Episode 16 – South Weldon, Connecticut

Before I know it, we’re getting off the train in the boonies. Well, not exactly the boonies, but it seems mighty close…so friggin’ sleepy. There’s hardly anyone on the platform, and a zillion crickets chirping in broad daylight.

Feel compelled to comment (what else is new?). “Wow! This place is hopping!”

Jewel rolls her eyes. We came up here because it’s so quiet and different from the city.

“No argument there.”

I scan the stores opposite the station, the “main drag.” The buildings are all pretty much the same, probably 1800’s with renovated stores facing the street, all painted pastel colors. One immediately catches my eye, Eva’s Vintage Clothes and Costumes. I picture myself dressed as an American Revolutionary or even a pirate. “Jewel,” I inquire. “Have you been in there? It looks s-o-o-o cool!”

“No, but my friends have. Wanna take a look?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

She gives me a squinty “What???” Not everybody gets my quirky expressions.

“Yeah, I definitely want to check it out.”

“My mom HATES used clothing. She thinks she’ll catch fleas, bedbugs, whatever…but they wash everything the minute it comes in. They’ve got washer-dryers and everything.”

I shrug. “Whatever. It looks too cool to pass up.”

A bell chimes as we push open the door. The place is big and surprisingly crowded. We’re drawn to the costumes. Most of the stuff’s for rent, but there’s a sale rack where I discover two pairs of incredible velvet trousers…puffy, pleated, like courtiers used to wear. I snatch them up quick. Hold them for Jewel’s inspection. “Look at these threads. I’ve dreamed of shit like this. Fate brought me here.”

Jewel looks perplexed. “Where would you wear them?”

“At school. The dress code doesn’t outlaw velvet trousers, and the maroon’s not outrageous. Listen, I’ve gone over the code with a fine-toothed comb. What’s more conservative than royal shit.”

“You’ll stick out like a sore thumb!”

“Fuck yeah! I’ll bend the dress code ’til it screams.”

“Maybe I should too. I hate what we wear.”

I pump my fist. “Go for it! America guarantees freedom of expression, right?”

“Supposedly, but no parents fight the dress code? It’s a waste of time.”

“Forget parents. I’ll wear whatever I want…sit-in if I have to. The police’ll have to haul me away. They did shit like that in the sixties and the world didn’t fall apart, right?”

“But what if your parents get fed up and send you to school in Wyoming….jeans and boots all day.”

I shrug. “Maybe if it’s tight jeans and Doc Martens…but I’d never go to a place like that anyway. I’d run away first.”

A sales lady finally notices us. Guess she figures kids in the costume department won’t spend much…notices the trousers. “You like clothes from that period?Some customers wear those with ruffled shirts, bow ties and velvet jackets.” She runs around pulling stuff off racks…matches it up so I get the effect.

“Awesome!” I exclaim. “Where’s the dressing room?”

She steers me in the right direction and I draw the curtain. It’s weird because the walls are drapes and you can hear women talking nearby while you’re undressing. First things first, I get totally bare ass and hang up my stuff…wish they could (Jewel especially) see my rising boner. The whole scene’s a turn-on. Do I have a clothes fetish? Definite possibility. Everything seems so fucking sensual. I look in the mirror and like the guy staring back. Tangled hair…skinny as shit, broad shoulders, visible pecs, decent abs, great skin…wisps of leg hair, little bush and a big red dick. Can’t resist giving it a couple of strokes, squeeze the shaft so the head swells. Damn, I want to show Jewel!!!

Start pulling on the trousers. The velvet feels so fucking good I rub it around a while. They’re a little big…nothing a belt wouldn’t fix. Feel like an oversexed Little Lord Fauntleroy. Play pocket pool for like ten minutes. Wonder if I should just fuck it and shoot my load. Suddenly, Jewel’s voice startles me. “Hunter, what are you doing in there?” If she only knew!

“I’ll be right out,” I reply. Whip on the shirt and velvet jacket…looks awesome. Yank open the curtain. “Tah dah! The Crimsom

Her jaw drops. “Wow, Hunter, I’m impressed! You look like a prince.”

“At your service, madame,” I say with a bow.

“How does it fit?” She asks staring at my trousers.

“Awesome!” Realize my dick’s not exactly soft, but not too obvious, right?

She turns beet red. “Those are obscene!”

“Nothing some tight undies won’t solve. The velvet’s so soft, I ditched underwear.”

She shakes her head. “Guys are so fucking predictable. You want them?”

“Are you kidding? I’m addicted, but I’ll pay you back, just like before. Should I wear them?”

“No fucking way. Haven’t you noticed all the cougars staring?”

I look around. “No shit? Really?”

To be continued….Read next episode!