Episode 35 – Encounters

Jewel and I have a good run, but don’t say much. She’s totally fucking hot, but it’s frustrating because she’s still obsessed with Jason! Plus, the whole thing about my dick is weird. I mean, over the years, I’ve examined it from every angle, compared it to guys on the web, and it’s definitely respectable…top quartile. Okay, maybe not a horse cock, but I could have a growth spurt? Why isn’t she interested?

The whole situation’s really confusing. She loves to screw with my head. After the run, she gives me a sizzling kiss and tells me to trust her (?)…that she’ll talk to Jason, but I’m not holding my breath…not anymore…especially after the whole day in the country followed by…what? Nothing. She was back with Jason the next day. Normally, I’d be more receptive, but after meeting Jasmine and Grace, I know romance is in my future, and the sooner I get back there, the better.

Still…can’t fathom Jewel’s addiction to Jason! With his super-long hair, bracelets and shit, he looks like a fucking transsexual. Maybe that’s her thing? Maybe she’s just not into well-endowed, baby-faced guys.

Our reunion’s a big letdown…I’m frustrated, backed up, whatever. We split, and I head for the nearest rest room, but inside, suddenly realize it’s a bad move. I’ve heard about gay meeting places, but it didn’t occur to me a park toilet would be a hot spot. The place is crowded…a bunch of guys check me out and say hi. What is this? Gay pride week? I’m freaked…figure they’re not going to rape me or anything (at least I hope not), but decide it makes more sense to jerk off in the privacy of my own room. Sprint away as quick as I can.

As I walk home, realize my self-perception is totally off base. For years, I assumed I was gay, because I was hung up on clothes and dicks, but aesthetically, or whatever, the thought of going to bed with a guy definitely is not my thing….maybe I liked the gay idea, because I hated macho jocks, but after my experiences of the last couple of weeks…getting acquainted with Pearl, Grace and Jasmine, my idea of a sex partner has done a complete 180.

I still love clothes, but away from school and the store, it’s feels good to pull on whatever’s in reach…plain tee, jeans and grungy sneaks. It’s fucking effortless, and it’s cool to act like a guy and show off. I’m in great shape…tight stuff looks good. I want girls observing my contours.

I round the corner and almost collide with Max. Christ! He makes a face like he smells dog shit. “What a fucking treat!” He grumbles.

Usually I scurry off, but not this time. “Hey, wait!’ I yell. Don’t you think your act is getting fucking old?”

He turns, red-faced, royally pissed. “What’d you say faggot?”

I don’t back off. “What is your fucking problem?” I ask. “You don’t know me for shit.”

“You’re wrong. Everybody knows you’re a fucking asshole!”

For the first time, I feel serious rage boiling up. “Oh…and you’re not? That’s a laugh.”

He turns beet red. “Why you little sack of shit!”

Rack my brain to come up with something that nails him in the gut. “Max,” I tell him. “If you didn’t play sports, you’d be suspended forever. You’re fucking worthless.”

Max goes crazy…tries to grab me…but I leap out of range. He glares at me…steaming. “I guess you’re happy the way things turned out,” he snarls. “You act like a fairy, then scream for help if anybody touches you.”

“You’re wrong!” I exclaim. “I never do that, but I’m gonna prove to everybody you’re just a big fucking ox. How about a race? Tomorrow after school, five miles.”

“Five miles?” His eyes widen.

“Yeah. Is that too much? Or are you only good at beating up kids ten feet away.”

He sneers.”Three miles and you’ve got a deal.”

“Fine with me.”

“Where do you want to get slaughtered? I’m suspended, so we can’t use the track.”

I point to the Hudson. “Right over there, 79th and Riverside, 4:30.”

“You’re on, little lady…don’t chicken out.” He clucks like a chicken.

“Good imitation,” I say. “You’ve definitely got chicken in your blood.”

To be continued…Read next episode!