Episode 12 – Tobias

I step out of the car. Thank god it’s almost dark…nobody can see me stark naked. Knock on the door.

“It’s open!”

I hesitate…get up the nerve to step inside. The TV’s blaring…the news. Can’t believe we’re outside shivering and the guy’s totally oblivious, relaxing on the sofa with a beer in hand, two empties by his feet.

The minute he sees me, he snaps out of his daze…waves me closer. “Christ, I forgot you guys were out there.” Weird…how could he forget???

I’m embarrassed as shit to be standing in the guy’s living room…lights on….in full view. He’s staring…not missing a thing. Thankfully, I see a newspaper on the floor. Whew! Grab it and cover myself. Edge closer. The guy’s short and chubby with red cheeks and pig eyes…strange looking. He’s, like, surprised…or something. “Yo’ure still naked?”

“Well…yeah,” I reply. “You have clothes we can borrow?”

“Where’s your friend?”

“In the car, but it’s getting cold out.”

He nods vaguely…like he’s not comprehending.

“So,” I ask, “you find your wallet?”

“What?” He asks. I’m thinking: damn…the guy’s totally blotto!

“Your wallet…did you find it?”

His face brightens. “Oh, yeah. It was on the table where I left it.”

He keeps staring…like he’s trying to laser a hole in the newspaper. I’m dying to get some clothes on…hate his beady eyes, plus I’m skinny, so even though it’s not that cold, I’m shivering. “Seriously, we need clothes,” I tell him. “Are we leaving soon?”

“Leaving?” He asks…like the combined beer and weed totally erased his memory.

“Yeah, to go to Prescott…you said you had errands.”

“Oh…yeah, in a while. I gotta watch the news first. I never miss the evening news. Sit.” He pats the cushion next to him.

No way I’m sitting there. “My girlfriend’s out in the car. we can’t just leave her…seriously.”

He ignores me. “It’s nice seeing a kid around here. I never had kids…never married.”

Talking to the guy is like talking to the fucking wall….like he’s not hearing anything. Figure I’ve gotta speak up. “Listen, we’ve got to get home. We have school tomorrow and…uh, the police’ll be looking for us. Don’t you have old coats, or something, we can borrow?” I figure the police comment’ll get him moving.

He ignores me. Stares at the TV. “Can you believe the water main break in Albany…completely flooded a whole block.”

“What’s your name?” I ask. Gotta get through to him somehow.


“What’s your last name?”

He suddenly looks me in the eye. “Jesus, kid, enough with the questions. I’m trying to watch the news. It’ll be over soon. Sit and be quiet.”

I settle in a worn chair as far from Tobias as possible. Tuck the paper between my legs so he can’t see anything.

“Tobias, what’s your last name?” Not about to let him off the hook…gotta know his name in case he tries something.

“That’s my last name.”

“Seriously? So, what’s your first name?”

“Claude. Claude Tobias.”

“That’s as bad as my name,” I tell him, then remember I told him my name was Bobby Smith. Fuck…almost blew my cover. “I mean my middle name,” but it’s like the guy’s deaf…doesn’t react at all.

“It’s too quiet here,” he says out of nowhere. “Nice having company…you have a nice face. Wish I was young again. Look at this,” he says pulling up his shirt…exposes a hairy pot belly. “I was skinny once.”

I nod…thinking: what a scary thought…to end up a fat little gnome! He’s still glued to the TV…like he has no clue what’s going on around him…and I’m really worried about Azalea. She’s gotta be freezing and I’m not doing shit.

“So,” the guy says out of nowhere. “you banging the black chick?”

I’m stunned. Is that what he’s been thinking the whole time? “No,” I answer indignantly. “She’s just my friend.”

“Guys bang friends. You wanna fuck her? Bring her in…do her on the floor, or in the bedroom. I’d give anything to see you kids fuck. Are you a show-er or a grow-er?”

“What?!” I can’t believe the guy..he’s totally disgusting…dawns on me he’s a serious perve…probably wants to keep us around as long as possible. Reminds me of shit on the news about kids held captive.

He turns to me. “Jesus, kid. You’re fucking dense. I’m asking if your cock gets bigger when it’s hard…it’s damned thick already.”

I jump up. Figure I better leave fast.

He yells at me. “You leaving already? Christ, I thought you’d like me talking dirty. Why else would a kid hang around naked?”

I sprint for the door. Notice his car keys on the table…snatch ’em.

“Hey!” He screams, but I’m already outside.

To be continued….Read next episode!