Episode 16 – Full Recovery

I lie on Dad’s bed, totally depressed. Azalea shakes my bare leg.

“What?” I mumble. Can’t face the world, knowing Dad’s a perve…or whatever.

“Look!” She cries joyously.

I’m on my stomach. “What? Just tell me.”

“No. You have to look.”

I roll over and she waves a handful of condoms at me. “Ta dah!!!”

I sit up. “Where’d you get those?”

“The drawer, there’s a huge box of them!”

I feel inundated with weirdness. “Why would Dad need a zillion condoms?”

“Gus, you’re s-o-o-o thick! Read the flyer again…slowly.”

“Maude…the gay man’s dream…she’ll do anything.” I suppose it’d be obvious to a normal person, but I can’t fathom it…am I naive or what??? Don’t know any gay kids, never been molested, nothing. The closest I’ve come is, like, showing my dick to a friend, but that’s it. The whole concept isn’t something I know shit about. It just doesn’t seem logical that Mom and Dad had me, but Dad really prefers men??? I’m not even sure how gay people fuck…I mean I’ve heard kids talk about butt fucking and blow jobs, but how could anybody, who’s seen a sexy girl, stick their cock where the sun doesn’t shine?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a bigot or anything. The concept is just totally foreign to me…like believing in aliens. I mean how could a skinny chipmunk (me), who’s grateful to have a normal dick, and a girl who loves him, ditch it all???? It’s totally mind-boggling.

Azalea shakes my arm. “Earth to Gus…where are you?”

“Just thinking. It’s all so fucking confusing. I didn’t have a clue about any of this.”

“Gussy, I’m not surprised. You’re a trusting kid.” She grabs my hand and pulls me up. “Come on, Baby. You need distraction. Let’s put those rubbers to good use. We could go through the whole box in a week!”

I look into her eyes. She’s larger than life….so damned comforting! I can’t wait to get back to my room and snuggle with her…feel her big, sensual arms around me…velvety skin against me…legs tangled. It hits me I can’t rely on anybody but her. She’s my family. Dad obviously lied about everything…even wonder about Mom. Did she agree to all the shit he was doing? The whole thing seems crazy!

We get to my room and Azalea falls back on the bed…pulls me with her. There’s a sharp crack as the frame gives way beneath us, but I could give a shit! We lie still for a second, savoring the closeness, then she slithers down and sucks until I’ve got the boner to end all boners…examines her handiwork. “Gussy, you’re definitely ready for step two.” Flourishes a packaged condom, tears the foil, and rolls it down my bone…even adds a couple strokes to be sure it’s nice and snug.

“How’s that, Baby?” She asks with a giggle. “You sure don’t look like a baby with that big, nasty thing!”

“Feels fine,” I gasp. Tell her to lie down…start massaging her pussy like she taught me.

“Oh, Gussy!” She gasps. “That feels wonderful!”

In the excitement, all my worries and emptiness fade away, and it’s just me and Azalea making love…like there’s been an apocalypse and we’re the only people left on Earth.

Gently, she pushes my head away. “Sweetie, I’m ready for the main event.” Holds my bone…guides it across the finish line, and immediately, her cock pocket grabs me tight…makes me swell more if that’s possible. “Ooooo! I feel every inch of your sirloin!” She squeals, as slowly, automatically, I begin to hump…faster and faster until I’m panting. “Easy, Baby,” she says. “Long and slow….long and slow.”

I do my best, but I’m so friggin’ excited, my body’s out of control…my mind’s blown. Can’t believe it’s the first fuck of my whole life!!!! Thank god I jerk off a lot…got enough calluses so I don’t shoot too fast.

“Ride high, Baby,” Azalea gasps. “Ride high….bend that meat over my cherry!”

I kind of get it…push up on my arms…determined to convince her I’m the greatest lover in history….then she’d never dump me, right? After the revelations about Dad…don’t think my heart could take another letdown.

Suddenly, Azalea starts whimpering and grinding, and I’m fired up…suddenly lose it. Try to hold back…then…all at once, I’m flopping around like my finger’s in a light socket. Feel my juice squirting into her…the condom to be exact…then collapse in her arms.

She gives me a humongous hug. “Gussy, I hit the jackpot with you! You’re a love machine!” And I feel s-o-o-o happy…in spite of a chipmunk face and skeletal body…she really likes me!!!!

We lie motionless, totally drained…doze…wake up and do it again, just as good, then zonk completely.

To be continued…Read next episode!