Episode 31 – Morning Laundry

The next morning, the slish-slosh of the washing machine wakes me. Grace is close by, sorting clothes. She looks up. “You’re awake.”

“Yeah, I croak. “What time is it?”

“Eleven. You slept a long time.”

I’m on my back. Glance down to be sure nothing’s showing, but holy shit, it is…big time. Quickly roll on my side. “Thanks for letting me crash here,” I say to divert attention.

She laughs. “It’s the first time we’ve had a boy overnight. You made quite an impression on Jaz.”

“Seriously?” I’m wondering what Jasmine told her mom??? Decide to subtly probe for the whole scoop. “Jeez, I was zonked when I got back…hardly remember anything.”

“You fell asleep after she made tea.”

“Oh, I did? That was pretty thoughtless. I was running in a wild thunderstorm…so glad to get back.”

She smiles, pushes the hair out of her eyes….tucks it gently behind her ear. “Your clothes are dry and folded. I added some softener.”

“Jeez, thanks. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I’m happy to. You’ve won us over.”

“I have?” Figured she was pissed at me for jogging so late and coming back soaked.

“Yes, definitely. Jaz talked about you non-stop at breakfast. She thinks you’re one of the handsomest boys she’s ever seen.”

I roll my eyes. “No way.”

“Yes, and I agree. You’re charming.” She stands over me, hands on her hips. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you want. Will you be here tonight?”
Her eyes are, like, lasering into me. I get the definite impression Grace and Jaz are horny as shit….both smokin’ hot..and there’s definitely a family resemblance. Pearl and Grace are a lot alike…long hair, big dark eyes and incredibly sensual lips…dynamite bodies! Grace isn’t as slim as her daughters, but nice…really nice!

I’d love to tell her I’ll stay every night, but figure I better hedge my bet. Not sure what’s gonna happen with the police looking for me. “I’m not totally sure,” I tell her. “Hope I’ll be over, but I have cousins I hang with occasionally. Gotta be sure they’re not expecting me, but jeez I love you guys. You’re great!”

“It’s a compliment to have such an attractive guest. You might be interested to know I work at The Tux Club where big shots come to see beautiful girls. I’ve worked there on and off almost twenty years, and take it from me, you’re one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met…Jasmine and I couldn’t help gossiping.”

She flashes a sly smile. “I hear you have an amazing body.”

It’s a surreal moment. I’m sort of pissed with Jasmine for gossiping…but flattered too. It’s like the moment I pass from boy to man. A grown woman’s coming on to me…and, if I play it right, I’m moments away from getting laid…ditching my virginity…but…sex with Jasmine and Pearl’s mom???? They could get totally freaked…maybe blow my chances all the way around. Fuck, I’m s-o-o-o torn. It sends a bad message to jump in the sack with whoever’s within range. Am I that kind of guy? Methinks not. Gotta remember I have a job…responsibilities. What would Pearl and her father think if I nailed Grace…damn! That’d be extreme. I’d definitely wear out my welcome!

Thankfully…we get interrupted. Grace’s cell rings. “My goodness, who can that be?”

“Hello…good morning sweetheart (not sure which sweetheart?). Oh my! Of course. I’ll send him to the store right away!”

Her expression changes. “They want you at the store immediately! Some emergency! Quick! Get dressed!” She doesn’t move.

I hesitate…hide under the sheet.

“Oh, come on,” she says. “Don’t be shy. I want to see what Jasmine’s excited about.”

I figure, fuck it…whip the sheet aside. She whistles softly. “My girl was right. Very, very nice!”

To be continued…Read next episode!