Episode 18 – Sunday in the City

Sunday morning – Mom sticks her head in. “Get up sleepy head! A gorgeous day awaits!”

I wave her off. Feel like sleeping all day, but she’s persistent. “Your sister and I are going for breakfast. Wanna come?”

“No,” I croak. “Where’s Dad?”

“He went to the office. I expact him back by noon.

“H-u-n-t-e-r, come with us!” Ava whines.

I bury my head in the pillow…pull up the covers.

Mom doesn’t give up easily. “Are you sure, honey? We’d love to have you.”

I stick up an arm and wiggle my fingers. “Goodbye! Have fun!”

Thankfully, they give up and leave. I don’t move a muscle…wish I didn’t even have to breath. Details of my fucked-up day in Connecticut come crashing home…the ride back in silence…the fucking humiliation after unzipping. Figured she’d at least praise the altitude of my boner, but not a word…well, that’s not exactly true. Got a “nice body” compliment. Big fucking deal! Jason’s probably hung like a horse…and I’m delusional. Fuck!

Want to stay in bed forever. Think of Michael Jackson being anesthetized. Sounds good at the moment. Wish I had some drugs. Mom has sleeping pills…feel like stealing a few, but my bladder’s full and I’m hard as a rock. Fuck, it hurts!

Charge into the bathroom and perch on the throne. Try to angle my bone into the bowl…have a bitch of a time. Not a drop comes out! I take a deep breath. “Okay…try to relax.” Switch my thoughts to anything distracting…a fly on the shower curtain, the number of tiles on the floor, a wisp of dust in the corner, but it takes like ten minutes to get anywhere…then there’s a long satisfying gush. Thank god!

Back in my room, I see the bag of purchases on the floor. Almost wonder why I bothered, then contemplate revenge on Nutt-job. Plan walking back and forth past his door so he gets the full effect. I’ll follow the dress code to the letter, but medieval style. Tickles me to envision his potato head red as a beet.

Feel a bit better. Decide to run and clear my head…give my system a rush. Pick out the most outlandish costume I can find…orange Nikes, green socks, yellow shorts and my I’d-fuck-me tee shirt….all topped off with a blue visor…garish and disgusting but truly awesome!

I jog to the the riverside path, then take off like a shot. It’s crowded, but I zig-zag between slow runners, cyclists, strollers, oldsters, and cell addicts. Feel like running non-stop all fucking day. I’m flying! All of a sudden, up ahead, two girls catch my eye, or is it two girls? Fuck! It’s Jewel and Jason. He’s slowing her down, so I catch up fast. Zoom past with a wave.

“Hunter, wait!” Jewel cries. I pretend not to hear…totally snub ’em. Doesn’t feel great, but figure I have a right too. She shovelled so much bullshit about a deeper relationship…then when she had me, left me suspended in agony! So, I kick off and and leave them in the dust.

I’m so charged up, I zip under the George Washington Bridge, then sprint up to Spuyten Duyvil at the north end of the island. the whole thing gives me a total high. It’s Spring…my fav time of year, and I’m into it. Winter fucks with my head, but the warm weather soothes everything.

Turn and head back at a slower pace. I could go faster, but go with the flow…relax and let my feet eat up the path. It feels awesome…totally automatic and comfortable….remember Jewel and I were going to train for the marathon. Fuck that! I’ll run it myself…and in under three hours. Fuck yeah! Show everybody I’m no pussy.

I veer off at 79th Street and immediately see Jewel alone on a bench. She waves, but I pretend not to notice. Who needs that shit?

“Hunter!” She yells. “Please…come talk to me!”

To be continued.
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