Episode 17 – Rest and Relaxation???

We leave Eva’s Vintage Clothes with two bags of stuff. I’m ecstatic…the place was a gold mine.

“How much all together?” I ask Jewel.

“Five Hundred for the day, including Urban.”

“Shit. It’s getting up there, but don’t worry. I can cover it. There’s at least a thousand in my savings account…I’m fucking loaded!”

“I’m not worried.”

“Great…seriously, I’m no leech.”

“Stop reassuring me. I WILL get worried.”

As we head down the street, I check out the whole town. Even though it’s an hour from the city, it’s really New Englandy with little clapboard houses and big overhanging trees…and it’s clouded up, chilly, and I get an excited Winter feeling…like it’s nesting time.

“Look!” Jewel says pointing in the distance. “You can see the Sound.”

Sure enough. I see the unmistakable blue line through the trees.

“Wow!” I explain. “Where’s your place. That breeze off the water’s really cold (I want to play the nesting thing to the hilt). Do we need a cab?”

“No way. It’s two streets down…at the end.”

“Jeez, it’s getting late,” I say, checking my cell, “almost three.”

“We’ll have to lie to our parents if we want to stay.”

My jaw drops. “All night?”

She rolls her eyes. “Don’t get your hopes up. The relationship’s not moving THAT fast!”

Oh shit! I think. One of those days. I’ll have to watch her carefully for “go” or “no-go” signals. I want, at least, to give her a peek at my crotch buddy. Figure that’ll turn her on, right? But you never know how far to go? Pee in plain sight? Scratch that major itch? Display the bulge? Suddenly appear naked? Intriguing ideas…but it’s not like I’ve tried them all…or any of them.

She looks into my eyes. “I’m sorry. You okay?” She entwines her fingers in mine. “You disappointed?”

I chuckle casually. “Well…I wasn’t expecting an all-nighter. That’d be a first.” Out of nowhere, I say: “I’m a virgin.”

She laughs and I feel like shit…or worse.

“So, have you hooked up a lot?” I ask, staring into the distance. Don’t want her to see my face when she says how many times …presumably with my arch-enemy Jason.

But, I’m wrong. “No way,” She says. “I’m a virgin too.”

“No shit. I hope it’s not a religious thing…is it?”

“No. I haven’t found anyone I feel that strongly about.”

“Wow!” I exclaim. “Two virgins.”

She smiles. “Evidently.”

Figure it’s time time to open up…show my vulnerable side. “It makes me feel a little backward, or something. What about you?”

“A little…Jason doesn’t seem that interested. I feel like I’m wasting time with him.”

We turn down a side street, Ocean Spray, and there’s a row of small houses…then we head down hill and the Sound’s spread out before us…a few cute bungalows right on the rocky beach.

Jewel points at them. “Nothing fancy. Grandma lived here year round.”

“Hey, a place on the water’s awesome.”

We head to the nicest one, a little gray, shingled job with white shutters and a weather vane on top. The walk leads through rocks and daffodils. Jewel unlocks the door and we’re in a little entryway with a mirror and hooks.

“This is s-o-o-o cozy,” I say.

She leads me into a little living room with a fireplace and ship model on the mantel. Opens a wood cabinet and turns on the stereo…the room fills with cool jazz.

“God!” I exclaim. “I can’t believe this.”

She pulls me by the hand. “Come see the best part.”

We walk into a kitchen surrounded by multi-paned windows overlooking the Sound. Shafts of evening light make the sailboats look like gold. “It’s beautiful!” I gasp.

“There’s more,” Jewel says. Pulls me down a narrow hall to her bedroom…another spectacular view. I immediately wonder why she’s showing little old me her bedroom. It’s so her…beautiful with amazing perfume smells. I’m seriously enraptured…got a mega boner. Figure she’ll drag me into the bed and have her way with me.

“You’re so lucky to have this private refuge,” I say. “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Nope. I’m an only child. What about you?”

“I have a cool young sister, Ava. She’s my fashion critic.”

Jewel walks me around her room explaining all the pictures and knick-knacks. I feel privileged to get the full tour. It’s gotta be working up to something???

“Okay, now,” she says. “I want you to go in the living room, open the flue and get a fire started. I’ll get refreshments. What do you want? Wine? Beer?”

“Whatever you’re having.”

She’s pleased with the answer. “I’ll surprise you.” She walks out with a smile. Figure she’ll come back in bra and panties. I’m quivering in anticipation. Rub my bulge to make sure the view’s as impressive as possible…but don’t want to get carried away. Stained jeans would definitely be a major faux pas…never, ever, hung out one-on-one with such a hot girl (or any girl) with nobody else in the house. Manage to get the fire started…keep it modest. Don’t want to set the house on fire…but, smoke’s filling up the room. Fuck! The flue! Reach in and feel around…get a face full of smoke in the process. Find it by sheer luck.

Jewel reappears. “Wow! It’s smokey in here.” She’s holding a silver tray with fancy glasses and a bottle of red wine. “Do you like Pinot Noir?”

I laugh. “Is that like fermented grape juice?”

She rolls her eyes. “I thought you’d be a connoisseur. I love wine.”

“I don’t know shit, but I’m eager to learn. After a few glasses, I’ll sing to you.”

“You sing?”

“Yeah, definitely. I’m in the choir, and do shows occasionally. I’m planning to be the next Lady Gaga…or the male version, Senor Gaga.”

