Episode 23 – Grand Finale!

We’re about to leave the bedroom when Gigi turns to me…choked up. Throws her arms around me. “Caleb, please don’t leave me! I need you!”

It’s totally weird, because all we’ve done is have every kind of kinky sex imaginable….no normal kissing, hugs, whatever…so I’m not sure if I should, like, hug back…worry it might encourage her…then there’d be zero chance of getting back with Willa…not that there is now! Especially, after the crazy phone call, with Gigi constantly interrupting! Willa’s gotta be royally pissed. I mean, I leave her and immediately hook up with a lunatic…not that she knows every detail…but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened. In similar circumstances, I’d definitely go ballistic.

Gigi let’s go and stares at me, waiting for an answer. It’s totally awkward…have no idea what to say. When I don’t say anything, she gets the drift and speaks for me…like a fucking ventriloquist. “Okay, you hate me, right, but you’ll come around. I know you. This is temporary…you really want to apologize.”

“No, Gigi, I don’t hate you, but what we’re doing isn’t normal! You understand that, right?”

She acts confused. “Caleb, don’t you understand? I’ve done worse things. The ring and chain are love tokens to make you beautiful.”

It’s all crap. Can’t wait to get out. No way I want to ruin every future relationship because Gigi’s glued to me…calling, texting…appearing out of nowhere.

I charge downstairs where her mom’s waiting…obviously praying the latest crisis will end…doesn’t say a fucking word. I grab my cell and leave, slamming the door behind me. Thank god!

Outside, it’s a humming Summer night…people, voices, laughter. I totally want to hop a train and go upstate, but my wallet’s in my ditched clothes…and I don’t see any alleys or anywhere to search…nothing’s on the sidewalk. Got no money, ID, nothing! Fuck! Gotta get to Ryan’s and bum enough to get home. Head toward the park. Figure I can find my way to the West Side, but it’s so fucking dark.

As I’m walking, decide to call Willa…she actually answers…a miracle.

“Caleb, I’m not talking to you anymore!” She says angrily. “Stop calling!”

I go to damage control. “Listen,” I whine (God, I hate myself), “I don’t blame you. You’re totally right, but the other girl’s a fucking stalker…really!”

“She forced you to strip?”

“No. That was wrong. I fucked up, but her mom showed up, and now it’s over for good!”

“Caleb, I don’t care. We had a wonderful time…then you immediately left and hooked up with someone else. You’re a sex addict!”

“Maybe….but I still love you.”

She groans. “Caleb, please! You think I’m stupid? I’d n-e-v-e-r stay with a boy who cheats!”

“Willa, I’m so sorry. Can you give me another chance?”

“No! Goodbye!”

“Willa???” Fuck! She’s gone, and I’m in the gloomy park with no idea where I am, and the giant flip-flops are a fucking pain…finally toss ’em in the bushes. Feels good to have grass under my feet…almost like upstate. I’m definitely homesick. My city trip is ending in disaster. Gotta get rid of the dick chain…it’s uncomfortable as shit!

As I hurry along, I take pride in the fact that I’m no longer a virgin…one accomplishment at least. Maybe I am a sex addict??? As long as I remember, I’ve been eager to stick my dick in anything from knot holes to bottles. Is that abnormal?

I end up in a maze of twisting trails above the lake. A sign says “The Ramble.” It’s like real woods with rocks, streams…steep up and down. Feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere. Pride myself on my sense of direction, but it’s like I’m walking in circles. At intersecting paths, I nearly collide with an older guy…apologize and move on, but he falls in behind….kind of spooky, and I’m not digging it.

“Are you lost?” He asks. Comes up next to me. Looks innocuous…chinos, tee shirt, baseball cap pulled down, but I’m cautious. Remember stories about muggers and perverts, but figure my imagination is going crazy. Still, I sense he’s, like, curious…examining me, but I ignore him. Don’t want to make eye contact…maybe encourage him, whatever…

“You look lost,” he says. “A young kid wandering at night catches your eye. Where you headed?”

I don’t want to talk, but I’m not used to being rude, so I tell him West 73rd.

“Come on. That’s not far,” he says as his fingers touch my back. It’s creepy, but the sooner I get outta the park the better.

“You’re a cute kid,” he says off-handedly. “How old are you? Twelve, thirteen?”

“Fifteen.” Figure being older’ll turn him off, but it has the opposite effect.

“Wow!” he says, “I never would have guessed. You looking for action?”

I glare at him. “No fucking way! I just want to get to my friend’s apartment.”

His eyes widen. “Okay, but be careful. Hustlers hang in The Ramble. The way you were wandering around, I thought you were definitely looking for action.”

I clam up. Consider running away, but not sure where to go. Could end up right back with the perve. “Look, just point me in the right direction,” I tell him.

He looks around. “Kid, we’re all alone. There’s nobody around. I’ll give you twenty-five bucks for a look at your dick. You hung?”

I freeze. My mind’s racing. We’re, like, all alone and two things hit me…I seriously need money, and I’m always ready to get off…always! The fucker’d probably love my ring…though the chain’s kind of extreme, but it’s a guy…not my thing…plus the thought of his old hand on my cock is a major turn-off.

“No, it’s okay,” I tell him.

“You drive a hard bargain. Fifty bucks and a blow job. I’m an expert.”

I shake my head, but it’s tempting. How bad can it be?

