Episode 30 – Guest Privileges

I charge up the stairs and almost collide with Jasmine. “Jeez, sorry!” I say, as she launches into me.

“Hunter, where have you been?! You’ve been gone a long time…and look at you! You’re soaked. What were you doing out in that storm?”

“Just running. It was fucking wicked. Hope you didn’t stay up for me???”

“Of course I did.” She’s glaring at me…seriously freaked…which I can’t quite figure since she just met me. It’s like they’ve adopted me or something??? Not really a bad thing…until she starts giving orders. “Get out of those wet clothes! I can’t believe you stayed out there! You’ll catch pneumonia.”

She takes my hand and leads me back to the guest room. Hands me a robe. “Throw everything in the dryer and meet me in the kitchen. I’ll make hot tea.”

I shut the door and literally peel off my wet clothes…they’re stuck to me like skin. I’m fucking drenched…not a dry square inch. Toss ’em in the dryer as instructed. Glance down at my junk which is wet and shrivelled…making a fast recovery. I’ve heard changes in temperature cause erections and I’m seeing it first hand, but I’m totally whipped, stretch out on the bed…just for a second.

Somebody’s shaking me. My eyes pop open and Jasmine’s staring at me, holding a cup of tea. I sit up…Fuck! I’m still buck naked, but she pushes me back down. “Relax! It’s not like iIve never seen a boy before.” She settles next to me. Holds out the cup. “Wanna sip?”

I grab for the robe, but she slaps my hand. “Hunter, what do you think you’re doing? Depriving me of a sexy view?”

“Jeez, Jasmine,” I say. “What if your mom comes in?”

She laughs. She’d probably want a look too. We both think you’re adorable, and she hasn’t seen the full picture.” Waves her hand over my chest and crotch. “I had a feeling you were hiding something good.”

I’m confused. She just sits staring…doesn’t try to kiss or anything…no signal one way or the the other. “Listen,” I say. “You’re awesomely beautiful, but I’m totally whipped. You don’t want to make out with a zombie, right?”

She laughs. “I don’t want to make out at all…just like checking you out. I’ve already got a boyfriend.”

My heart sinks. “Oh,” I mumble, more confused than ever.

She slides her hand over my chest and abs. Winks at me. “If I wasn’t taken, I’d definitely want a test drive.” She glances at my dick which is embarrassingly stiff. “You don’t mind a girl staring do you? You’re nice all over.”

I shrug. “No. It’s okay. Your boyfriend’s a lucky guy.”

“Hunter, you’re very sweet,” she says handing me the tea.

She gets up and slides out the door. “Good night, honey bun. Are you okay? That thing of yours looks awfully excited.”

“I’ll live.”

To be continued…Read next episode!