!”
“Is she dating anyone? I kind of got the impression she was popular.”
Neal rolls his eyes. “Yeah. She said she’s been seeing another guy, but she’s gonna dump him. At least that’s what she said.That freaked me a little. The same thing could happen to me. I’m not the smoothest dude around, and I have no idea what I’m up against. The guy could be some lacrosse stud or something. I hope she’s not a nympho.”
“You wore a condom, right?”
“Yeah. That was weird. I didn’t have one, but she had a supply. Is that a bad sign?”
I shrug. “Beats the shit outta me, but she’s such a player, it’s probably a good thing. We use condoms, but I’m not worried. Azalea didn’t have a lot of serious boyfriends before me…if any.”
Neal holds up his hands. “Excuse me! So I’m relegated to nymphos????”
“Fuck you! I wasn’t being an asshole…just stating fact. Azalea isn’t a virgin, but she doesn’t mention any other guys or anything. Maybe she’s just being tactful…jeez, I hope not!”
We’re interrupted by a yell from Azalea. “What are you two kibitzing about. Get over here. We want to see you guys.”
“Yeah!” Wendy agrees.
After breakfast, I’m determined to investigate more of Dad’s stuff. Figure I gotta get the whole picture…the truth and nothing but the truth!
To be continued…read next episode