“Look,” he says. “Just tell me how big you are. I love kids with huge dicks.”

I’ve had enough…start running as fast as I can. Don’t know where the fuck I’m going, but gotta get as far from the guy as possible. He could have a knife or something!

“Wait!” He yells, but the adrenaline’s pumping and I’m flying, chain or no chain. Figure I’ll lose the guy easy, but the trails go every which way, and some are dead ends. I end up on a curving path by the lake…inky water sparkling with lights. Come to a bridge that looks like it leads in the right direction….road ahead with a few joggers. Whew!

I’m a few steps from the bridge when a branch snaps and I look up to see the perve leaping from the bushes. Holy shit! Grabs me in his arms and we go down hard on the pavement. I’m dazed…feel him groping me. Fuck! Kick wildly and scream at the top of my lungs. The guy’s like dead weight on me…I manage a few good shots. Keep screaming…hear people running toward us.

The perve jumps up and takes off. Thank god…a close fucking call! I get up slowly…pretty banged up. People ask if I’m okay, and I just say, “yeah, fine.” It’s embarrassing as shit, especially in my screwy outfit! Don’t want any more attention. One guy’s right in my face…wants me to call the police, but I stumble off as best I can. Finally, make it to Ryan’s place…he’s relieved to see me. Hadn’t a fucking clue where I was.

“Shit, dude,” he says. “It’s 11:00. I thought the city swallowed you up.”

I flop in a chair…recount my whole saga…Willa, Gigi, Gigi’s mom, and getting molested.

“Jesus, dude,” he exclaims, “trouble follows you everywhere!”

“Tell me about it! My baby face is a magnet for weirdos!”

Ryan shrugs. “Could be, dude.”

Ask Ryan for pliers, then head to the bathroom and clip off the fucking chain. Thank god! No way I want more weight stretching my linguine. What a fucking relief!

Take a quick shower and retreat to my room. Pull on cargoes and a tee shirt…feel like a million dollars…maybe a billion! I’m totally commando which is awesome. Nothing like feeling your junk swinging free!

I’m hyper after the insanity of the last couple of days, so Ryan and I drain a couple beers…feel a little better, but still a fucking basket case. Tell Ryan I’m heading home in the morning. New York City and I don’t mix…makes me fucking crazy.

He nods. “After all the shit that happened, I don’t blame you.”

I figure he really wants to be alone with Nicole. She’s loves to fuck, but Gigi’s her friend, so the apartment’s a no-fly zone for me. “Hey, dude,” I tell him. “Don’t expose your dick if Gigi’s around. She’s got warped ideas.”

“I hear you,” he says crushing the beer can in his hands. “You want another?”

“No thanks, dude. I need to chill.”

In bed, I run the events of the Summer through my head. Realize I’m lucky to escape in one piece. Not sure what Gigi’s done to other guys…lucky I didn’t get seriously mutilated, and thankfully avoided STD’s. I reach under the covers and feel the ring. Never thought I’d be going home with anything so weird…it’s a whole new thing…definitely less linguine-like!

The next morning, Ryan lends me money and I hurry to Grand Central. After everything that’s happened, I assumed he’d consider me a total fuck-up, but he doesn’t…seems to value my friendship more than ever. “Just think, dude, when we get to school, the ring’ll make you an instant celebrity, especially because a girl slipped it in. You’ll be a legend. We can charge admission and make serious bucks.” I give him the finger.

At Grand Central, I look up at the train schedule…have ten minutes to make my train. Sprint to my track and make it, no problem. The car’s not that crowded, so I make my way up the aisle looking for an empty seat. Notice a blond head up front and can’t resist checking it out, but as I get closer, I walk slower and slower. It looks exactly like Willa. Suddenly, she turns and looks right at me. I freeze. It is Willa! My jaw drops and I stand there like a fucking idiot.

“So,” she says blankly, “you’re leaving too?”

“Uh huh. The city was totally out of my league…no worries, I’ll find another seat.”

“It’s okay,” she says. “Sit. The train’s leaving.”

It’s a double seat and I sit facing her, but she immediately whips out her cell…totally ignores me. Texts her friends for, like, an hour and my heart sinks lower and lower. Finally, before her stop, she turns to me. “Caleb, why did you treat me like shit?”

Heads turn to us.

“Yeah…I know,” I mumble. “Being with you was the best thing that ever happened, and I totally blew it. I was too fucking horny for my own good.”

She flushes angrily. “So what’s changed? You’re unreliable.”

“I think I’m partially cured. I got pierced by that psycho and molested in the park.”

“Molested? When?”

“Last night coming home. A big guy jumped me.”

“Are you okay?”

I show her my scraped knees. “I’ll live, but it made me realize I’ve gotta be smarter, and not act on impulse. Until lately, it never occurred to me that hook-ups can be super dangerous and you gotta choose a partner you can trust.”

“That’s why I’m finished with you. You’re cute and I like your ring, but nobody can change overnight.”

The conductor announces Willa’s stop…I lift her backpack down…feel really sad I fucked up so bad. At school, I’m respected…treat people decently. What got into me? Can’t believe I’m a total fuck-up with girls!

As Willa stands, I tell her I’ll text her, but she tells me not to bother….walks to the door…waits. I watch. Hope she’ll turn and smile, but she doesn’t. Fuck!!!

The End