Episode 8 – Southern Exposure

My eyes open….it’s morning…cooler in the bedroom. Azalea’s snuggling next to me, and I have this incredible rush….love her so much! Never thought I’ve have such intense feelings for anybody. Study her face…so relaxed and content! Watch her luscious body rising and falling. Stare into her incredible cleavage…deep as the Grand Canyon!

I pry my eyes away. The doorway’s filled with Summer light, and I feel good…really good. My dick’s hard…bigger than usual. Maybe girls do that? Can’t wait to resume where we left off. When’s she gonna wake up? Reach for my cell. Christ! It’s almost 7:00 and the bus comes at 7:30. I shake Azalea.

“Hey!” She whispers. “I’m still asleep!”

“The bus’ll be here in a half hour!”

“Chill, Baby. I’m having too much fun. Let’s stay naked all day.”

I’m freaked. Imagine serious consequences. Never skipped school in my life…never misbehave…and it’s only the second day. If they think I’m a fuck-off, I’ll be in trouble all year, but the offer’s tempting. Wonder if something’s wrong with me? Am I gonna end up a delinquent? Turn to Azalea and launch into a wailing litany of fears.

She stares at me like I’ve got two heads. “Jeez. Take it easy, Gus. You’re gonna have a heart attack. We may never have this much fun again, and all you’re thinking about is reform school.”

The hair prickles on my neck. “Shit!”

She gives me a wide grin. “Chill, Baby! It ain’t gonna happen. They don’t lock up horny boys.”

But…the shock’s so bad, my dick’s shrivelled.

“Poor, Baby,” she says. “Your thing’s worried. Let’s relax and not think about it. Pretend it’s Saturday. We’ll grab a beer, go out back and consider our choices. We need to focus on important priorities.”

“But, what about homework? We could get suspended!” I want to calm down, but can’t…run my quivering fingers through my hair.

Azalea sticks out her lower lip…looks me in the eyes. “Gus, you worry too much! It’s no big deal. Leave everything in my experienced hands. I missed three weeks of school last term and never got caught.”

“Seriously? All at once?” Even the thought of misconduct sends me into a tailspin.

“No! Not all at once…days. You gotta sneak ’em in carefully or it attracts attention.”

“Doesn’t your mom freak? If my dad caught me, I’d be up shit’s creek.”

“Mom doesn’t care. As long as she’s with her beau, she could give two shits. Look, Baby, to score with ladies, you have to bend the rules.” She smiles slyly. “We gotta get your soldier back to attention.”

The word “score” is not lost on my dick which instantly shows grows. Totally naked, we grab beers from the fridge and head outside…definitely not used to strolling around in my birthday suit. Glance at my long, skinny legs and bouncing boner next to Azalea’s voluptuous bronze physique. What a contrast! I’m like the Pillsbury dough boy on diet pills!

We step into brilliant sunshine. Everything’s wet, glistening…the air’s fresh as a daisy.

“What happened?” I ask. “Did it rain last night?”

She shakes her head. “Beats me. I was out cold. Damn, the air feels good. Our own private nudist camp.”

I chuckle nervously. “Yeah, right.”

We drag a couple of rickety lawn chairs to the south side of the house. Close our eyes and revel in the sunshine. Pretty soon, I start sweating, and my balls itch like crazy…but I’m afraid to take care of it. Figure, Azalea’ll think I’m crude or something, but it gets so bad, I give in.

She smirks. “Got a problem?”

“Kind of. Just sweaty…sorry.”

She laughs. “What the fuck are you sorry about? I’m flattered.” She gets up…stands facing me.

I’m not totally sure what’s going on. “We going for a walk?”

“No, silly. You want to feel good?”

I study her twinkling eyes. “I do already.”

“Just wait,” she says. Kneels between my legs and slides her hands up my thighs to my quivering boner…wets her lips with her tongue…Holy Shit! I’m in for a blow job…my first!

Boner in hand, she pulls my red knob to her lips and licks…over, under, everywhere. “Ummm,” she coos, “my very own love-sicle.”

Soon, the sensations are so intense, I pull away.

She glances up. “Gussy, just relax and enjoy it.”

I nod breathlessly. “I’m trying…but don’t want to shoot too quick like last night.”

“No worries. Boys come three or four times a day.”


“Yeah! We can take a breather if you need to. I want you to have fun. We both deserve it after the shit we’ve been through.”

