Episode 11 – Up and Around

My eyes open and brilliant sunshine’s streaming through the cabin. Hadley’s snuggled close and, in spite of the aches and pains, I’m wonderfully happy…at least I think I am, but then I turn over and the pain kills me…so, I settle back. It’s okay. There’s nowhere to go.

It’s got to be at least 7:00…I hear excited voices in the cabins nearby. Figure I should wake Hadley. We can’t stay in bed. She’s got to get to work and I can’t face lying around all day. Cool water’s the best thing for my injuries…look down my black and blue body to my unscathed dick. Figure maybe I’ll hide it in Hadley for a while…give her a little prod.

“I feel you,” she whispers, “but we can’t now. I’ve got to get going. Will you be okay?”

My heart sinks. “Sort of…I’ll take it slow…maybe swim. Let the water work it’s magic.”

She kisses me and jumps up. Does a little dance to flash her breasts, then makes a sad face. “Poor Jesse, you know I want to stay, but I have to be a role model for my girls.”

“Don’t worry. You’ll see me hobbling around.”

She laughs, pulls on her clothes. “Poor baby. Don’t worry. I’ll keep an eye on you.”

I grab my crotch. “I’ll be ready and waiting.”

“Please!!! You’re always ready.”

I ease my body out of bed. “Wait for me. The sooner I’m up and around, the sooner I’ll be back in your arms…plus I don’t want to give the thugs the satisfaction of thinking they’ve fucked me up for good,” but it’s easier said than done. I’m a total wreck…feel like flopping back down.

“Take it easy. There’s no need to rush.”

“Fuck. They did a job on me!”

Hadley waves and rushes out. “Bye!”

I barely manage to get on my trunks, hoodie and flip-flops. Limp to the office to make sure I’m totally cleared. I’m so sore, every pine cone’s a major obstacle.

Sue’s there as usual, pouring over paperwork. She looks up and her jaw drops. “Oh my god! Ben said you got mugged, but I had no idea.”

“Yup. Somebody figured I’m a dangerous character.”

“Who was it?”

“I have a good idea, but now that I’m cleared, I want to live in peace.”

“Shouldn’t you tell Alden. It was Lowell and Kyle, right?” She studies my face, awaiting a nod or something, but I’m not about to tell her. Just want it all behind me…hopefully…easier said than done.

I shrug. “I’m not really sure. I didn’t see them.”

“We’re really glad you’re up and around. Last night Hadley was totally freaked.

I step out into the sunshine and the air’s filled with the sounds of happy, excited kids…activities are in full swing…tennis, swimming, boats being launched. I catch a glimpse of Lowell on the dock. Want to make sure he gets a good look at me…knows I’m not afraid to face him.

I limp toward the water. Kids turn to look. Wonder what caused the sudden transformation. My legs, right eye and cheek are seriously black and blue. I reach the dock and pull off my hoodie. Everybody freezes.

“What happened?” A kid cries, and others gather around. Lowell looks up.

“I bumped into some really angry guys,” I say. “They jumped me in the dark.”

“Who…who…who?” Everybody wants to know, but I ignore them, kick off my flip-flops and dive off the dock. The cold tenses my injured muscles and it’s like I’ve got fifty cramps at least, but I stroke through it…head for the raft. The cold works wonders…I feel a hundred percent better…do twenty laps back and forth…feel reasonably okay. Water is a amazing, a magic potion for real. No matter what, it restores me…mind and body. I climb out feeling refreshed. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but my bruises feel better.

I walk down the dock and come face to face with Lowell. “You’re a fucking neanderthal,” I whisper. He bristles, sticks out his chin, but I brush past. Head up to the office to get my job back.

To be continued…Read next episode!