Episode 7 – Sweet Dreams

I’m standing by the bed, not sure what to do. Feel like I’ve gotta explain why I can’t have sex, even though I want to. Things are off to a good start, but I know zilch about girls…and sex. The last thing I want to do is reveal my total incompetence. It’s actually surprising she’s not grossed out by my body. What’d she call my dick? “Impressive.” Holy shit! Maybe she needs glasses.

I hoist my briefs to my arm pits…stand like a dork, not sure what to do next. “Uh…Azalea,” I explain. “No offense, but I’m just…uh…totally inexperienced, and clumsy, and I’m afraid I’ll get you pregnant.”

She laughs. “Gus, you’re ridiculous. You look good. Take off that silly underwear and get comfortable.”

I’ve suddenly got the shakes…so fucking scared she’ll be disappointed with me. “You sure you want me to?”

“Yes, Baby, of course I do. Come here.”

“Seriously, I’m a fucking klutz. I don’t want to knock your eye out or something.”

“Baby, hush,” she says gently. “There’s no pressure. I like you and don’t care if we never have sex. I mean, I hope we do, but there’s no rush at all…no worries. Come on. Lie down and get comfortable. I don’t want you stressed out.”

She pulls me down so we’re facing each other. Her big brown eyes are warm and tender, and I’m enveloped by her intoxicating aroma. “What’s that smell?” I ask.

“Partly me…mixed with gardenia perfume. Gardenias are my favorite flower and perfume’s one of my vices.”

“I love it,” I whisper as she links her fingers in mine.

She slides her hand up my arm…feels my shoulder. “You have a strong body.”

I shake my head and laugh. “No way. You should see the super jocks. They’re ripped.”

She crinkles her nose. “I”ve hung with jocks, but that’s not me. I like slim boys with nice skin…like you.” She shakes her finger in my face. “You need to learn to accept compliments.”

I point to my cheeks. “Zits.”

“That’s nothing. Everybody has zits. I have some on my ass.”

It’s my turn to laugh. “I don’t give a shit.”

“Me either, so what’s the story with your dad? What does he do?”

“By day, he’s a lowly insurance agent. By night, he’s an actor.”

“Seriously? Where?”

“Some theatre in Albany, but he does command performances….I don’t know where.”

Azalea’s eyes light up. “How cool. What’s he in? Plays? Musicals?”

“It probably sounds stupid, but I’m not sure. All I know is, he wears costumes. I think he’s pretty famous.”

“Does he sing?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never heard him.”

Azalea sits up, surprised. “Gus, you’re kidding. Your dad’s a famous actor and you’ve never seen or heard him?”

“Yeah. he’s always rushing from one thing to another. He hardly has time to think.” Obviously, a pretty lame excuse.

“But you’re his son. Is he on TV?”

I’m confused by the questions. They seem obvious, but I go about my own business…don’t know squat about Dad, so I can’t think of anything to say. End up stumbling all over myself like a fucking idiot. “Uh…w-w-well…honestly, I’m n-n-not sure…I’ve, uh, never seen him anywhere.” I’m such a total dickhead. The more Azalea asks, the more I wonder. I’ve pretty much accepted Dad’s explanations…but I’ve never payed much attention. All his bragging about talent, technique, reputation, whatever, goes in one ear and out the other. It’s part of our family mythology. I mean, as long as I can remember, he’s raved about his craft, how he totally connects with audiences, yada yada, but I’ve never seen anything.

Azalea kisses me on the cheek. “Listen, Baby, if I do one thing, it’ll be to get you to one of your dad’s performances. Have you looked him up on the net?”

“No.” I say like a total dummy.

“Well, do it! Find out where he performs and we’ll go.”

I pull her toward me….give her a kiss. “You’d do that for me?”

“Of course, Gussy. You’re sweet as pie. You mind if I turn off the light?”

We’re plunged in darkness…no windows. You can’t see shit except a crack of light in the doorway. Plus, it’s stuffy and hot and we’re both wide awake. I ask Azalea about her dad and she tells me she hasn’t seen him since she was nine…isn’t sure if he’s in jail or what. Heard rumors he was caught robbing a store, but she doesn’t give a shit. He was mean and scary.

As we talk, she’s playing with my fingers which feels really gentle and sweet, like she really cares. We’re both restless…can’t stop squirming. She puts her lips to my ear and whispers: “Wanna take everything off.”

I definitely do. A wicked boner’s wedged in my underwear.

The bed’s springy…I feel her wiggling out of her panties…slip mine off too. “Ahhh,” I gasp, “that feels s-o-o-o much better!”

We lie still, savoring the nakedness, but it’s not exactly relaxing…more like overstimulating. Think of suggesting we go for it…but totally wimp out.

We pass the time talking about friends and school, then she whispers: “I’ll show you something.” Takes my index finger and guides it between her legs to her wiggly little button. Shows me how to rub in gentle circles. “This way you please any lady,” she explains, “but don’t go trying it on anybody else.”

“No worries.” I say. Who the fuck would I try it on?

Her other hand sneaks toward my boner…where she knows exactly what to do. In minutes, I’m gritting my teeth and straining to hold back. Must be grunting pretty loud ’cause she whispers: “You okay, Baby?”

I’m speechless…tensing….Omigod! Shit! Fuck! Shoot in all directions…muscles spasming and pulsating. Gasping like a motherfucker!!!!

“Oh my god!” Azalea squeals. “You erupted!”

“Tell me about it,” I gasp as I go limp…a dismal sinking feeling, but don’t want to kill the mood so I slip my finger back in the slot …start rubbing again.

“No worries, Baby,” she says, but I want her to get off. So I keep at it, and just as it feels like my finger’s falling off, she starts whimpering and twitching like electricity’s going through her….pushes my hand away.

“Was I too rough?” I ask…really worried.

She lets out a long, gaspy breath. “Oh no…Gus, that was incredible! You were perfect!”

I’m amazed. “Really?”

“Yeah, Baby. You did fine…a sweet gentle touch, but once a girl starts coming, stand back and let it happen.”

“I’ll do better next time,” I assure her. “I just want you to be really happy.”

She laughs. “You succeeded, Baby. You learn fast!” She gives me a huge hug. The best, biggest one of my whole life!

“You’re awesome,” I tell her. “You definitely know your way around a penis.”

She laughs delightedly. “For a skinny boy, you pack serious meat.”

“You’re not disappointed?”

“Hell, no! Why should I be? You’re a sweetie pie.”

“I lie back and savor the compliment…start to doze.

“You asleep, Baby?”


“Gus, you know what? This is the most fun I’ve had in my whole life!”


To be continued…Read next episode!