Episode 9 – The Quarrel

We finally get home! Thank heavens the Troopers showed up to help us….we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. They’re undoubtedly sick of spending official time on Elfin trials and tribulations.

Mrs. K greets at the door. Laughs. “I can’t believe the official escort! Where’s our car?”

“The police are driving it back,” Britney explains. Describes the chaos at the mall.

I can’t bear to listen…feel like shit. My life suddenly has gone off the rails. Being out in public will never be possible. My new life has been okay until now, but the Ogre’s reawakened my Elf destiny. I’m the only one who understands what’s going on, and I belong in the wilds tracking the creature down….but that’s not the only thing gnawing at me. For the past year, I’ve been trying to reinvent myself as an American teen…language, clothes, sex, everything, but that’s not really who I am! I’m an Elf hunter and provider…totally out of place indoors, dozing, watching TV…glued to my I-pad. No way I can turn my back on my past! I need to find an Elf settlement, and go back where I belong…take my rightful place in the Elf community, and assume serious responsibilities.

Suddenly, I notice Britney and Mrs. K staring at me. “Are you okay?” Britney asks. “You zoned out.”

I’m speechless. How can I explain?

Britney studies my face. “What is it, sweetie?”

I shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know. I guess the insanity in the mall hit me really hard…made me realize I shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. Trouble follows me everywhere.”

Britney slips her fingers in mine. “That’s s-o-o-o not true! You belong there as much as anyone. It’s a public place.”

“Human public maybe, but not Elf public!”

“People just aren’t used to seeing Elves. Come on, Arne, you’re really stressed. Let’s go to my room and chill for a while. The whole scene was crazy!”

“Yes,” Mrs. K agrees. “You look drained. Lie down a while.”

Britney leads me to her room. Usually, I want to hook up, but all of a sudden, I feel like I’m betraying myself…should be out dealing with the Ogre and looking for an Elf mate. I can’t be the only Elf left in the mountains…at least I hope not.

We lie down on the bed and Britney pulls me close…but I feel sad and distant…unable to relax.

“Arne, hug me,” she says. “I’ve never seen you like this.”

I lie motionless…stare at the ceiling. “I feel like shit,” I mumble. “I’m just fucking over everybody, including you.”

“No you’re not. Why would you say that?”

I turn to her. “Look at me. I’m not a normal high school kid. I’m a fraud…right? I’m an Elf who had responsibility for my whole family…and maybe the community of Elves in the mountains. My family relied on me…expected me to be loyal to ancient Elfin culture….to set an example, but look at me. All I’m doing is disrupting Human lives. Even yours. If an eligible Elf mate shows up, it’s my obligation to marry her…turn my back on this town and the whole Human community.

Her face hardens. “You’d do that, and leave me?”

I stare at her, suddenly uncertain. “Maybe. That’s my destiny.”

“You’d just dump me, even though we love each other?”

“I know it sounds shitty, but I’m not sure. My Elf destiny was my life until last year.”

Britney sits up angrily. Her dark eyes bore into my soul and I sense her intense frustration and betrayal. Her thoughts are a swirl of black, red and harsh colors. We’re suddenly distant and I sense a strong link is broken forever…maybe the end of my wonderful relationship with the Knights. She makes a disgusted sound. “Arne, if you don’t have a clue how much your love means to me, and don’t really care, get out of my sight. You’re too rigid fucking and old-fashioned for me…all your stupid shit about Elf culture makes me sick. You think I really give a damn about that? It’s fucking ridiculous. Except for those pointed ears, you’re just an ungrateful guy who likes to fuck and’ll do or say anything to get it. Maybe you’re not really an Elf at all! Just some crazy asshole who’s had his ears fixed!”

I’m stunned by her intense anger. Feel a terrible sinking feeling as the realization hits that what I said was incredibly cold and heartless. We’ve been together almost a year and it’s been beyond my wildest dreams….right? Then why am I so troubled? Am I a stranger that really doesn’t belong anywhere? I realize irreparable damage has been done…our relationship is probably over. Maybe it was inevitable.

I apologize and head to my room. Wonder how long it will still be my room…probably not long! I shut the door and collapse on my bed, bury my face in my pillow. I’m numb…feel like I want to lie motionless forever. What the fuck should I do? Leave an important relationship like it never happened? That’s horribly wrong…ungrateful. The Knights have welcomed me into their family and helped in so many ways…and I said the meanest, cruelest things…acted totally wishy-washy and unreliable.

I lie still a long time…finally feel drowsy…my body and mind are wasted.

To be continued…Read next episode!