Episode 25 – A Brief Diversion…Altar in the Forest

Shafts of sunlight pierce the grove. It’s sweltering among the trees.

Alden and Marilyn Kramer trudge up the hill with Duncan Taylor-Wickham close behind.

“This is a very special place for us,” Marilyn says pointing to a tarpaulin covering two motionless figures. “We placed our favorite sculpture on an amazing flat rock framed by pines.”

“It’s a magical spot!” Duncan whispers.

Simultaneously, Alden Kramer seizes a corner of the tarp and pulls it away.

“Oh, my god!” Duncan exclaims. Before him, is the most beautiful sculpture he’s ever seen…a naked boy and girl at the peak of their youth, arms outstretched, as though welcoming the birds and sunshine. “Where did you get such a beautiful piece?”

“We found the two alone in a dusty corner of a New York salvage shop. They were abandoned…beckoning to us. We had to adopt them.”

“Who crafted them. They’re so sensual…the models must have been stunning.”

“We don’t know, but think they must have been brother and sister. Their noses, lips…total bone structure…are so similar. Our best guess is they’re from the 1930’s, perhaps part of a building frieze. We’ve tried to track down the artist, but so far, gotten nowhere. Read our inscription.”

Duncan hadn’t noticed the words carved into the rock: “Camp Cedar Lake…dedicated to the eternal flower of youth.”

He’s totally awed. “Wow! What a unique place.”

“Shall we begin,” Marilyn Kramer says, “…to display our bodies before this apotheosis of youth.”

Clothes fall at their feet.

Marilyn turns to Duncan. “You were chosen because you resemble the boy so closely. When Lowell showed us your picture, we were struck by it. Step forward and circle the boy’s manhood with your lips.”

“Gladly,” Duncan whispers, kneeling on the stone…grasping the cold buttocks.

“Oh, Spirit of the Wilderness,” Alden cries. “We are committed to rejecting worldly goods. Only through joining our naked bodies, can we become one with nature. Allow us to spill our sacred fluids on your blessed carpet.”

They gather together…letting their hands caress and explore.

“We’re here to initiate you, Duncan!” Alden Kramer proclaims. “To free you from the bonds of civilization. Can you accept that path?”

“Yes,” he answers…immediately becoming the focus of their ritual.

“Your skin is like perfect porcelain,” Marilyn Kramer whispers as her hand moves back and forth. “I’m drawn to androgynous boys. You’re a beauty…but your manly endowment is an unexpected bonus.”

Duncan clenches his teeth…groans as cum splatters on the dry leaves.

To be continued….. read next episode!