Episode 10 – Getaway

We’re crawling away from the house as fast as we can…gotta put space between us and Malik…tearing ourselves up on prickers, rocks and sticks. Finally reach the woods where we take a breather…finally stand up. Whew!

“Thank god!” I gasp, stretching my aching muscles.

Azalea’s amazed my body’s so wrecked…a patchwork of white skin, raised welts and bloody scrapes. “Ouch!” She cries. “How do you feel?”

“Like shit, but glad to be out of those bushes. Where to next?”

“There’s a pond up ahead. We can cool off and feel better. I used to sneak there all the time.

“Lead on!” We hold hands and walk to a sunny clearing where there’s an amazing pond surrounded by swamp grass and cat tails…dragonflies darting in all directions. We wade through the grass…let our feet slide down into the cool water…the ultimate luxury after hours in the itchy brush.

“I throw my arms in the air. This is fucking awesome!”

“We swim to each each other and hug. My snake comes alive and slides between her legs. She’s startled, traps it between her thighs…and squeezes.

“Man, that feels good!” I gasp.

We play a while, crawl up the bank and stretch out…bask in the sun. Start feeling energized again…both thinking the same thing…my bone’s vertical. “Wanna do it?” I ask.

She smiles coyly. “Do I have to?”

“Yeah!” I say shifting on top of her. Suddenly…there’s rustling in the woods. Footsteps! A branch snaps!

“Holy shit!” I whisper. “Malik?”

We lie flat, afraid to move. Azalea pokes me. “Look!”

A deer walks cautiously out of the woods, stands frozen, peers over the pond.

I drop my head in the grass. “Thank god! I thought we were fucked!”

It hears me…perks its ears and bounds away, but the damage is done. My boner’s wilted and I’m worrying what the fuck we’re gonna do…no clothes, in the middle of nowhere. What a fucking mess!

“Chill, baby,” Azalea says, “there’ll be lots more opportunities. I’m not going anywhere.”

I know she’s right, but I’m still disappointed. My dick looks pathetic.

She runs her fingers through my hair. “Cheer up. We won’t be stuck here forever.”

I’m still freaked. “Is there a road nearby? We gotta find a way out. We’ll get eaten alive if we stay all night. Maybe we can hitch?”

Azalea starts laughing hysterically. “Gus, are you fucking crazy? Who’s gonna pick up two nudists?”

“I don’t know, and I’ve never tried hitching, but somebody’s gotta stop, right. It’s not like we’re old and gross. We can make up a story, like, we were skinny dipping and somebody stole our clothes. It’s almost true…part of it anyway.”

“Gussy, I don’t think I can stand naked with cars whizzing by.”

“I’ll do it. With this Chipmunk face, nobody’ll be worried.”

We get up and Azalea leads me toward the highway. After the swim, my skin’s 100% better, but the sun’s lower and it’s getting chilly.

Azalea snickers. “You’ve got a cute ass, but your thermometer’s going down.”

“Don’t remind me. I’m cold.”

“Let’s keep warm.”

I slip my arm around her….it’s awesome….and the woods are beautiful, bathed in rich, golden light…and the trees are taller, so there’s a carpet of moss and leaves under our feet. Almost forget I’m naked, but not quite….can’t miss my pendulum swinging back and forth…tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

“I wish we could go back,” Azalea says. “Damn my daddy!”

“How much further?”

“Over the next hill. You’ll hear the cars when we reach the top.”

“Do many cars go by?”

“Enough. We won’t be ignored, believe me.”

It hits me…two naked teens could end up in serious trouble. “Jeez,” I mumble, “hope we don’t run into any psycho’s…or unmarked cars. Let’s be really careful…ready to run if we have to. I can’t get The Chainsaw Massacre out of my head. It’s based on a true story?”

Azalea squeezes my hand. “Gussy, give your imagination a rest. Don’t go near cars if you can’t see inside. We don’t want hooligans fucking with us.”

“Good point.”

We reach the top of the hill and hear cars swishing by. The hillside’s pretty steep, so it takes a while to work our way down. We end up separated from the highway by a ditch and guard rail.

“Okay, I guess this is it,” I tell Azalea. “Stay in the trees until I give you the okay.”

She gives me a big hug. “Be careful, Gus. Stay behind the rail, so nobody can pull you in. You’re too sweet to lose.”

I nod…kiss her. Tell myself the chances are one in a million that a psycho’ll stop. I slide into the ditch, scramble up the other side, and hang my thumb over the rail. A bunch of cars slow…people wave and honk, but nobody stops.

“It’s hopeless!” I yell to Azalea.

“Keep trying, baby!”

To be continued….Read next episode!