I’m confused. My dad works hard to get me everything I want…nice house, my own room, clothes. “What do you mean?” I ask. “I have it easy.”

She looks me straight in the eye. “Baby, are you serious? Your daddy’s never home, and you need company. He’s always off doing whatever in show business. Those people live wild lives.”

It seems hard to believe, but it dawns on me, Azalea might be right. I think about all the times I wander alone on weekends and holidays. See happy families…envy them so much it gives me a stomach ache.

She interrupts my thoughts. “Baby, you ready for more?”

I smile. “Yup.” She dives in…definitely knows what she’s doing. Sucks the shit out of my knob…even sticks her tongue in my piss hole. That’s a first! Starts jacking and sucking at the same time. Holy shit! I’m a fucking goner…definitely gonna come in her mouth…try to pull away again, but she holds tight. Oh shit! Oh shit! Grit my teeth and shoot like a cannon…but she swallows like it’s nothing. Damn!!!

Looks at me questioningly. “Feel better, Gussy?”

“Yeah…didn’t the cum gross you out? There’s some on your cheek.”

She casually wipes it away. “Gross me out? No way. I love the idea of having Gussy juice in me. It’s like we’re unified…part of each other.”

“Jeez, I never looked at it that way, but it’s sort of cool. My protein’s inside you adding nutrients and shit.”

“Exactly, but to me, it’s more like pieces of you joining me…pieces of a love puzzle.”

I study her face….so sincere and sweet! Hope I can live up to her expectations. She’s right. I’ve never experienced a real relationship…except maybe with my mom, if then. Realize I’ve gotta learn to break out of my shell and be totally open. Want Azalea to have the same wonderful feelings I do, so I tell her: “Sit and relax. It’s my turn to share.” I kneel in front of her, and gently push her legs apart…she reaches out…tangles her fingers in my hair.

“You’re hair’s so thick and golden, Gussy,” she whispers.

I look at her and smile. “Ready?” She looks so happy it thrills me…twinkling eyes, cute nose and perky cheeks…a sumptuous delight just for me.

I crawl clumsily between her legs…she looks amused. It’s obvious I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, but I’ve got the idea from last night…at least know where to aim, and I’ve watched porn. Figure it’s like soul-kissing her clit, but don’t want to just dive in and hurt her or something. “Any advice?” I ask, thinking how stupid that sounds.

She smiles. “Not really, just explore me with your tongue…really gentle and rhythmic. Like I did with your dick.”

“Got it,” I say. Give her thumbs up.

She laughs, tells me I’m crazy…reaches down and pulls open her pussy lips so I get a view of everything. “See, Baby,” she says. “It’s my girl penis. Only difference is yours is big and dry, and mine’s delicate and wet.”

Seeing everything in bright sunshine is sort of freaky…like I’m gonna stick my face in hamburger, but the musky smell, and knowing I’ll undoubtedly get marathon sex, makes me dive in without hesitation. Gotta be perfect. Pretend my tongue is a pleasure eel, twisting, coiling, caressing.
Instantly, I’m addicted…the fragrance and feelings are, like, intoxicating. I definitely want to become her oral sex god.

Pretty soon, her crotch starts filling with soupy stuff that clogs my nose and mouth…her hips start squirming so much, I can hardly keep my head in the slot…and she’s yanking my hair. You’d think it’d be a turn-off, but I’m hard as a rock.

Azalea’s gasping. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” Then, without warning, shoves me away…find myself flat on my back…with a stabbing pain. Wide eyed, we stare at each other…surprised to put it mildly. “Gus,” she cries. “I’m s-o-o-o sorry. You made me crazy!”

“No kidding, ” I say, rubbing my back. Feel a big welt from a rock in the grass.

“Are you okay?” Azalea asks. “Wow, that was fucking intense…like electricity! Baby. I’m so sorry!”

I prop myself on my elbows. Stare at my gawky body, soggy penis and over-sized feet. What a frigging sight?

“You okay?”

“Not really,” I say feeling like a total dork.

Ease myself up and show her my welt. “Oh my god!” She cries. “What did I do?”

I shrug. “It’s okay. Maybe I should ice it or something.”

She takes my hand. “Gussy, come inside now. I can’t believe I hurt you. There’s no ice, but a cold beer’ll work fine. I’ll wrap it in a towel.”

“Okay,” I say, hobbling along.

She slips her arm around me. “Don’t worry, Baby. I’ll nurse you back to health.”

To be continued….Read next episode!