Episode 12 – Mixed News

I hobble up the office steps. Sue’s at her desk working away. I startle her. “Wow, I didn’t hear you. Hi!”

“Hi,” I say breathlessly, “How’s Cabin 6 doing? I want to rejoin them.”

She frowns. Looks down at her papers.

“What?” I ask. “What’s  wrong?”

“Alden’s assigned another counselor to 6. You’re assigned to staff for the time being.”

I’m stunned. “Why?”

“After the incident,  Alden thinks Chandler will have a better chance adjusting.”

I’m fucking pissed! “That’s bullshit,” I say. “Ben and I are tight and I don’t have anything against Chandler. What am I missing?”
Suddenly, I’m suspicious. Is Alden siding with the jocks? Maybe he’s not sure I’m innocent.

Sue’s squirming. Blushes.

“Look,” I say. “I know it’s not your fault, but what am I supposed to do?”

“They want you to help Courtney teach swimming.”

“Okay, whatever.” Decide it’s pointless to argue. I like Courtney, so it doesn’t sound terrible, but I’m not sure if I’m exiled or what. “Am I supposed to hang out in the same bunk?”

“Yup. They didn’t mention any other changes.”

“Shit!” I’m semi-pissed, but realize staying put has its advantages. It’s private and Hadley and I can hook up whenever.

“One other thing,” Sue says. “Hadley spoke to Alden and they’re going to let you have a clothing design session as part of Arts and Crafts, one day a week, girls only.”

I’m speechless. We stare at each other. I can’t believe they’re double-fucking me. The camp’s is totally homophobic. “What’d Hadley say?”

“She wasn’t happy, but Alden said ‘once a week or nothing.’ ”

“That’s so shitty!”

Sue freezes…staring at something behind me.

“What?” I turn to find Marilyn Kramer in the doorway.

“Is there a problem?” She asks, looks like she’s leaving on an expedition…hiking boots, cargo shorts, polo shirt, boonie hat. The outfit accentuates her major breasts and great legs. “I’m delighted you’ve been cleared Jesse. It would have been sad to see you leave. There’s so much ahead of us.” She smiles slyly. It’s a little weird.

“Well, yeah,” I confess. “I was looking forward to rejoining Ben and my campers, but it looks like that won’t happen.”

“We can’t allow it, Jesse. Whenever there’s an allegation, even a hint of a sexual issue, we automatically separate those implicated, especially in this case. Just between us, Chandler was watching gay porn, teens your age, so we’re concerned the allegation was wish fulfillment. Having you two together would be asking for trouble. He’s obviously attracted to you…which isn’t surprising. You stand out.”

“I do?”

“Of course, for many reasons.”

I glance at her, trying to fathom what she means, but she’s expressionless.

I break the silence. “It’s disappointing. Ben and I get along great.”

“I understand,” She’s still looking me up and down, “But we can’t take the risk. As I said, you’re an impressive young man and an amazing swimmer. There would be too many chances for Chandler to see you scantily clad.”

“But there will be anyway, when I swim.”

She keeps staring. It’s freaky, so I glance at my fly, everything, to make sure I’m not overlooking something. Our eyes meet and she smiles…Jesus! I pull down my hoodie and zip it to my neck. “Okay,” I say…eager to escape. “I see your point.” I’m beginning to realize the camp is too fucking weird…full of undercurrents and mind games. If it wasn’t for Hadley. I’d be out of there in a second.

To be continued…Read next episode!