Episode 13 – On the Outside Looking In

After the confusing encounter with Marilyn Kramer, I retreat to my cabin. Even though I’m beat, I start thinking of ways to make the place homey…a cozy love nest for me and Hadley. Fortunately, it’s hidden under big pines, so there’s privacy, but just to be sure, I close the shutters facing the nearest cabin. It’s more gloomy, but that’s no big deal at night.

I start picking through the stored junk and actually find some treasures, a couple of cool wicker chairs and a rug, so I clear space around the bed and prop up plywood to screen it off…an added layer of security. Then, I root around more and find a little wood table with bark on the legs…very cool…organize everything, the bed on one side, the chairs on the other, table in between. Then, I unroll the rug which is nasty…packed with spider webs and mouse shit, so I shake and sweep the thing, until it’s not half bad…funky green, but kind of cool. Then, hidden in a corner, I find this cool jar. Decide to fill it with wild flowers for Hadley. Outside, near the dock, I find a sunny patch overflowing with daisies and other stuff, so I gather a bunch…am about to head back, when I notice Lowell and Kyle staring, obviously enjoying themselves. “Can you believe that fucking faggot!”

Obviously I’m annoyed…to put it mildly. “Don’t you assholes have anything better to do?”

Lowell sneers. “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

My blood starts to boil. I’m not much of a fighter, but feel like ripping them apart…also pissed at myself for not being more alert. I should never have been picking flowers in plain sight. Hadley was the only thing on my mind.

I stand tall and face them. “It must feel good to be superior to everyone.”

“We’re not superior,” Kyle snarls. “We’re just normal. We try to set an example for campers. We don’t prance around picking flowers like a fucking fairy.”

“So, you’re the morality police? The example everyone’s supposed to follow.”

“Sort of, but obviously you don’t give a shit about examples.” Kyle’s so fucking smug.Jesus, I’m on the verge of totally losing my shit, but campers are listening, so I just end it. Have no desire to get more banged up, and give the two goons another opportunity for an ego boost. They’ll never see me as anything but a freak anyway, so I take my flowers and head back.

Kyle calls after me. “Bye, bye, Jessica.” A few kids laugh. What an asshole! Obviously cares more about himself than his impression on the kids.

In the cabin, I fill the vase and put the flowers on the table…the perfect finishing touch. Can’t wait ’til Hadley gets to see our love suite.

I rest a while, then head down for another swim. It’s humid as shit and a bunch of the counselors are there, even Ben and his new bunk mate, but I feel weird about introducing myself because of the whole Chandler incident, plus my skin looks like blue cheese. I’m about to jump off the dock, when Courtney comes over. “I hear we’re gonna work together.”

I nod. “Yeah, that’s cool.”

She looks me over. “When do you think you’ll be healed enough?”

I shrug. “Probably tomorrow. Swimming feels okay.”

“Really? Some of your bruises look nasty.”

“Yeah, but the water does me good.”

Hadley joins us…my ray of sunshine!

“Hey, I’ve got a surprise for you,” I tell her.

Her face brightens. “Really? What?”

“I’m not telling. You’ll see when you drop by.”

She smiles. “Wow, sounds interesting.”

“I think you’ll approve.”

To be continued…Read next episode!