Episode 34 – Jogging with Jewel

I sprint to my rendezvous with Jewel…not really sure what’s going on with her. Over the phone, she sounded freaked by my absence, dying to see me…but she definitely sends mixed messages. It was that way when we went to Connecticut. I was convinced we were there to hook up, but she left me hanging (literally)….so, I’m not sure what to think.

I see her from a distance watching anxiously…waves the minute she picks me out of the crowd. As I get closer, I try to read her face. Is it a go…or what?

“Hi,” I say cheerily.

She jumps into my arms, nearly knocks me over…definitely a promising sign.

“Oh my god, Hunter!” She cries. “I was so worried. On TV, there were so many rumors…that you jumped in the river and drowned…or got killed by thieves in the park. They even showed your backpack.”

“I had to get away. I was fed up with the Griffin bullshit!”

“Why didn’t you call somebody?”

“I wanted to torment the fucking school. They’ve screwed me a million times…no way I wanted to let them off the hook.”

Jewel’s eyes widen. “I didn’t know you could get so angry.”

“Hell, yes! Some things piss the shit out of me! The fucking bullies threw food all over the clothes we bought! Ruined them for good!”

“You could’ve called me.”

“Jewel, you’ve got Jason…I didn’t want to bother you.”

I study her face, but can’t tell a thing. Figure I’ve got a right to know where I stand. The same as before…or what? “So…how’s everything with you two anyway?”

She rolls her eyes. “Same as usual.”

“Nothing new? No progress?”

She shakes her head. I’m confused. Why’s she so concerned about me? Are we friends, acquaintances, what? She’s a total mystery. Haven’t read her right from the get-go. Seemed like she was flirting big time, but when I flashed her, she totally put on the brakes….even though my boner looked pretty decent.

“Are you like born again or something?” I ask

She laughs. “NO! Why in the world would you ask that?”

I shrug. “I dunno. I just can’t fathom why you freaked in Connecticut…figured maybe you were saving yourself for marriage or something. We traveled all the way up there…were having a super time….totally cozy and private. Any guy would assume it was hook-up time…”

“Hunter! That’s not fair. I didn’t freak! I explained everything. When I lose my virginity, I want it to be really romantic…with someone I totally trust.”

Figure I might as well go for the jugular. “But it’s like you’re scared of hooking up….with anybody.”

Her eyes narrow. “Hunter, that’s so mean!”

“I’m just being honest. You don’t trust me. You don’t trust Jason. Who do you trust? Anybody?”

“Hunter, I don’t really know you!”

“How can you get to know me, if you stay with Jason?”

Her face scrunches in anguish. “I’m trying to move on, but it’s hard! I’ve known him forever, and don’t want to hurt him.”

“Sounds like he’s hurting you more than vice-versa. Breaking up’s gotta be a bitch…not that I know shit about it, but you can’t stay miserable forever.”

“Well, I want to find the right moment…explain everything to him. I owe him that. He needs to know he can’t keep juggling me. Sometimes I think he really cares, but then he finds substitute girls so easily. It’s confusing. At some point, he needs to make a commitment…and I hope it’s to me.”

“I hope you’re right…but I wouldn’t count on it. He seems like a flake.”

Her eyes get teary. “I’m so confused.”

I realize there’s no point rehashing the same shit over and over. “So, shall we run?” I ask.

“Okay,” she sniffles. “Thanks for being so understanding.”

I think: me understanding? My biggest concern is when to whip out my dick again.

To be continued…Read next episode!