Episode 28 – Getting Acquainted

I’m sitting speechless…Grace and Jasmine staring. What would they do if they knew the police are chasing yours truly? Inevitably, they’ll see a snapshot. Fuck! Not sure whether to take off or what…gotta think.

Instantly, jump up. Grace and Jasmine are startled. “Can I…uh…be impolite?” I ask.

Grace’s brow wrinkles. “What is it, Hunter? Is it something we said?”

“No, no, no,” I assure them. “I always run in the evening….for like thirty minutes…is that okay?”

“Sure, but it’s after eleven,” Grace says. “Not the best time to be out…stay away from the park.” Turns to Jasmine. “What’s the weather forecast, Baby?”

‘”Showers…then it’s supposed to cool off.”

“Baby, show Hunter his bed and where the bathroom is.”

Jasmine floats demurely from the room….she’s so fucking hot! We walk down the hall, and she casually points to a door. “That’s the bathroom.” I peek in. It’s compact…little sink, toilet and shower all close together, but spotless. She laughs…a twinkle in her eye.

I face her. “What?”

“Nothing, You’re funny.” Summons me with her finger. “This way to your room.”

“Why am I funny?”

“You just are…so proper. I’m not used to boys like you.”

She pushes open the door to a cluttered room with a stacked washer-dryer….small single bed in one corner…wooden chair. The rest of the room’s filled with boxes and storage cabinets.

“Voila!” She says. Laughs.”The lap of luxury.”

It’s not what I expected, but better than nothing…toss my bag on the bed. “Thanks,” I say, “this is fine.”

“Where do you go to school?” She asks. “You sound really educated…like you’re not from the city.”

“I don’t go….dropped out.”

“Oh!” She flops down on the bed. “Sit and talk a minute.”

“I really have to change,” I explain.

“Go ahead. I’m not shy.”

I give her a questioning look. Jasmine’s sarcastic…hard to read her.

She shakes her head. “Don’t act so serious…I’m kidding! I’ve got to admit, you’re s-o-o-o-o totally different than I expected. When Pearl said an orphan, we thought you’d be a street kid, but you’re definitely not!” She pushes her straightened hair out of her eyes. Hooks it behind her ear…slowly gets up. “See ya later.”

“Thanks for showing me around.”

She winks. “My pleasure, Hunter.”

I peel off my store clothes. Not sure what to do about my tighty-whities. They’re disgusting. Figure I’ll go commando. Have to pick up more tomorrow. Pull on my Mets tee and running shorts…pretty skimpy with a stripes on the side. Not ideal for commando purposes. Suddenly remember I’ve got no sneakers…left them at the store. Figure fuck it! I’ll go barefoot. As I walk past Jasmine’s door, she calls “Hey!” and I poke my head in. Her room’s cozy and girly…pink…stuffed animals everywhere.

“Come in. Show off your outfit.”

I step in self-consciously.

She scans my expanse of leg. “Oooo! Cool shorts! How old are you anyway?”



I nod. “Awesome.”

She laughs. “Why awesome?”

I shrug. “It just is.”

She glances at my feet. “Where are your sneakers?”

“Forgot ’em.”

“You’re going to run in the filthy street…in dog poo and everything?”

“I’ll try to avoid it.”

She laughs. “Come back soon.”

“No worries.”

To be continued….Read next episode!