Episode 25 – Homeward Bound

Neal’s up front talking to the taxi driver, while and Carl and I are with our honeys in the back…wedged against opposite sides of the back seat making out like fucking crazy! it’s a little bizarre, because there’s like no room, or privacy, and we keep violating each others space with feet and elbows, and with all the moaning and groaning, it’s not a big mystery what’s going on. The four of us are unzipped, unbuttoned, whatever.

All I want to do is lose myself in raunchy sex. As far as I’m concerned, my dad doesn’t fucking exist. I can’t believe he cares about me so little that he has no problem staying away as much as possible. Is he ashamed of me? Am I so fucking ugly that he can’t stand looking at me?

Then, a revelation hits me! Maybe it’s not about me? He’s weird…into stuff I can’t even imagine. Who the fuck would want to dress like a woman and go on dates with gay men…and charge them? It’s totally beyond my comprehension. I want to be with Azalea the rest of my life. She’s fucking awesome, and I don’t need more than that.

Still, it’s a little scary that Dad and I are the same flesh and blood. Do I have his weird genes floating around in me? God, I hope not! I want things to stay just the way they are relationship-wise.

Azalea slides her fingers in my zipper and I totally zone out. Not that she can get far. It’s crowded as shit with my mega-boner blocking the way. “Ooh, Baby,” she whispers, “you are s-o-o-o hard. Gotta keep you like that ’til we get home!”

“That’s a long time,” I whisper. “Let’s just go for it.”

She glances at Carl and Stacy. “Baby, are you crazy? I want to ¬†relax and get comfy…take my time. I could give a shit what they’re doing.”

Based on the sound effects, Carl and Stacy are reaching the point of no return, and when you’re really turned on, you don’t give a shit about anybody else. Suddenly, Carl leans back and gasps…Stacy’s fisting him a mile a minute.

“Damn, I hope he doesn’t spray us,” Azalea says.

Neal’s up front trying to ignore us. It’s gotta be agony listening to the passion with no way to get off.

I’ve gotta hand it to Carl. He’s going totally nuts…and holding back! You gotta jerk off an awful lot to have that kind of control. The shit goes on for, like, twenty minutes, until he screams…like in mortal pain…and sperm’s flying everywhere.

“Man, that’s so gross!” Neal exclaims as we pull up to my house.

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