Episode 14 – Shopping

We enter Urban’s barn-like world of clothes. A manager welcomes Jewel by name.

“What was that about?” I ask.

“I’m here 24/7.”

“That’s obvious.”

Jewel’s psyched. “So, how’ll we do this? Split up or what? It’s kind of fun to share the thrill, right!”

“Totally. Let’s stick together. Fuck it!”

She squeezes my hand. Looks around at the tapestry of clothes. “This is so exciting! I can’t believe you’re into shopping as much as me!”

“Yeah! Let’s do it! You lead. I’ll follow.”

Jewel heads for the jeans like a homing pigeon. We’re met by a punky-looking sales girl.

“This is my friend, West,” Jewel says.'”He knows exactly what I like.”

I’m confused…he? Instinctively, my eyes go to his/her crotch. There’s an unmistakable bulge. Holy shit! It’s a guy!

“We both need jeans,” Jewel tells him, “in super colors.”

“Great, I have just the things in mind.” The voice is kind of deep, but feminine.

“West is an actor,” Jewel explains. “He’s in a new series on cable.”

“Oh, wow!” I exclaim. “What’s it about?”

“A teen soap about kids…New York scene…typical dramas, but really well done. It’s directed by Clement Vargas who’s done a bunch of hit shows. He’s awesome!”

“Sounds cool. What’s it called?”

He giggles. “‘Puberty’. Too bad it’s almost finished. You guys would be perfect!” Winks at me.

“See,” Jewel says.”I’m not the only one who thinks you’re cute.”

West turns to me. “You’re definitely cute! You two make an adorable couple.”

I’m flattered, but brush it off. Don’t want Jewel thinking I’m an ego maniac, though I’m not far from it. It’s weird, because I’m usually starved for attention, but being with a stunning girl is attention enough.

With West’s (and my) advice, Jewel gets skinny red jeans, a cool plaid shirt and canvas slip-ons.

“On to the men’s department!” West announces. Leads us upstairs past enticing racks of cool tees and tanks. When we get to the jeans, he looks me over. “Skinny, stretchy would be perfect!” Picks up purple jeans and shoves them at me. I check the size. They’re like 26’s. Shit!

“I think these’ll be small.” I say.

They look me over. Shake their heads in unison. “No way. They’re perfect!”

West sends me to the dressing room. “I totally see you in tight, tight, tight…to show off that runner’s body!”

In the dressing room, the thought of skin-tight turns me on, so…as usual, I spring a hard-on…shift it every which way to make it less obvious. Finally, decide “fuck it!” and walk out. Their eyes bug out.

“Wow!” West cries. “They look s-o-o-o great on you!”

Jewel’s speechless.

West stands back, finger to his lips, checking me out. Turns to Jewel. “So…what do think of your guy?”

“Too tight!” She gasps. “I’m not ready to share him with the world.”

West giggles. “But he looks s-o-o-o hunky! And with a tight black tee…yummy!”

I turn to Jewel.” They’re actually pretty comfortable, and the color’s cool.” I walk around to get the feel…give my hard-on time settle down.

“Maybe they’re okay,” Jewel says as I saunter back. “What else does he need?”

Long story short…West picks out a black tee, aviator shades, and a camo visor.

“God, Hunter. You look s-o-o-o fucking cool,” Jewel says. “West has absolutely transformed you. Everybody’ll think I’m dating a model.”

“Right off the pages of V Man,” West says.

I blush. Pretend I’m unaffected, but love impressing Jewel. Maybe she sees me differently, and has plans for later???? I hope so!

To be continued…Read next episode!