Episode 20 – Monday, Monday

After the weekend hassle with Jewel, I decide to kick off Monday with my best buddy…a long, slow, jerk-off session with lots of baby oil…followed by an awesome explosion…rub the whole oily mess over my chest and abs. Look in the mirror…totally fucking cool…a perfect start to the day.

Got to get my ass in gear. Sprint to the shower a step ahead of my sister who screams bloody murder. “Hunter slammed the door in my face!” But, I could give a shit. Scrub myself clean…every nook and cranny….head back to my bedroom for a quick check of the school dress code.

Ava knocks on my door. “Can I come in?”

“Yup.” Pull my robe tight, as she sidles in well scrubbed, hair combed back, cheeks shining…definitely prettier every day.

“What outfits are you planning this week?” She asks.

I point to my new clothes laid out on the bed. She’s amazed, “Oh, my god, Hunter. Where’d you get that stuff? It’s insanely hot.”

I tell her about the store in Connecticut.

“Wait,” she says. “When were you in Connecticut?”

Shit! Realize I’ve divulged confidential information. “Saturday…with a girl, but don’t tell Mom and Dad, p-l-e-a-s-e!”

“Wow! Who is she? anybody I know?”

“No. Somebody I met running. We were just hanging out. She has a boyfriend.”

“Hunter, when are you going to have a r-e-a-l girlfriend?”

“Beats the shit out of me. Soon, I hope.”

“What’d you guys do?” Ava’s such a snoop!

“Nothing much. She showed me her family place on the sound, and we sat around.”

“Was her boyfriend there?”

“No. Nobody. We escaped the city for a couple hours.”

Ava eyes me slyly. “You were all alone?”

“Yeah. Keep your voice down.”

“Something must have happened. You’re blushing.” She’s staring with a self-satisfied smirk…like she’s reading my mind. She’s like twelve going on twenty, and I figure she’s imagining stuff that never happened. We study each other…looking at her is like looking in the mirror, but a prettier version, same snub nose, hazel eyes, light brown hair, and fair skin. Not that were twins or anything…her chin’s pointed. I’ve got a dimple, and her ears are like little pink shells, but mine stick out more…and of course, I’ve got her beat in the height and genitalia department, although her breasts are filling in, and if she ends up like mom she’ll have an impressive set.

“So…did you get naked?” She asks.

Catches me totally off guard. “What kind of question is that? No. Nothing happened.”

Her eyes narrow. “You’re lying.”

“Fuck you! I’m not lying.”

“You’ve got guilt written all over your face. Something happened. Come on…tell me.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“Aha! I knew it. Now I’m totally curious! Did you have sex?”

I’m thinking…maybe…if I hadn’t been so quick to unzip, the weekend would have ended differently…but no way I’m about to tell my little sister, so I switch into big brother mode. “Get dressed. You’re gonna be late for school.”

“Hunter, don’t be a dick. Just because I’m twelve doesn’t I don’t know about sex. It’s everywhere, and when my brother actually does it, it’s a big deal. Stop being evasive and tell me what happened.”

“We made out a little…period, end of story.”

She scrutinizes me…obviously disappointed. “So, that’s it? No nudity and lust?”

“Nope. Sorry.”

She heads for the door. “You’re an asshole. When I have a boyfriend, I’m not telling you anything.”

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