Episode 9 – Sudden Intrusion
With Azalea’s arm around me, we slowly make our way to the door. Can’t wait to lie down. My back’s hurting like a bitch. Wonder if I cracked something, or tore a bunch of muscles. It’d be just my luck to get paralyzed after my first score. Stare down at my bare feet shuffling through the sun-baked yard…bare clay and ugly clumps of grass.
She can’t stop apologizing. “Gus, I am s-o-o-o sorry…I can’t believe the way I jumped…but your tongue was like a damned lightning bolt!” Suddenly, she freezes…listens.
“What?” I ask.
“Did you hear a car?”
“I heard a gravelly sound.”
“Shit, I hope not. How’ll we get our clothes.” I glance at Azalea’s voluptuous body, hope our sexy visit isn’t ending too soon.”
“Wait here,” she whispers, tiptoes ahead…quite a picture…her jiggling body on twinkle toes.
I lean against the house…back’s cramping. All I want to do is sleep.
Ahead, Azalea peeks around the corner and freaks. “Oh my god!” Runs back in a panic. “Gus! We gotta go! It’s Daddy.”
Even thinking of running is, like, beyond me. “I thought he was in jail.”
She gabs my hand and pulls me toward the far bushes…oblivious to my pain…talking a mile a minute: “God, I hope he doesn’t see us. He’s violent…sick in the head. If he catches us we’re dead meat!”
In spite of my back, Azalea’s fear spreads to me…my adrenaline surges, and we start running. “Why isn’t he in jail?”
“Baby, I don’t know. I’m not sure if he ever was in jail. Run!”
We reach a patch of waist-high bushes and she pulls me down hard…end up side-by-side in brambles, .
“I hope he doesn’t come looking for us,” Azalea says. “It’s obvious I’m home.”
I’m freaked…uncomfortable as shit. “What’ll we do now?”
“Just wait. Hopefully, he’ll just leave.”
“What if he’s home for good?”
Azalea’s eyes bug out. “There he is!” Jams my head in the grass.
We’re on our stomachs getting poked and pricked…my back’s aching something fierce..
We stare between the bushes at her dad snooping around….looking for Azalea, or maybe her mom…checking everything out. Examines the chairs like he notices something. Rubs his chin and scans the bushes. Can’t believe he doesn’t see our butts. I’m fucking terrified.
He stares in our direction. Cups his hands and yells: “Azalea, it’s daddy. You out there?” Waits, frowns…squints at everything like he’s got x-ray vision…curses, and disappears around the house. The screen door slams. I’m sweating like a pig. Glance at Azalea…she’s freaked too.
Almost immediately, the door slams again, and he comes back all charged up, our clothes in his fists. Looks around wildly…a dark, hyper guy with short hair and a handlebar mustache down to his chin. Waves our clothes. “Hey! I know you’re out there! Get your asses in here immediately!” Races back and forth. Stops at the chairs. “Azalea, don’t fuck with me. I know you’ve got a boy here. I’m giving you five minutes, then I’m coming after you!.”
We’re fucking freaked. “He’s a mean son of a bitch!” Azalea whispers.
“What the fuck are we going to do?” I whisper. “We’re trapped…no clothes…and my cell’s in those pants.”
“Hopefully, he’ll get tired and leave.”
My back’s aching more….never been so fucking uncomfortable. Every inch of me is getting poked and prodded, and I’m starting to itch like a motherfucker. Some of the weeds have three glossy leaves…fucking poison ivy. Shit!
Her dad drops our clothes and disappears inside.
“Want to grab ’em?” I ask, but before I can move, he’s wheeling around the corner…beer in hand…pops the top and settles into a chair. “No rush, boys and girls. There’s enough beer in the fridge for a l-o-n-g fucking time!” His voice is hoarse and sarcastic…pulls over the adjoining chair and puts his feet up. Takes a big swallow and licks his lips. “Boy, this tastes good! I’m stayin’ right here until you quit playin’ games!”
I can’t believe I’ve gone from a boring, lonely life to hiding naked with my girlfriend…fearing for my life, but then Azalea and I glance at each other and, amazingly, it seems worth it. She needs help, and I’m sticking with her no matter what. No denying I’m scared, but I’ve never felt the same about anybody before. She doesn’t see me as some bizarro goofball. She sees the opposite, and that makes me so fucking proud…I love everything about her!
An hour passes. The itching is unreal…driving me out of my gourd, but we keep our eyes riveted to her dad…doesn’t look so scary relaxing with a beer. Hopefully, he’ll get so shitfaced he passes out, but that could be a long time. Glance at my arms…then my shoulders. Welts are popping up everywhere, and my balls are on fire! Hopefully, the guy’s not as bad as Azalea claims. Maybe we’ll have to toss in the towel…just give up.
“What’s his name?” I whisper.
“You don’t like him at all?”
“No! He’s violent. You never want to mess with Malik.”
“So, we have to stay here until dark? Look at my fucking skin.”
Azalea looks me over…clearly shocked. “Gus, you have bumps everywhere. Does it feel really bad?”
“Yeah..itchy as shit, and my skin’s burning up.”
“I don’t know what to do. Daddy’s a crazy man. He’ll definitely beat the crap out of us…especially you for molesting his little girl.” She grins, “but it was worth it.”
I glance at Malik. Hope he can’t hear us whispering, but no worries…he’s finishing his beer. Tosses the can aside. “I’m waiting you fuckers out!” He yells. Runs in for another. I’m desperate for clothes, but no way I want to get caught.
He’s back and forth to the fridge multiple times. Finally, surrounded by beer cans, and I’m in the worst agony of my life…sweating, full of welts, crawling with bugs, and Azalea’s not much better.
Suddenly, Malik starts cackling. “Okay, you fuckers! Watch this!” Holds a lighter under my jeans. Watches them catch fire and flings them in the dirt. Holy fuck! “Hmmm, let’s see,” he says. “What’s next?” Ends up torching everything.
I’m so bummed. Drop my head in my hands. “There goes my new cell.”
“Mine too,” Azalea mutters.
I can hardly speak. “What the fuck we gonna do?”
We stare at each other.
“Listen,” Azalea says, “maybe we should just leave. He’s so fucked up, he’ll never catch us.”
I shrug. “We got no choice, but what’ll we do in the middle of nowhere with no clothes?”
“Beats the shit outta me…we’ll have to make it up as we go along. Let’s go.” Starts crawling and I follow, but it’s no fucking picnic in the nude. We stay low…plow through bushes and prickers. Pray Malik doesn’t chase us.

To be continued….Read next episode!