Episode 4 – Impromptu Hook-up

Mrs. K shuts the door and we retreat to the kitchen…pour more coffee. In the intimacy of the moment, my arm slips around Britney, and she grabs my hand and pulls me close. Immediately I feel a rush…my acorn’s swelling in my jeans. She sees it too…discreetly reaches down, and rolls it between her fingers. It’s electric!!! I can’t believe I have unlimited access to such a beauty…a bewitching bundle of energy…and, man, that sly smile and dimpled cheeks! She glances at me, nods toward her bedroom, but we hear Noel coming home and wait to hear what happened. He appears with snow on his shoulders, red nose and cheeks. “Man, it’s freezing out there!”

Noel shakes his head. “That was the craziest briefing ever!”

“What’d they say?” I ask. “Will they issue a warning?”

“Yes. they’ve already named it the ‘Rogue Bear of Pikeville,’ and a reporter asked if there was a radioactive landfill that’s causing genetic anomalies.”

Britney gives me a pinch…whispers, “I feel a genetic anomaly,” then glances at the father. “That’s s-o-o-o crazy!” She squeals. “News people are nuts.”

“You haven’t heard the worst. The questions were about a rumor that a teen movie star, Christy something, is having an affair with Arne. Supposedly sneaks up every week in an unmarked car and wears disguises.”

“That is s-o-o-o sick!”

“Who is this Christy person?” I ask. “I should know who I’m having an affair with.”

“If you watched entertainment shows, you’d know,” Mrs. K says. It’s Christy Bolger from ‘High School 2020.’ A silly show about teens that live in the future and do ridiculous high-tech things. Look her up on the computer.”

Britney elbows me. “You better not!”

Unfortunately, I can’t stop worrying about the Ogre. “Did they take the bear story seriously,” I ask.

Noel turns to me. “I don’t know. Until someone’s actually attacked, they probably won’t take it seriously.”

“That’s sick!” I exclaim. “They should really be worried. What’s an Ogre doing in town? A creature like that isn’t something minor. It’s a dangerous sign!”

Britney pulls me by the arm. “Come on, Arne. We’ve gotta study. Get your mind off the Ogre.”

Mrs. K glances at us slyly. “Studying on a Friday? How conscientious!”

“We have a tough week ahead,” Britney says dragging me away.

We hurry to her room and lock the door…shed clothes. Britney’s a fox! Her mom’s half Sicilian, so she has this amazing amber skin…plus a lean soccer body, and perfect (absolutely perfect) round perky breasts. She’s my wild, wicked fantasy!

We jump in bed…I kiss her pouty lips…stare into her eyes. She studies me with a mischievous smile. How I love that button nose and adorable dimples.

She reaches down and squeezes my bough…making the acorn swell big and red. “I can’t believe your…uh…thing!” She says and she’s got a point. Since Elves are little people (usually), they have long organs so they can mate with beings big and small. Mine’s longer than any guy at school…and it’s a little different. My skin’s so translucent, you can see every vein coiling along the shaft, and when it swells, it gets stunningly red. The only thing that’s really embarrassing is my lack of hair. My head’s the only place where there is any! Okay, I have a couple of wisps, but that’s it! My classmates look like gorillas compared to me.

We get through the prelims and I slip into her amazing cavern. My bough feels s-o-o-o at home. We’re made for each other. The rim of my acorn caresses her and I slide all the way in…no mean feat for Elfin flesh. Slowly, I grind against her secret bud…her body encloses me like a glove…sends chills down my spine!

Gradually, we go faster and faster…our bodies pump themselves. then, all of a sudden, the tension peaks, and we both spill our love…just let it go! Thank god for human birth control!

I collapse on top of Britney….we snuggle, then fall asleep.

To be continued… Read next episode!