Episode 14 – Home Sweet Home

As my house looms closer…I’m feeling down. Wish Dad wasn’t home so Azalea and I could live together like at her place. If Dad’s around, I’ll have to act like a kid again.

I stop, turn to Azalea. “Look, you gotta understand…my dad’s unpredictable. Sometimes he’s great…really understanding, but when he’s tired and pissed him off, he goes fucking nuts…I’m not sure how he’ll react to you and me.”

“Is he prejudiced?”

I shake my head. “No, no…not at all, but certain things get him going….like if I do something that fucks up his routine…like showing up naked…with a girlfriend.

I squeeze Azalea’s hand. “Here goes nothing.” Take her to the side door between the house and garage. The garage door’s down which gives me a glimmer of hope.

“This place is a mansion!” She exclaims.

I look up at the monstrous Victorian house. Can’t help thinking: yeah, size-wise, but I’d give anything to be back at her little house…living like we did before her father showed up.

I try the knob…it’s locked. What a fucking relief! “He’s not here. Thank you god!”

I retrieve the spare key from under the cement toad by the door, unlock the door and tiptoe in…fingers crossed. Hope I haven’t jumped the gun. “Dad?” I call, but there’s no answer. “Dad?” Still nothing.

We both let out a cheer. Give each other excited hugs. We’re safe…clothes within reach, but in no rush to get dressed. Our priorities are: get warm (I rev up the thermostat), food (we raid the fridge), and sex (we bring plates to my bedroom).

The minute I realized Dad wasn’t home, my dick started swelling….and now it’s a big, itchy, spring-loaded boner. Azalea can’t even get her fingers around it, “Gus, when I first saw that skinny body and baby face, I had no idea you were hiding a sirloin steak. That thing is s-o-o-o big and nasty!”

“Thanks,” I say proudly. “It’s not down to my knees…but it’s passable.”

“Baby, you’re kidding, right? You’d want it down to your knees? Long distance sex doesn’t appeal to me! No way…no how. You’re just right!” She laughs wickedly.

I love her s-o-o-o much! We nibble food. Look around my room. “So this is where you grew up?” She asks.

“Yup.” Can’t believe I’m in my bed with a girl, surrounded by my stuff…children’s books (handed down for generations)…Star Wars models…beat-up stuffed animals…soccer posters…my old desk and computer…all now ancient history.

I slide my hands over Azalea’s sumptuous body. It blows me away…big time! Then, without coaching, I slip my bone into her warm, welcoming flesh. We fit just fine. A shiver of excitement shoots through me. Everything’s working out. All my worries haven’t amounted to much. I don’t gross her out. My dick’s acceptable, and most important of all, we care about each other. Azalea’s not like anybody I’ve seen on the web, in magazines, anywhere. She’s totally free and authentic, and so awesomely opulent…endless ebony …a continent of hotness!

She pulls me close. Pillows me between her breasts…engulfs me in velvet skin. Feel my bone reaching deep into her hotness…the crown pulsing with sensations. She groans.

Suddenly, her eyes pop open. “Baby, we’ve got a problem!”

I feel so good, it doesn’t register. “What?”

“Unless you’ve got a condom, we’re in big trouble.”

“But…I haven’t come or anything.”

She laughs. “You will, Gussy. Your meat is ready to burst.”

“Maybe…” I stop thrusting.

“No maybes. Pull out, Gussy. Does your dad have condoms? We gotta finish this right.”

We stare at each other. I shrug. “Beats the shit out of me.”

“Baby, let’s go treasure hunting.”

I withdraw my dick…glistening red from end to end. Grab Azalea’s hand. “Follow me.”

Azalea stops me at the stairs. “Baby, Are you thirsty? I gotta have a beer!”

We detour to the kitchen and I open the fridge. “Bud Light or Amstel Light?”

Behind me, Azalea says: “What’s this?”

I turn to find her waving a note.

My heart sinks. “Oh, fuck!” Snatch it from her. It’s not good:

“Corny: Where in god’s name are you???? The school’s been calling all day. This behavior is not like you. I’m very worried!!!! I’ve left ten messages on your cell without a reply and I’m about to call the police. Call me the minute you get home! I thought you were with a classmate. You better be home when I get there. Are you okay? What’s going on? Love, Dad”

Holy mackerel. I’m fucked!

To be continued…Read next episode!