Episode 15 – Country Escape

We wave goodbye to West and leave the store. “So, what’s next?” Jewell asks.

I’m thinking…blow job? Obviously wouldn’t say that, but am definitely up for something exciting now that we’re in sexy body-hugging outfits. At 72nd Street, we cross Broadway against the light…almost get nailed. I’m racking my brain for the perfect place to spend the afternoon. Jewel’s holding my hand, and I’m feeling awesome.

Walk up 72nd toward nowhere in particular…pass a zillion shoe stores which is weird. How did 72nd become shoe city? Up ahead, I notice two guys in Griffin School polo’s. Shit! Max and Scott coming right at us. Fucking hell! Hope they don’t notice us, but of course, they point and laugh. The hair prickles on my neck…no way to avoid the inevitable.

“Holy shit!” Max exclaims. “Purple jeans!? I can’t believe my fucking eyes!” They veer toward us.

“Don’t look now,” I whisper, “but two of the biggest assholes on the planet are approaching.”

“Where?” Jewel asks as Max and Scott close in…stand in our faces, blocking the way.

Max looks me up and down. “Hooker, snazzy outfit!’ His voice is dripping with sarcasm. They notice Jewel…go bug eyed. “Whoa! I can’t fucking believe I’m seeing this. Hook baby, you gonna Introduce your smokin’ friend?”

I glare at them. “Come on, guys. This isn’t school. Fuck off!”

“Christ, Hooker,” Max says. “We’re just trying to be friendly. Don’t be a fucking snob.” They grin at Jewel…like total morons.

She turns to them, mega pissed. “You enjoy harassing people on the street? Fuck off!” People stop and stare.

The two are stunned. Scott looks around nervously…pulls Max away. “Come on, dude. they’re not worth it.”

Max gives me the dirtiest look of all time. Turns to Scott. “No point messing with two girlfriends out for stroll.”

“You referring to yourselves,” Jewel says as they melt into the crowd. “Jesus, I hate jocks like that! They’re so predictable…and boring!”

I’m relieved. “You think that, really?”

“Of course. You think I’m lying. They’re scum.”

“Wow!” I’m caught off guard. “At my school, people are impressed by those guys…like they’re fucking gods! I wasn’t sure what you’d think.”

“Hunter, are you insane? You’ve seen Jason and my friends. Do you honestly think I’d be satisfied as a plaything for some knucklehead? My friends are not into that shit at all.”

I’m amazed and impressed. Jewel’s such a jock herself, I never thought she’d be a rebel. “Jeez,” I reply, “You’re full of surprises!”

She wheels on me. “Hunter, get a grip! Those guys are so fucking predictable. They don’t make a fucking move unless their buddies approve. Have some pride. You’re fun and really attractive. You realize that, don’t you?” She studies me questioningly.

I stare at my sneakers. “I could never be like them…even if i wanted to.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! Of course you could. You have the same athletic ability…maybe more…and you’re not musclebound and into yourself. You’re way cooler.”

I love what she’s saying…feel noticed. At home, when I look in the mirror, I see a nice body…maybe not the same as them, but definitely respectable, and Max has a fucking micro-penis…I’m ten times bigger.

She lifts up my chin. “Hunter, it’s totally true. Would you want to hang with guys like that?”

“No way.”

“Well then. Don’t sweat it. Their lives are a string of cliches. God forbid they have an independent thought.”

I can’t help grinning. “So fucking true.”

It’s like 2:00, and I wonder what we’re gonna do next. I want to stretch out the time together as long as possible. “So…we had a serious shop,” I say. “What’s next? A walk? Movie? My place for tunes? What strikes your fancy?”

“None of those things really appeal to me,” she says coyly, “but I have another idea. My family has a cottage in Connecticut…on the sound. We could go up there and chill a while.

Holy shit! I’m fucking psyched. Alone with Jewel all day…maybe longer? The thought is such a fucking turn-on. “That sounds awesome!” I exclaim.

She rolls her eyes. “Hunter, take it easy. It’s nothing special….an hour and a half on the train. Is that too far?”

“No way! Perfect!” I subtly slip my hand in my pocket and make some adjustments. My imagination’s running wild and there’s definitely a developing bulge problem.

She looks at me strangely. Catches me mid-pocket. “You okay?”

“Uh…yeah…Fuck yeah! Let’s head out.”

To be continued…Read next episode!