Episode 20 – After School

The rest of the day is a blur. I’m so intent on not falling behind, I skip lunch to do assignments…spend every extra minute working in the library. Piss everybody off by staying an hour after classes. I’m determined to leave lots of free time to hook up….I’m addicted!

They’re all hyper…wanna take off…me too, but I don’t want to start the weekend worrying about anything. The only thing left’s a Math quiz, but the teacher’s letting me make it up Monday.

At 4:30, They’re all fed up. “Okay!” Azalea cries. “Enough already! We’ve all been really patient, but it’s getting crazy!” She leans over and whispers in my ear. “if I’d known you were a workaholic, I never would have fucked you!”

She definitely makes her point. “Okay, I’m done! You’d really dump me, because I don’t want to flunk out?”

She lets out a belly laugh. “Gus, no way you’d ever flunk out, but I’m gonna have serious doubts if you don’t end this shit and join us.”

I throw my stuff in my locker and we head out arm in arm.

“Listen, Gussy,” she says. “I gave you valuable tips on seducing women, but they’re not worth shit if you don’t practice every chance you get, and I’m your guinea pig. It’s Friday, so I want you to be in rare form by Monday. We’ve got lots to practice…don’t want our love juices backed up. That’s a serious condition!”

“Sounds great!” I say, and we go outside where Neal and Carl, and a cute sophomore, Stacy Green, are shooting the shit.

“Hey, everybody!” Azalea announces. “If you’re up for, I have a major plan!”

We all face her…deer in the headlights. “What???”

“We’re leaving for Albany to see a show!”

Everybody stares at her like she’s suggested a trip to the moon.

She scans our confused faces. “What? It’s just fucking Albany. An hour on the bus. Tell your parents we’re going to the movies. Just don’t say where.”

Neal, Carl and Stacy make calls and, to my surprise, they’re all in. I never thought Stacy’d tag along with freshman, but she can’t take her eyes off Carl. She’s hooked his arm and hanging on every word. He’s definitely making a comeback.

“You feeling better, dude?” I ask.

He gives me a sly smile. “Yeah, definitely!”

I have no idea how to get to Albany, but Azalea leads us to the bus stop, and like magic, the bus pulls up.

As we pile on, I suddenly freeze. Check my wallet…I’ve only got three bucks. Fuck!

But, no worries, Neal and Stacy have cash and plastic…offer to finance the trip if we pay them back.

“Hell, yes,” Azalea says. “All we have to cover’s bus fare. We’re going to see Gus’s dad’s show, and probably’ll get in free!”

“What are you talking about?” I ask when we’re in our seats. “They’ll never let kids into his kinky show.”

“Gus, relax. I’ll talk them into it. I’ve got fake ID,” and she pulls out an old worn license with a picture of a lady who looks fifty easy.

“Azalea,” I exclaim. “That doesn’t look anything like you!”

“Gus, what are you taking about? That’s my aunt. of course she looks like me.”

“Yeah, if you fast-forward like forty years.”

“Baby, just stick with me. It works every time.”

“Whatever. That may work for you, but what about the rest of us?”

“No sweat,” she says. “You guys are all tall. It’ll be easy to convince them you’re eighteen, plus the star’s your dad. They have to let in family, right?”

“No necessarily. Look at my fucking baby cheeks…and we don’t know the name of the place.”

“Gussy, baby cheeks don’t mean shit. You’re tall and hung like a stallion. With that bulge, they’ll think you’re looking for action.”

“With my Dad??? That”s disgusting!”

“No, baby! Lots of horny folks hang around places like that. It’s The Red Cherry, remember?”

“That’s not right. It’s sort of like that…cherry something, What’ll we do if we can’t remember?”

Azalea laughs. “Do you even know what a cherry is?”

“Not so fucking loud,” I whisper. Figure it’s gotta be something obscene.

“Gussy, it’s the little rosebud between my legs. The one you’ve been taking such good care of. You remember, right…or are you going senile?”

I slide lower in my seat. “Of course I remember.”

Neal’s listening in as usual. “Don’t you know the name of the place we’re going?”

“It’s the cherry something,” I reply. Then it comes to me, “The Cherry Pit!”

“What kind of theater is that?” He asks, and I wonder what the fuck we’re doing. if word gets out Dad’s a transvestite, I’ll be the laughing stock of the whole school.

“This is a bad idea,” I tell Azalea. “Let’s just go to a movie.”

But we’re already fucked! Neal’s looked up The Cherry Pit on Google and he’s leaning over the seat, hysterical. “This is a fucking joke, right? The Cherry Pit is for sex shows. What’s your father, a nudist insurance agent?”

I whisper to Azalea. “I wish.”

To be continued… Read next episode!