Episode 23 – A Mysterious Visitor

Though my refuge has been seriously “vandalized,” I’m determined to put it behind me and move on. Lowell and Kyle can go fuck themselves!

Decide to take what’s left of my cabin (not much!!!) and make it livable…work my ass off for hours, cleaning and scrounging. Scarf up a couple of old lawn chairs and make a sleeping platform out of old lumber and bricks. Strive for a quirky, austere look. Haul in some big smooth rocks and place them in the open floor…a quasi-zen garden. By 10:00 pm, I’m totally fried…flop on the bed and fall asleep in like ten seconds.

A while later…not sure how long…I’m half asleep. My dick’s tight and hard…out in the night air. Delicate fingers are holding it…pulling. It’s amazing! I let out a sigh…revel in the sensation. Fingers slide up my shaft…move to the head…finger the rim. I strain to make myself bigger and harder. “I love you, Hadley!” I whisper. No answer…shit!…that’s weird…not like her. Suddenly, I’m awake…see a silhouette. It’s not Hadley!!! Holy fuck!!! I try to sit up, but a strong hand presses me down. “Who the fuck are you?” I scream. The intruder let’s go…sprints out the door…races away.

I lie motionless. Relieved to be in one piece. Hear a voice outside: “Jesse, are you okay?” It’s Hadley.

“I…I think so,” I stammer, adjusting my shorts. “Somebody was just here. Did you see anybody?”

She comes in. “I saw somebody running through the trees.”

“Did they, like, look familiar?”

“No…but it was a guy, not a camper.”

She flips on the light…I tell her what happened…every bizarre detail.

She’s shocked as I am. “Thank god you weren’t hurt!”

An image pops into my head…a severed dick on the floor. Holy shit! “Yeah,” I exclaim, “and I’ll make sure it never happens again.” Pile my zen rocks against the door. Climb into the bunk with Hadley.

“Are you okay?” She asks.

“Yeah, pretty much, but it was like something from a movie. When I realized it wasn’t you, I was totally freaked. Who the fuck was it, do you think?”

“Well, it wasn’t Chandler. The guy was too big.”

“At this fucking place, it could be a bunch of people. It was definitely someone experienced…from the creepy way he touched me.”

“And it happened right after the new guy arrived.”

“Fuck….that’s right!”


After a restless night, I wake up in Hadley’s arms…s-o-o-o relieved to have the previous night behind me! Check between my legs. My schlong’s still there, ready for action. The whole thing was fucking nightmarish. Wonder if it really was Duncan whatever…or somebody totally unexpected???

Hadley opens her eyes. “You okay?”

“Pretty much. My buddy and I are still in one piece.”

She reaches between my legs. “Definitely. He worked fine last night.”

I give her a big hug. “Thanks to you!”

“Are you freaked?”

“Not as bad, but it’s so creepy to be groped. I felt really helpless, especially with my dick in his hand…like excited, guilty, grossed out, whatever. Has it happened to you?”

“A couple times at drunken orgies. I was so out of it, thank god!”

“It’s a first for me…once is enough!”

Hadley looks around the cabin. “Why is the cabin so bare?”

“Our friend Kyle cleaned me out while I was swimming. Left a fucking note. What bullshit!”

Decide to give Hadley the total effect…replace the rocks and re-create the zen garden. She’s impressed. “Jesse, that looks awesome. Where did you get those smooth rocks?”

“By the lake. There are zillions. You have to be picky.”

“You’re so creative! Let’s get moving on the design corner…encourage campers to design whatever they want…tee shirts, hats, jewelry, whatever.”

Her enthusiasm’s infectious. The camp would be so much better if it weren’t s-o-o-o traditional. Quirky’s fun, but then it hits me the camp may seem traditional, but there’s such a kinky undercurrent…especially the weird Kramers.

To be continued….Read next episode!