“You’re kidding? Do you write songs too?”

“No…not really. I just do covers. A few are on YouTube.”

“Wow! Hunter, that’s so cool. Do you get lots of hits?”

“Like 250,000 in two years.”

“250,000? That’s a lot…isn’t it?”

“It’s okay,” I say sipping wine. “Guys like Justin Beiber get millions a day. Hey, this tastes really good.”

“It’s my absolute favorite. Opened just for you.”

“Wow! I’m honored!”

She’s smiling sweetly..think she really likes me…and it’s just the two of us…fire going, fine wine. Holy shit! She’s sitting next to me…so close our thighs are touching…sort of leaning against me. ‘Hunter, I can’t believe you and I are sharing this alone. This is such a special place to me.”

“Yeah, this is awesome.” I’m so fucking horny…got my arm strategically placed to shield the evidence. My fucking boner’s sticking up big time. This has got to be a set-up to get me in the sack, right? She’s definitely hungry for dick, and I’m ready, willing and able. Figure she’ll be impressed. Compared to other kids, mine’s seriously respectable. So…I decide to give her a preview. Take my arm away…pretend to yawn and stretch. My wood’s so fucking obvious. “This is so nice!” I exclaim. “Being with you…like this…is incredible!”

She stares at my crotch…a little startled? I thrust my hips in her direction…an open invitation. Figure, she’s about to make a move, unzip me, but she doesn’t. Fuck! Figure I’ll have to push the envelope.

I smile slyly. “Wanna see what you do to me?”

She gives me a perplexed look. “What do you mean?”

I slowly unzip and drag out my boner. It’s seriously hard, veins distended…tip flared big time….an impressive sight. Figure, in a million years, she never imagined a major log on such a skinny dude.

She freezes. Doesn’t look happy…uh oh! “Did you think I invited you here for that?”

My face goes hot. “Well…sort of.”

“I was afraid you would. All boys think the same. Honestly, I just wanted to get to know you better. I really like you. That’s all I was thinking. It’s way too soon for sex.”

Suddenly, my dick looks like an elephant in the room. I squirm around and jam it back in my jeans. Fuck! What a waste! “Listen, I’m really sorry. I can’t believe what I just did, but this place, you, everything…just seemed so perfect.”

She studies my face. “I’m sorry, Hunter. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. You have a nice body.”

“Okay, no sweat…sorry again! No big deal,” but it’s a fucking lie! I’m humiliated. Don’t know what to think. My dick’s never looked so awesome…and she showed me her bedroom and everything….pushed the wine. It hits me maybe she’s not being totally honest about Jason…maybe they haven’t fucked, but close to it….probably made out a lot. Seeing a dick is obviously no big surprise, which is confusing, because I always thought, once a girl sees a seriously hard one, she’d immediately spread her legs….but, I obviously got that wrong.

“You okay?” She asks. “Want more wine?”

“Sure,” I say, but don’t sound convincing, because she tilts her head and asks, “Really?”

Figure I should come clean…at least a little. “Yeah. I’m sort of bummed. No question. I kind of thought you liked me more, and we were working up to something special.”

She shakes her head. “Hunter… just wanted some one-on-one time with you. Is that so hard to understand? Do we have to hook up to be friends (that awful word)? I’m not rushing to lose my virginity, unless I’m sure you’re totally the right guy for me. I’m not like a lot of girls who think vriginity’s a nuisance. Losing it’s a big deal…a rite of passage…I want it to be amazing.”

“Do you and Jason make out a lot?”

She stares at me and her face tightens. I’ve obviously touched a nerve, because her eyes narrow…her lips become a thin line, and a detached look come over her…not the cute, sexy girl I’m used to seeing. “Why are you bringing him up?”

I shrug. “I don’t know. It’s pretty obvious you’re into him, right? You’ve been together a long time.”

“Uh huh…we’ve been friends since 6th grade…have a lot in common, but he’s got a bunch of friends, and I don’t feel that special with him.”

“You haven’t had sex, right?”

She flashes an angry look. “You’re getting awfully personal, Hunter, and you’re so hung up on sex!”

“True. I’m pretty obsessed!”

“Jason and I make out sometimes, but that’s all. He wants to hook up, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t change anything, and I kind of suspect he sleeps around.”

“You know that?”

“No, but there’ve been rumors, and he’s everybody’s favorite stoner…kind of goes with the flow. It’s frustrating!”

The whole thing’s suddenly turned seriously depressing…we stare at each other, but there’s a void between us. I feel like I’m an experiment to compare with Jason….that it’s not about me, and, no denying it, I’m really hurt. “So,” I ask. “I guess you’ve seen Jason naked a few times?”

“Uh huh. He likes to show off too.”

“So, you’re pissed I’m the same?”

“Not pissed exactly, but Jason’s an exhibitionist, and it’s tiresome. You have a better body.”

I’m totally confused. Suddenly, hate being with her and want to get back to my room…sleep the rest of the weekend. My high hopes are a shambles…wonder if I should try harder. Argue that I’m not like Jason…but I haven’t the energy. “So…shall we head out?” I ask.

She stares at me. Sticks out her lower lip. “I guess I’ve thrown cold water on our date. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I mumble. “I’ll help you clean up.” The faster I get home the better!

To be continued….Read next episode!