Episode 11 – Ominous Events

As the thunderous steps move closer, Britney’s eyes widen in horror. Glassware’s clinking on the shelves. We wait breathlessly. Charlie’s afraid to move a muscle…frozen in fear.

I concentrate as hard as I can, trying to tap into the Ogre’s thoughts, but nothing!!! Fuck! Maybe this Ogre’s different…blocking me somehow? It hits me I’ve never actually read an Ogre’s mind before. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

The thuds get closer and closer. Even I’m getting nervous. The thing sounds colossally huge. Britney looks at me helplessly. “Arne, what’s it thinking?”

I desperately want to reassure her, but holy fuck, I’m getting nothing! “I don’t know yet.” I reply.

She shakes her head. “Oh, shit!”

Suddenly, it occurs to me…I should be outside! Maybe the Ogre’s so focused on the Elves, he could give a shit about all the Human smells, but if I go outside and he gets a whiff of me, it’ll be a new ballgame. “I’m going out,” I tell them. “The house is blocking my brainwaves.”

Charlie’s white as a sheet, teeth chattering. “y-ya s-sure ya want to risk it?”

The whole house is shaking. I’m not sure if it’s the lumbering footsteps, or if the Ogre’s got hold of the roof.

“I gotta go,” I tell them and charge out the door. Truthfully, I’m shitting in my pants. Wild animals, Ogre’s included, are totally unpredictable…especially if they’re hurt. Whenever you face a big bear, wolf or even a stag, death is a possibility. You try not to think about it, but it’s just reality. You just have to be careful…try not to fuck up.

Suddenly, I stop. Better say my goodbyes. Stick my head back inside. “Take care, you guys. Wish me luck.”

Britney’s crying. “Arne, I’m sorry about everything I said.”

“No sweat,” I say, slipping back outside.

Outside, it’s snowing like a bitch and I can’t see ten feet. Just my luck! I wonder how I’m going to confront an Ogre I can’t even see…or hear. There are no footsteps…no sound at all, except the whistling wind and the the faint sound of snowfall on dry leaves…but the Ogre’s gotta be close. The footsteps were thunderous until they stopped.

Then, an idea hits me! The only logical approach is to be invisible. I’ll be able to move in on the Ogre, monitor it’s thoughts, and it won’t have a clue. So, I head back inside.

Needless to say, Britney and Charlie are surprised to see me so soon.

“What happened?” Charlie asks. “Is it gone already?”

“No…I’ve got to make myself invisible.”

He’s stunned. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Britney’s concerned. “You’ll freeze to death without clothes.”

“I don’t feel cold when when I’m invisible. I’m just a center of consciousness. Is there a quiet place I can change?”

Charlie snickers. “Arne, you’re one weird motherfucker.”

They show me into a serene guest room…a perfect spot. I take off my clothes and sit cross-legged on the bed. Normally, I’d feel the warm, wonderful sensation as the the weight of the physical world melts away, but not this time. I’m too frantic to get out and deal with the Ogre. I know he’s after the Elves, and I picture him picking through the abandoned buildings, searching every nook and cranny. I recite one of the familiar Elfin chants:

“Here I sit on the edge of space,
Knowing forces I have to face,
An evil threat to Elfin kind…
Help me summon strength of mind,
To stem the wrath of evil power,
That threatens us this very hour.
Steel me to merge into the air,
And gather forces good and fair,
To return the Ogre to its lair.
Transform my body from earth to sky,
Totally invisible to the eye.”

As I recite the chant, it envelops me…works it’s magic. I feel warm excitement tingling through my body, and a powerful erection signals my shift to invisibility.

I drift from the bed, down the hall and into the living room. Pass Britney and Charlie who are both in the hall wondering what’s happening. Britney suddenly runs into the bedroom. “He’s gone!” She cries. “He’s invisible!”

Charlie’s jaw drops. “Damn!”

The minute I’m outside, I hear the shriek of voices swirling in the wind. It’s snowing worse than ever, and I’m thankful my physical body’s not hindering my progress. As I head to the derelict farms, the cries are louder, joined by a pig-like grunt…which has to be the Ogre. Suddenly, in the gloom, I see it’s huge form squatting among the ruins….one of the most grotesque sights ever…a huge bald head, massive chest and shoulders, short stubby legs…all covered with moles and patches of long curly hair.

I move closer, concentrating as hard as I can. The Ogre looks around cautiously, senses my arrival…the huge brow scowls and a long-nailed finger moves pensively to its lips. Spread around it are broken buildings protruding from the snow like shipwrecks.

I move closer. Telegraph my thoughts. “Ogre, what do you want!”

It stands to full height…twenty feet or more. Scans it’s surroundings. Pendulous genitals dangle from its waist…a male as I suspected. Female Ogres stay close to their dens guarding their young.

Suddenly, there’s a bellowing reply: “Who are you?”

“Your sworn enemy!”

The Ogre whirls around. “I see no one!”

“Why are you digging for Elves?” I ask.

“They settle my guts! What business is it of yours?”

I’m floating beside his head. “Why don’t you hunt game instead of praying on the small and meek?”

“Are you an Elf?”

“Yes,” I say proudly, “a giant Elf warrior with magic powers!”

“Show yourself, Cowardly Elf!”

“I’m right beside you.”

The Ogre lets out a vicious roar and claws the air around him…bellows: “You’re nothing but a spirit! A breath of air!”

“I beg to differ,” I say. “I have the power to control your fate and turn the lives of you and your brood to misery.”

“Impossible!” He roars. “You’re just another devious Elf.”

“You’re wrong, Ogre. Unless you leave the Elves alone , every twist of fate will turn against you. You’ll lose your way and never get home…every stumble will be a broken bone, and every search for food will come up empty!”

The Ogre’s bulging eyes slyly search his surroundings as his purple tongue licks his rubbery lips. He’s hoping to find me…to pop a juicy Elfin morsel down his cavernous throat.

“Hey, you big oaf!” I say. “Are you ready to bring doom upon your family? Every quirk of nature, every precarious ledge, every risky step, will bring disaster…doom!”

The Ogre bellows in frustration: “Show yourself! For all I know, you’re just a mouse with the power to speak!”

“I’m no mouse,” I tell him. “If you don’t leave this valley, you will be cursed forever!”

“Damn you!” He screams. “I have no fear of a disembodied voice!”

“As you chose. Prepare for your life to change.”

The Ogre goes crazy. Shrieks and howls. Kicks and thrashes everything within reach…overturns boulders, flings timbers, pulls up trees by the roots. “I’ll find you, Will o’ the Wisp!”

Communication is hopeless. The only hope is action…to disrupt the Ogre’s stream of fate. So, as he’s ranting and raving, I concentrate as hard as I can. First, focus on fracturing his window in time, so there is no longer a clear place for this Ogre in the natural world. All have a predetermined path, interacting with the the world’s elements, but I sever that completely. Now, he must grope his way…as though he never existed. Finally, I focus my energies on confusing his flow of thought, mixing the past and present in illogical order, so he’ll forget the Elves…even the purpose of his journey.

The Ogre is motionless, dazed. Senses the sudden change in his being. Fear bleeds throughout his massive frame. He holds his head in his hands. “What’s happening?” He groans. His world has become ominous and dangerous. Nothing is as it was. He turns uncertainly…runs howling into the snowstorm.

To be continued…Read final episode!