Episode 26 – Conflicting Views

At lunchtime, Hadley and I meet at the office to work out the details for a Design Corner in the Arts & Crafts Cabin. The minute we walk in, it’s obvious we’re in for trouble. Lowell and Kyle are sitting at a desk eating burgers…glance up and sneer at us. I’m bummed. Nothing’ll get accomplished with them around. “Let’s do this later,” I mumble.

“No way,” Hadley says. “Kramer said we could teach design, so we have a right to be here.”

“Hey, Babe. What’s up,” Lowell asks.

“We need to talk to Alden about our project,” she says boldly.

Kyle rolls his eyes like he’s thinking “not that again.”

Lowell chimes in. “He’s off with his wife and Duncan, looking at trees or some shit. When he shows up, I’ll mention it. Sue and I were just appointed his operations assistants.”

Hadley’s not backing off. “So call his cell and find out when he’ll be here.”

“Okay, in a while. We’re eating?”

“Lowell, don’t be a dick,” Hadley exclaims. “You call him or I will.”

Lowell bristles. “Hey, don’t give me shit. You don’t run this place.”

I’m just standing around like a dork. Feel like I should step in, but Hadley’s doing just fine.

The screen door slams and Sue walks in. Looks at us…senses the tension. “What’s going on?”

“No big deal,” Hadley says. “We’re just trying to pin down Alden, so we we can talk about the Design Corner…but Lowell’s too busy to help us.”

“Christ, let me digest my food,” he complains, “then I’ll do it.”

“I just saw Alden by the tennis courts with Marilyn and Duncan,” Sue says. “I’ll get him.”

Lowell stands, pissed as shit. “Jesus, you guys are such a fucking pain! Can’t I finish my lunch!”

“Great,” I say to Sue. “He said he’s meet us.”

“Okay,” Sue replies. “I’ll be right back.”

“I can’t believe this shit,” Lowell exclaims, shooing flies from his burger.

The tension’s so thick you can cut it with a knife. We’re all glaring at each other, but Hadley plows ahead: “I think we should convince Alden to loosen up the program. It doesn’t have to be all girls. That’s totally out of date.”

Lowell shakes his head in disgust. “A Design Corner sounds fucking stupid.”

“Lowell, what’s with you,” Hadley says. “Are you such a male chauvinist or what? Can’t you see the value of anything creative?”

He glares at her. “I don’t fucking believe you, Hadley. You’ve been here for ten years as a camper and counselor…and love it, right?”

“Yes. What’s that got to do with anything?”

“It’s a sports camp with great facilities that are maintained perfectly. That’s what everybody loves and expects. No campers are here for a fucking Design Corner…only you and your metrosexual sidekick.”

My anger’s rising. “That’s bullshit, Lowell. I love sports too, but it’d be great to upgrade Arts and Crafts.”

He glares at me. “Hadley, what do you see in this fucking guy?”

I feel like attacking him. He’s like a preppy caveman who can’t get over the fact that Hadley doesn’t like him anymore. “I can’t believe all your bullshit,” I tell him. “Stick to the subject, okay. My relationship with Hadley has nothing to do with the Design Corner. What do you think? This an elite prep school where everyone’s supposed to think like you?”

He smiles smugly. “Basically, yeah, and in case you haven’t guessed, I still believe you’re a total fucking faggot. No way I believe the shit you and the Chandler kid said happened. You’re a perve and don’t belong at a kids’ camp.”

Lowell’s swaggering around like he’s fucking pleased with himself. Next to him, Kyle’s getting a kick out of the whole thing…glances up at Hadley. “Lowell’s telling it straight. What can I say?”

“You two are pathetic,” I tell them, “fucking low lifes into name calling and nasty comments. Why are you so fucking paranoid…because you get sucked off every night…afraid you’ll get caught?” They’re suddenly nervous, but I’m not finished. “I can’t believe you accuse me of deviant shit when that’s why you guys love it here.”

“Tha…that’s not true! Shut the fuck up!” Lowell splutters. Charges at me, but I shove him hard and he stumbles over a chair. Kyle tries to come to his rescue, but Hadley grabs him. “Calm down you guys. This is ridiculous.”

Lowell and Kyle are red-faced, chests heaving….about to go totally bat shit, as Sue walks in with Alden Kramer.

To be continued….Read next episode!