Episode 26 – Home Sweet Orgy

We get out of the taxi and stretch…I’m s-o-o-o relieved to be home after the upstate ordeal.

“So, dude, what’ll we do now?” Carl asks with a sly glance.

“Come in,” I say with a laugh. “Let’s have a fucking orgy!”

“Now you’re talking,” Carl says, and Stacy’s psyched too…giggles and hugs his arm

“What about me?” Neal asks as we walk up the steps.

I turn to my entourage. “So, who do we call? Is there like a 1-800-pussy or something?”

“I know somebody,” Stacy says. “She’s horny 24/7.”

“Are you serious?” Neal asks. “Is she, like, healthy and everything?”

“Chill, dude,” Carl says. “Medicine’s made great strides.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Stacy explains. “She’s a really nice girl, and she’ll be pleasantly surprised. She usually gets attacked by muscle-bound jocks.”

We enter the empty house and flip on the lights…migrate to the kitchen and grab beers.

“Look,” I tell everybody. “Let’s all double-check…make sure we can do this. We don’t want your folks, or my Dad, or whomever, to get all freaked and bust in while we’re running around naked.”

Stacy’s already clear, but Carl, Neal and I whip out our cells.

“Thank god I don’t have to deal with grown-ups,” Azalea says. “They totally suck!”

I call Dad’s cell. it’s eleven PM, so he’s doing his show and I can leave a message…perfect. “Hi, Dad. As you know, we were up to see the show. At least now I know what you actually do. Didn’t have a clue you had a house up there…not to mention another life. Listen, please stay there tonight, okay? My friends and I want to hang and relax…but don’t worry. We’re not gonna do drugs or drink seriously…just want quality time with our girlfriends. We won’t make a mess, and will clean up after ourselves. See you tomorrow.”

Once that’s done, I feel a lot better. Don’t have to worry about Dad interrupting, but more then that, I want him to know I understand the game he’s playing.
Azalea throws her arms around my neck. “Baby, that was perfect. You have a way with words.”
“Way with words? I just told him the truth.”
“Absolutely,” she whispers, pulling me down on the sofa. We start making out…forgetting everyone else.
Suddenly, we’re jolted to reality by a sharp knock on the door. “Who the fuck is that?” I wonder, jumping up.
Stacy laughs. “You two are so out of it. It’s Wendy! The girl I invited.”
“Holy shit!” Neal exclaims. It’s hitting him the girl’s actually arrived, and he’s gotta perform.
I open the door and an awesome girl’s standing there…tall, sleek, and beautiful….big blue eyes…splash of freckles. I’m stunned.
“Hi!” She says with a shy wave. “Is Stacy here?”
“Yeah, of course. Come in.”
She looks me over, but…no way she’d be interested in a guy with chipmunk cheeks…thankfully I could care less. Azalea’s the girl of my dreams. She’s not a magazine model, but she’s cool, loyal and super sexy!
We join the gang, and Stacy’s all excited to see her. They bullshit a while, then Wendy looks at us. “So, which of these handsome guys is my date. I know it’s not Carl, so it’s gotta be you…or you, she says pointing at Neal and me. I’m happy with either one.”
I’m totally amazed! I’d be acceptable? I can’t believe it!
Stacy introduces Neal and Wendy’s immediately intrigued. Who wouldn’t be? The guy’s a 6′ 5″ string bean with thick black hair…toothy smile…kind of a friendly giant. She looks him over. “Wow! You’re so big!”
I glance at Azalea who’s trying not to laugh. We’re both thinking the same thing. Wendy’s mind’s immediately in the gutter, but fortunately, she won’t be disappointed. Neal’s hung like a fucking mule.
Azalea pulls me toward the stairs, and Carl notices…hoping it’s time to jump in the sack…but Stacy ignores him, obviously wants the blind date to be a winner. So, we sit around getting acquainted, drinking beer. Can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing. A week ago I was an inexperienced nerd, but now I’m almost cool….lost my virginity, got a hot girlfriend, drink beer…holy shit! The world’s gone crazy!
Neal is actually handling himself well…isn’t blabbing much. Undoubtedly, excited as shit, but doesn’t show it. Wendy’s totally scrutinizing him. Things are looking good.
We go through two rounds of beer. Stacy and Carl wander off to points unknown. I’m horny as  crap, but feel like I need to stay and be a good host…but finally Azalea nods toward the door and grabs my hand, whispers: “They’re doing okay.  Let’s give them privacy.”
Azalea leads me to my bedroom…not that I have any objections. Hear moaning and groaning down the hall….obviously Stacy and Carl fucking like rabbits. He’s an unbelievable pussy magnet…lost his virginity at like ten. Even then, girls were begging him to come out and “play.” His white-blond hair…rosy cheeks…were too much for them…plus his dick looks normal, but grows like Pinocchio…ends up, like, nine inches.
Azalea and I get naked in ten seconds. Can’t believe I have no problem standing in front of her with a major bone…and we’re both totally cool…ready to do whatever’s necessary to please each other. Thank god we found Dad’s stash of rubbers. I whip one on and we’re fucking in no time…total sex machines!!!
We keep going ’til we’re drained and pass out. I wake up hours later hungry as shit. Bump into Neal at the downstairs bathroom…no longer a virgin, naked, with his wasted cock hanging to his knees (not really, but looks it). He’s happier than shit, relaxed…and we’re both only fourteen!He and I end up drinking beer in the kitchen, totally naked…Neal’s so fucking happy! Grinning from ear to ear…the talk doesn’t last long. We both get embarrassingly aroused and head back to bed.

To be continued… Read next episode!