Episode 38 – Jake: The Rain (Finale)

I can hardly see my hand in front of my face…mosquitoes are eating me alive. Showers pass. I’m soaked and cold, stumbling through the underbrush. I stop and reach in my backpack. Pull on another layer of clothes, but I’m soaking wet…feel like a frigging sponge. Suddenly realize I forgot matches. Shit! What a dumbass! Why did I think I could run away…don’t know shit about being on my own. I sit on a rock to gather my thoughts. Lightning’s playing across the sky…see the trees in brief silhouettes. Hear an oncoming roar…a heavy downpour drenches me. What the fuck should I do? Hitchhike, or give up and head home to my cozy bed? I’m so fucking miserable, facing Mom doesn’t seem so bad.

I think of calling Beth…asking if I can stay over, but I don’t. Haven’t the nerve after what happened. The Cody incident fucked me over big time…it kills me he planted the gay accusation in Beth’s head.

It feels like water’s pooling on my clothes. No choice, but to get up and stumble on. Gotta find a dry spot. Remember a stream with overhanging rocks near the road…head that way. My phone buzzes, but I’m so wet, it’s a bitch dragging it out of my pocket. Fumble and flip it into the wet leaves. Don’t know where the fuck it is…get down on my hands and knees and crawl around, but come up empty. Fuck! Now I’m in real trouble!

Another downpour, the worst yet…plus blinding lightning and claps of thunder. I feel the ground sloping to the stream…carefully edge down sideways to control my speed. The mud and leaves are so fucking slippery…like walking on ice. I slide a few feet…then grab a tree to stop myself. Try to stand up, but my feet keep slipping. I end up lying in the mud, exhausted…not sure exactly where to go. Fuck!

I lie in the fucking slime…holding the tree. Suddenly, a flash of lightning illuminates everything…I almost shit! I’m almost at the edge of a gorge that looks deep…no clue what to do…can’t go up or down. Figure I can hold on until the rain lets up. Lightning flashes again and I see a flat rock a few feet away. It looks perfect…a place to rest and spend the night.

Slowly and carefully, I let go of the tree…so far so good. Edge toward the rock…slowly but surely, then hit a squishy spot. Pause to get my balance, but my feet keep sliding. Fuck! I reach for something…anything. Feel a sapling, but it slips through my fingers. Shit! I’m gaining speed. Lightning flashes. There’s a dark channel ahead…before I can think, I’m over the edge…in a void…spinning…colliding with rocks…Oh my god!

My eyes open in darkness. I can’t feel my body, but hear sounds. Water gurgling past…sloshing in my nose and mouth. Haven’t the strength to move…close my eyes again…Maybe I’ll fall sleep. Nobody gives a shit anyway….

The End