Episode 5 – Premonition

I sit up in bed. Britney’s warm body’s next to me. The bedroom’s dark…but I’m aware of an ominous sound, thundering steps….far off at first, then closer and closer until the whole house is shaking. Strangely, Britney’s resting peacefully. I run to the window. The snow’s stopped…it’s dazzling moonlight with wispy clouds scudding across the sapphire sky. In the distance, looming over a line of trees, I see the dark silhouette of the Ogre’s massive head and shoulders. He turns, looks toward our house…bulging eyes gleaming in the moonlight. Seems to see me…leaps the trees in one mammoth bound and strides toward my window. As he closes in, I see his huge bulbous nose and tusk-like teeth.

Suddenly, he roars my name: “Arnulfo Twilber!” The great voice rumbles through the valley…rolls into the distance. There’s a brief pause, then he roars my name again: “Arnulfo Twilber….I’ve tracked thee from the mountain. My stomach’s sore empty and my heart torturous ill. The only medicament is Elfin flesh!!!”

The massive form crouches beside the window. Peeks in with an immense bulging eye. “Ah ha! It is truly thee, Arne Twilber!” He growls, stands to full height, and with one tremendous tug, lifts the roof, and reaches for me with a huge hairy hand.

In a panic, I realize I have to lead him away from my family. I run to the door and out into the frigid night…hear thundering footsteps at my heels. No matter how hard I run, the closer he comes…closer and closer, until a huge hand drops before me and blocks my path…I’m trapped like a fly. Turn every which way as the massive fingers close.

I awaken with a start…still in the bedroom…Britney beside me. The house is quiet. Thank god! It was only a dream, but my Elfin intuition gives me pause… tells me there’s more to it than meets the eye. Could it be true? Has the Ogre tracked me from the avalanche? I press my face against the window…no moon…snow coming down hard. Whew! I sneak back to my own room and pass out.

The next morning, Saturday, I linger in bed…unusual for me, but I don’t want to face the day…the fact that everyone in town is in danger because of me. Fuck! I pull the covers over my head…want to hide forever…am tempted to become invisible. Almost wish I’d died in the mountains with my family!

To be continued… Read next episode!